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Will Democrats Back a 'Green New Deal'?

Will Democrats Back a 'Green New Deal'?

Sonali Kolhatkar

News related to climate change is rarely good. More often than not, it engenders a sense of doom and helplessness among the public. But lately there has been a glimmer of hope on the horizon for climate justice, and it bears the name Sunrise Movement.

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Well, I suppose discussion under the Jessica Corbett article (international New Deal 10/26 ) could resume here.

It would seem a “Green Marshall Plan,” an international economic New Deal, and a US “Green New Deal”…all should merge, or at least take account of one another…which, of course, they would eventually anyway even if no one here discusses how.

Here’s the last comment (mine), as far as I know this minute, under the Corbett article Sanders and Varoufakis Announce Alliance to Craft ‘Common Blueprint for an International New Deal’

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Greens will continue to back a green new deal no matter what the latest fad is.


I back the Sunrise Movement but they are hopelessly naive if they believe they’ll get anything other than watered down legislation in the tradition of “all of the above” energy production and the woefully inadequate Paris Accords out of the d-party.

Pelosi has the usual reasons to support the centrists in her caucus: big donor money and a slew of cowardly hippies who will vote d-party no matter how corporate the party is.


Lawrence sez: “Not only do they not have a plan, but they don’t have a plan to make a plan.”

The ‘plan’ hasn’t yet been delivered from K Street.


Having a plan (or even a plan to have a plan) by 2021? Gee, what’s the hurry.

And that’s the problem. The Democratic establishment still thinks of climate change as a typical political football, one to be tossed about, discussed and re–discussed, compromised and ultimately packaged to continue to get donations from the fossil fuel industry. Thus we get Obama’s all of the above energy policy with just enough lip service to progressives to appear inclusive and concerned. The simple fact is that the Democratic party is not prepared to deal with this, or any other issue of an emergency nature and, make no mistake, global warming is now an emergency issue.


Well, some Dems are turning around on Yemen. I always thought that if there’s a clear breach in the laws of nature [congress] one shouldn’t go into denial right away.

TheOldGoat made some points under the Corbett article I am appreciating more the more I think about’em. Most doing chores in regard to making progress on this thing (as far as mere citizens go) are either thorny (digesting related issues) or require one to hop out of ones comfort zone re being circumspect in terms of purchases…and re other things.

This might seem like a small arcane question, but, being on the east coast, that rundown on stuff that could have ended up floating around in the Gulf after Florence…at Democracy Now!..did get me to thinking.

If NAFTA 2.0 gets squared away to something a little more decent, the prohibitions against ISDSs will still be there. But I’m thinking of the drilling off Mexico’s coast [east coast?]; weren’t there some waivers of the prohibitions on that score? IOW if the companies germane (the exceptions) can sue, the Gulf of Mexico could end up the poorer?

Of course, I don’t even know the ramifications of Canada stepping out of all NAFTAs.

Small item I know. Tiny little question. But trade deals are the way we can get some of what we want [gotta flip some seats in the House if there’s to be any hope at all…for example]. If we ignore trade and sit here griping that Dems won’t launch us off into nirvana…seems that sort of restricts our tactics.

Maybe we should start calling out people like Kolhatkar for what they are: shills for the Democratic Party. The “progressive pundit” represents an entire cottage industry (maybe cottage is too small?) They dominate sites like CD, even if the readership largely disagrees with them. She’s just providing opinion pieces, she’s not a reporter.


Why the snide hippie comment? People of all ages who consider themselves Dems vote Dem no matter what.


I’m sure that you are right. A few years ago CD published something that showed the views of CD’s funders were much more mainline Democrat. I was surprised at the time. CD comments section can be pretty good (informed and intelligent) and can be far to the left any Democrat. But acknowledging this makes me wonder why they publish Chris Hedges for example. Are we being “sheepdogged”?


The wrong question. Will the politically and economically elite that back the Democrats back a Green New Deal?


The environment and the economy are inextricably linked.

Some reading here may think…like Dems Pascrell, Levin, Neal, & Pocan…that if Greens, progressives, rank & file Dems, and Sierra Clubers all got on the same page we could take the first step…environmentally friendlier trade rules (Pocan want’s more enforcement features, not hip to the rest on that).

To digress a little, don’t know if it’s fair that Sputnik News frames things like “Merkle Urges EU to Give Up Sovereignty to Brussels in Orderly Manner.” Maybe it is; maybe I’m uninformed. But maybe she’s just trying to turn a “last stand” into a bulwark however ramshackle it ends up…cause all the while everyone debates, globalization marches on…and it would keep marching right on through rules without enforcement (just remove the debt-squeeze factor please, Angela).

Well, I’m reading here and what I think is that if all of the above put their full weight behind pressing Congress to get NAFTA 2.0 right we might get some little slice of what Green New Deal aims for. Yes, but. Meanwhile there’s this situation Pepe Escobar writes about…the inexorable eastern markets (I am only giving whacko Bannon his tiny amount due, no more).

Maybe we should schedule about a year hence a “Day of Departure,” which would be like a day of mobilization. For a new party. Call it the New New Deal Party. Everyone gets out and pounds the pavement. If it yields something, it yields something. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

NAFTA 2.0 promises to deepen economic, environmental crises

Pepe Escobar - Asia and Europe sit down for talks, not sanctions

Democrats signal concerns on NAFTA replacement

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I really, really hate saying this but, the Democrats may be the last hope for humanity.

Even though they stole the phrase Green New Deal from where else but the Green Party the Zombie population of this country doesn’t seem to be able to see past their TV sets and cannot or will not believe that there are any other choices except for Democrats and Republicans, if the Democrats will not back their version of a Green New Deal, the choice not to, may possibly be the Death Sentence we all know is coming.

I for one, have no confidence in this Democratic Party Establishment.

May all of your Higher Powers bless you all.


Trojan Horsed.

well said

Any person concerned about the Environment in the USA would have voted for or supported the Green Party. That so few did shows no real concern and that lip service paid to it just to garner some votes.

The Democrats as a party , just like the Liberals here in Canada , are Coporatist parties supporting the very system that is wreaking havoc on our environment. As such I consider any person running under either of these parties as “environmentalists” as frauds just as people running for those parties as "peace activists’ are frauds.


Indeed, how many more times, will Americans continue to vote for political parties that say one thing, and do another to appease their corporate pimps…

How is the term ‘hippie’ agist? It can apply to us bleeding heat liberals of any age.

You know, the kind the d-party takes for granted, just like the Sunrise movement.

I long ago realized that was what she was.

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Most political sites have their comments cordoned off of articles–meaning you have to search for the link and open them up with the intention of reading them. Most readers avoid comments section in large numbers, especially if they know they have radicals in them. The reality is that comments are now largely echo chambers for a small minority of users. Not even sure why a lot of sites even keep them around anymore. Maybe it’s just clinging to an illusion of “democratic engagement” even as they rope off the place from the firebreathers.

Back in the day, comments used to load and display automatically. People like us began pushing back hard on liberal sites, donors complained about hearing things they didn’t like, and we’re here: the 21st century equivalent of the “enclosure”.

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