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Will Democrats Back Obama's UN Push for Two States in Israel-Palestine?


Will Democrats Back Obama's UN Push for Two States in Israel-Palestine?

Robert Naiman

The Obama Administration has broadcast that since Benjamin Netanyahu announced that there will never be a Palestinian state so long as Netanyahu remains Prime Minister of Israel, the US may end its policy of blocking consideration of the Israel-Palestine conflict at the United Nations Security Council.


I do see movement and that’s how things start. It would be nice to think that finally someone has, what? belled the cat or unmasked the villain? Somehow, I fear it will take more than that but maybe it’s the beginning of something that might lead to somewhere I could applaud.


To you think Obomber is appearing to move to the left before the next election so we can all vote for the lessor of two evils again? What makes me doubt the President’s sincerity? Gee whiz golly, could it be ms Holly and the Dimwits again?
I see Naiman hasn’t changed much.


The entire concept of a “two State solution” is racist and reminds me of a time when the U.S. government wanted to send all African Americans to Liberia. Instead Israel should abandon this silly concept of a “Jewish Homeland” and instead accept that they live in a part of the world that demands embracing multiculturalism in which people are not pigeon holed into lesser and greater rights based on race or religion. Gaza and the West Bank should be part of a greater Palestine in which all citizens participate in the government, armed forces and institutions of power. If the French, Germans and Italians can live comfortably side by side in Switzerland, why can’t Jews and Palestinians do the same? To have a “one State solution” though, Jews must recognize that all people deserve the same basic human rights. But instead Israelis (…and Arabs as well!) deep rooted historical racism is afraid of a one state solution because most Jews believe that at some point the majority of people living within their borders will outnumber them, leaving Jews at the mercy of a non-Jewish majority. Americans have always had similar fears worrying that either Asians, African-Americans or Hispanics would dominate a particular part of the country (or the entire country!) and therefore water down traditional racist advantages that the European based majority has enjoyed for centuries. Get over it!
In more developed countries, people of various ethnic and religious backgrounds have learned to co-exist with each other while curtailing or eliminating all together the stereotyping of other groups. I understand that in the beginning it would be difficult for Jews to share the bus with their Palestinian neighbours or to use the same washrooms, but eventually they would adjust. Instead of bombing Gaza and other parts of Israel that are inhabited by a minority that are unfairly treated, the world could assist Israel at levelling the playing field by rebuilding Gaza with a pledge to treat everyone as an equal.
The IDF could be disbanded, nuclear weapons disarmed and the entire new and inclusive nation could turn themselves into a gun free zone that would work together to be a model to the entire world of how easily we can jettison our racist beliefs and live in harmony.


The best Congressional news to come along lately is that Senator Menendez, (D-NJ), the senior lobbyist in Congress for AIPAC, has come under federal investigations for serious questionable electoral activities. Other than that, there are only another 40 or so D Senators who are religiously devoted to Israeli Apartheid and genocide policies with Palestinians. All the GOPers are on that same side. Isrealinazis have nothing to fear. Obama is blowing hot air baloons, his favorite public pasttime.


He did conveniently overlook the fact that more than twice as many elected Congressional Democrats drooled over Netanyahu’s every filthy word.