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'Will Democrats Fail Dreamers Again?' Protests Erupt in Senate After Schumer Touts Deal With GOP


'Will Democrats Fail Dreamers Again?' Protests Erupt in Senate After Schumer Touts Deal With GOP

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) proudly announced on Wednesday that he struck a deal with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to grant President Donald Trump's wish for a massive increase in military spending while doing nothing for Dreamers, undocumented immigrants and their allies poured into the Senate building demanding that Democrats fight for a clean DACA fix.


160 Billion Dollars for the killing machine.

What more do you need to know? Can you not read? Can you not see where the focus is?


What a bunch of unethical creeps we have in government. Not to mention they cut another 31 billion dollars from medicaid in the process. Ugh. This looks like the fire sale of failing empire.


Schumer is just rotten, and this system is beyond repair. Fuck the Democrats, and fuck the donors that pull their strings.


And once again the Democrats show how they are nothing but puppets for the plutocracy and their unending war making enterprises. As if the Pentagon needs another god damned cent. How many millions of dollars have gone missing in the past? Hell they can’t even keep track of all the money showered upon them to rape and pillage the world now. Screw all of the Democrats and their fucking supporters (of which there are plenty on this site). The USA has turned into a dystopian war making machine and there is nothing to stop it now, as supporters on both sides of the BS political system keep on enabling these monsters by voting for them.


Someone, especially New York, please tell me how Schumer has a D after his name?
Just what we need…a bigger WAR budget.


Chuck schumer is a quisling complicit sellout craven scumbag! He always has been! Sold out to the for-profit health care insurance industry (still refuses to support MFA, to Israeli terrorism and racism, to the MICC war-machine, and now the DACA Dreamers!

“Compromise” does NOT mean the collusion or complicity schumer represents and embodies - he is the definition of why voters despise the “Democratic” Party Republican-lite scum!

With DINO sellouts like this creep, who needs R’Cons to screw us over?!

HEY CHUCK, you can fund and attend the trump-marcos memorial dictator’s military parade! Fracking POS!


El sueño es simple. La flor de la evolución humana no puede ser oprimida por las prostitutas capitalistas.


How has he not been primaried? Seems to be out of step with the left leaning city, but then again, I don’t know tons about New York politics.


“Will Democrats Fail Dreams Again?” How is this even a question?


This is where having a Wall Street Dem leading the negotiations is a problem. Both Shumer and McConnell work for the corporate elite.

Have to give Pelosi a couple of claps for refusing to vote for the budget deal without a floor vote in the House for immigration/Dreamers.

Now Mitch/Paul could still play a Lucy to Chuck/Nancy’s Charlie Brown.


So let’s see.

Schumer got a promise…from McConnell.
Trump’s base wants the dreamers deported.
Denying the Dems a DACA bill will depress Dem turn out.

Now why the hell would McConnell not just string the feckless Schumer along?


Schumer is Democratic establishment. He is Gillibrand’s mentor. He has never fought for anything popular but instead has represented two primary constituencies, Israel and Wall Street. And Gillibrand led the ill considered assault on Al Franken, which shows how smart that bunch really is. Ever hear a progressive political statement from any in the Schumer-Feinstein-Pelosi orbit? You never have and you never will.


Its all coming down to a fight between billionaires. The ones that believe they need a thriving middle class to buy their products, do services (soon to be made obsolete by robots) and those billionaires that don’t. Poorer Dems don’t have a dog in this fight. An UBI could be the best we can get now:

And then there is demonitization. Interesting times:


Amerika is a military dictatorship enabled by both war parties!


She is the crook that is helping to run the DCCC, which in turn is undermining the left and sticking its loser nose in primaries (which the party promised it wouldn’t after the 2016 disaster), thinks that her party doesn’t want any changes (cause things are going so well) on policy, and seems to think it is a bright idea to brag about how great she is at being corrupt. Yeah, she did her thing, but I have zero faith that it was for anything other than show. The Democrats coordinate their horrible caves and incompetence. They just can’t suck as much as they do without a show pretending otherwise, hence Pelosi’s theater. I am cynical, yes, but they’ve earned it.


There’s lots of structural changes that aren’t just ideal but essential if we are to avoid ecological collapse and continued suffering among working people. Public banking, single payer, socializing workplaces (worker co-ops and public enterprises), universal college education, etc. The problem is that horrible, rotten, corrupt people like Schumer and Pelosi will never let any of that happen. To be more accurate, their donors will never let that happen.


Perhaps we can take some heart from the theories of physicists that there are multiverses. Somewhere there may be many alternate universes where all you suggest are the reality. Unfortunately for us, we live in a realm where none of that is reality.


Schumer is a verified twit and unfortunately he leads a Party of useless twits. He touts the wasting of another 150 billion dollars which will result in basically nothing. War materiel makes the military/industrial complex rich but accomplishes absolutely nothing of value for Americans as a whole. The US already spends more than the cumulative spending on military matters of what the next ten nations spend annually on their militaries!. What can possibly be the reason to spend even more?


You answered your own question. Doesn’t matter if it is a D or an R. They are two sides of the war party.