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Will Democratic Debate Expose Gulf Between Sanders and Clinton?



Just look at that cheesy set! I'm surprised there isn't a neon animated waving US flag there too! Should we call it "Democratic Star Search" or " 'Murkin Idol "?


lol ""Clinton has veered hard to the left..." says Reuters, who wouldn't know 'hard to the left' if it bit 'em in the a%% and showed them a picture ID.

man, is it over yet? Please? Can we just pay someone a fee to make i stop?


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Finally we get a debate Cookies! It is great to be able to see Bernie talk truth to power on the big time screen. I know you are smiling right now like me! Yay Bernie!


That's a huge list of questions to get through. I know we want to hear them all, but sometimes debates get to be whipsaws, changing subjects too fast. I'd be nice to have some organized core to start with. In past years, debates would cover just a few topics, but had plans for others at the next debate. It might be foreign policy heavy in one debate, economics in another.

But, I'm excited for Bernie. I haven't had a presidential candidate (that had as much chance as he) to cheer on in a long time. Decades. He should do fine.


I think I hear Jill calling you home for dinner. Run fast and you might get more than the 1% you got last time. :wink:


Let us note that the debate is pay-to-play--those of us who've not bought cable will not see it--unlike the Repub. debate, which was accessible to anyone with a TV. Maybe it's that Wall Street, tone-deaf-to-the-99% influence that's backing Hillary...?


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Lot of great and demanding, vital, thoughtful and necessary questions. Unfortunately, CNN is looking for a fight or some perceived slight or cutting criticism, by the two leading contenders. Look whose asking the questions and then you'll know it's a rigged game. Don Lemon? That's at least a halfway honest assessment. Wolf Blitzer? Dana and Wolfie; what a pair to draw to. Sheeesshh. Oh well...... " So wave the flag and take a stand. They say they're your friend, a friend of the common man. "


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You sure like to conflate everyone into one big stereotype. The big D, right? So, are all GPers the same as you, as well? No wonder you hold your conventions in a phone booth.


Yeah well I guess then that is why you don't care if Hillary wins then. So even though Bernie has said that the USA should use its money to pressure Israel o the settlements and to negotiate an end to the occupation, I guess you figure Hillary will do that if she becomes president? Because according to you, there is no difference?


Pseudo populism is in the Clinton DNA.

Recall Bill's track record of putting a damp finger in the air to determine which way the wind was blowing so he could shovel ther BS needed to keep the base from defecting. Recall how many times Bill said "I feel your pain" as he zealously promoted legislation guaranteed to increase our pain.


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These people are going to get more and more bitter as the campaign proceeds, the Green Party is dead, kaput.


Unless you have the luxury of boredom, note that the debate can be summed up even before it officially begins. Every Dem candidate will vow his/her allegiance to the better off, the middle class, while continuing to ignore our poverty crisis. This means, "Stay the coarse, don't rock the boat, maintain the status quo, more of the same."


Well, then. You really know how to hurt a girl, don't you? :wink: So, I can count on you not sending me a X-mas card this year, in care of Common Dreams, then? Gosh darn it. Now, whatever shall I read of yours that is original and well written? Try writing Happy New Year. Try it 3 times. See, your repetition is already boring me, yet again.


The pre debate coverage on CNN is a disgrace, surprise, surprise. It is all about Hillary, good or bad, all the others are mentioned, not in their own right, but in reference to what CNN obviously see as the heir apparent, Ms. Hillary. This is an important moment for Bernie. My, oh my, they have Paul Begala, Donna Brazile, and Peter Beinart, now there's a trio!


But finding out who and what you support is more work than I care to do for a 1% return on a few minutes of investment. Regarding you and alleygatorhardt on it appears you'd make a nice duet. Like Heckle and Jeckel.