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Will Clinton VP Pick Be Huge Middle Finger to Millions Who Voted for Bernie?


Will Clinton VP Pick Be Huge Middle Finger to Millions Who Voted for Bernie?

Jon Queally, staff writer

Hillary Clinton's pick for vice president, now expected this Friday or Saturday, will tell prospective Democratic voters much about her attitude towards the progressive base of the party, the ideological drive of her general election campaign, and the manner of her potential presidency.

While a "conventional" pick seems increasingly likely, critics warn the perils of such a choice could be disastrous—both for her campaign and, ultimately, the country and the planet.


It's in her nature to give the Democratic, progressive, Sandernista, left base the finger - ambition, arrogance, collusion and corruption and Clinton will do what her corporate/war-machine masters dictate, and to hell with the Bernie voters and all those who saw something worth voting for!

The pick will be another corporatist whore that is acceptable to TPTB and Dem DNC machine. None of the names mentioned for VP are worth spit to the 13 million - they are a FU to the millions.
Anyone that expects or hopes for anything different from the Red Queen are in denial. The Clinton crime family and their "foundation" are in it for themselves and their masters, and the 99% can just be nice little sheep........
The answer to the Clinton/Dem DNC FU is voting for conscience and integrity, not lesser-evil BS. Trump & Co pathological and Clinton corrupt and dangerous - the only choice is third party or some miracle.

This time Jill Stein and the Greens may be the best viable response to the Middle-Finger from Clinton & Dem establishment, and let the chips fall where they may!


Evidence does not mater to Neoliberals and they just Ignore reason.


Progressives are ultimately looking at a "one-term" solution. Tim Kaine will just make that easier.


Thank you Bernie for trying to wake the people the fuck up!


As I watched parts of the Republican Convention I got the same feeling. It is a huge joke on us and they are playing the boogie man card to the hilt. It's all political theater. One woman, a Republican against Trump, started talking about the RNC and how rigged it is and how they've taken power away from the people and vested it all in the RNC...it went on and on but she could have been talking about the DNC. It was a rant a progressive might make about the DNC, I had to laugh.


I don't think she cares much about the base or progressives in her party, she doesn't need us. She fixed the primary and she will fix the general if need be. That's how Bush got in. When she gets into the White House heads will roll and people will die. I wouldn't be surprised if she started clamping down on progressive groups along with the groups now protesting against the police. As Emanuel so eloquently described us as retards, she has no doubt gotten pretty angry we have turned against her royalty and voted for Bernie.
Jill Stein is the only choice. Let's build that third party and have it up and running by the next election, if we have one.


WTH????? there are numerous other people she could have picked and hopefully someone will stop drinking or smoking whatever and allow this guy to gracefully slide out and for her to get a real running mate.


You know very well where the chips fall. The cynical evasions and twisted justifications are tiresome. This is a subset of Trump supporters acting, as Trump supporters do, upon their petty resentments.


Dear Progressives,

I know that some of you will or won't vote for me no matter what I do. Since what I'll do won't matter except to the few wavering on the fence, who will probably fall into line when faced with the prospect of a Trump presidency - just like Bernie - why should I continue to toss you scraps?

I'm done faking left for you people. My donors don't like hearing that kind of talk. You can have your platform planks. If you'd like I'll even throw in some Legos. They'll have an equal impact on my actions once I'm in office.




Will there be a great big light in the eastern sky tomorrow morning?
Hang on to your hats! The suspense is almost killing everyone!


You've made it very clear that you support Frackwoman T. Warmonger (the T is short for TPP). No need to call everyone voting their conscience and values a supporter of Trump. If we supported Trump we'd be voting for him.

Stein 2016


I say she should go with Al Gore or Dennis Kucinich.


Dear Norman,

There are a number of choices at voters' disposal:
1. Abstain from voting
2. Vote NOTA
3. Vote Stein
4. Vote socialist
5. massive non cooperation


It's tempting alright to give the finger back.

However, it's horribly risky to not vote against Trump by checking Hillary, particularly as it relates to the Supreme Court, the environment, and women's issues. We can live with Obama's third term for another 4 years, but Supreme Court choices, and there could be 3-5 of them, would last 20-30 years!


I'm sorry ~ but I voted for Bernie in the Utah primary, which he overwhelmingly won (and generated the largest primary turnout for Democrats in the state's history), and I voted for Nader in 2000 ~ and while that was a vote of conscience, it didn't help me stomach 8 years of Bush....

Hillary is definitely a DINO, but Trump is a racist, misogynist, crook and I will vote for Hillary to keep that Nazi out of office.

And as pointed out by bluevistas....who would you rather be nominating the next 3 - 5 Supreme Court members?


This isn't about giving the finger to someone we dislike or being sore losers.

A lot of folk keep saying that Berners can afford a Trump presidency because they're privileged. No. Berners actually know we CANNOT afford a Clinton presidency.

A SCOTUS appointment may be 20-30 years. But nuclear fall out is 20,000 to 30,000 years and we know we are much more in danger of a nuclear war with the Queen of Blood. But even if that doesn't happen, the blood and chaos will flow in country after country with her bloodthirsty, arrogant, Neo-Con adventurism. No. Not ever. No.


Hillary is more like Hitler than Trump. Trump is a bigot and a xenophobe. But Hillary is the one who shares the same attitude of Hitler that the rest of the world exists for our military to conquer and impose our will on and who gives a flying f*&% about how terrible it is for the people living there, in fact let's laugh about it.

No thank you. I won't vote for either version of Hitler. No, not ever.


Who cares about the corporate scum Democratic Party?

Oh right, corporate liberal scum care:


Bernie didn't give us the finger. He spent 15 months working his heart out to wake up the people in this country. If he had run as a third party candidate, he would have gotten NO media attention, as opposed to the comparatively small amount of media coverage he did get. Thanks to Bernie, millions of people now realize not only that single-payer healthcare, free college, and a strong social safety net are not a utopian dream; they are facts of life in other industrialized countries. And millions have learned also that the Democratic Party leadership is guilty of election fraud and corruption on a massive scale, all in favor of nominating a woman famous for lying, promoting war, influence peddling, and demonstrating poor judgment.

Bernie has not conceded, and is still in the race. Clinton does not have the 2383 pledged delegates she would need to secure the nomination, so the superdelegates will decide. If they nominate Clinton, Trump will win in November.

Can the superdelegates wake up? Doubtful. But the rest of us aren't going back to sleep, and more people are waking up every day. Yesterday, the Huffington Post published one of the best articles yet about why so many of us won't vote for Clinton: "The Deeper Reason Many Intelligent Progressives and Independents Will Not Support Hillary Clinton," and then pulled the article down within hours, thus ensuring its popularity as it is shared through social media. You can read it here: https://medium.com/@tonybrasunas/the-deeper-reason-independents-and-progressives-will-not-support-hillary-clinton-db79a10b23c7#.qcrzgnm68