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Will Corporate Accountability Be the Next Coronavirus Casualty?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/11/will-corporate-accountability-be-next-coronavirus-casualty

Kroger, the countries largest grocery chain, has been especially egregious to their employees, not brought out by the story. Sending letters to COVID 19 quarantined workers that informed them their extra pay was an overpayment, and if not returned, they would face the wrath of bill collection companies. In the face of public outrage they have reversed this policy, but this is the work environment “essential workers” face everyday or be fired.
The rich sit on their yachts, or in their country homes, while essential workers are getting sick and dying, so no, we are not all in this together.
Also UPS workers are almost 100% union, where in the hell are their union leaders? Why aren’t they screaming about these abuses to the workers they represent?


Mankind’s only chance for survival from this and climate change, is to destroy corporations and their protected status.



The Government of Alberta decided to gut environmental monitoring during this pandemic so as to maximize oil industry profits,

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Can someone please remind me when the last time there was corporate accountability?


The neoliberals have been dismantling whatever semblance of corporate accountability there was in the first place. Read Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine for how opportunities arise to accelerate the process. We should not pretend to be surprised at the further rapacious behavior of greed.

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“Corporate accountability” does seem oxymoronic, like “military intelligence,” doesn’t it?

I hear a highly constrained, revenge-based interpretation of words like “justice” and “accountability” from the mouths of drum-majors for mediocrity. It would certainly be refreshing, if only to break the tedium, were a police officer or a CEO ever to wind up doing serious time for their crimes.

But people seem to imagine that, when the cell-door finally slams shut on a fascist perp, it would show we’ve turned around this slide into dystopia – an expectation which worries me. “Justice” in the sense of “just us” – the sweet savor of revenge, the only vintage USA decants – will never be enough. The point of punishment should be deterrence, and the point of deterrence is prevention. But with many a slip between cup and lip, prevention is always out of reach.

The goal is to stop further crimes before they happen, not to fill the prisons.

…Did OSHA just get erased?


affimative (because “yep” is too short for CD)

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