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Will Dems' Embrace of Mail, Masks, and Social Distance Help Trump Win the Election?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/25/will-dems-embrace-mail-masks-and-social-distance-help-trump-win-election

My goal has always been to seek the shortest chain of custody among different methods of voting, USPS rarely comes out shortest, even in states that are 100% mail-in.

I do, however recognize that mitigating factors like GOP goon intimidation, long lines, shut down polling locations, etc. make USPS the best choice for many voters.


No… the dems corruption, disdain for the electorate, and their embrace of the candidate tied for worst of all time will help trump win the election.


You sound almost giddy at the prospect.

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There is nothing logistically wrong with voting by mail. People have long mailed in absentee ballots. This is just the old-time fear of bigots that some part of the opposition will be allowed to vote.

The mechanics that need to stop are those of the digital vote. No one not privy to the inner workings of the client and server apparatus, to its software, and to the actual application of that software and not some other can verify a count.

Not being certain of the vote count means that the decision gets resolved by a power play, as we are being prepped for regarding November.

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I have voted absentee for more than a decade now.  In the olden days, we absolutely trusted the USPS.  It wasn’t al­ways fast, but – backed up by the FBI – I always trusted that there was no hanky-panky.  Today, with both institutions corrupted by Tweetle-Dumb (and Barr), I’m not so sure . . .

AMEN!!   Ohio – and thus the presiduncy – went to the 'Poop-Lickens in 2004 because certain key urban districts in Cleveland and Cincinnati went significantly less DamnocRatic than expected.  Ohio was using easily-hacked voting machines from Diebold that year, and the CEO of Diebold was one of the Lying Son-of-a-Bush’s donation-bundling ‘Rangers’ . . .


Yeah, that’s a good description, Fester. The USPS can be corrupted, and tricks have been played with paper ballots, but these are not made particularly easy to corrupt by their form. In a digital system, a person with the proper access can accomplish this in keystrokes.

I think that people often do not particularly imagine the extent of control. The proper code in a device can take in results from any system with which it has two-way communication. It can tabulate results and make decisions about how much to distort vote-counts a) to be enough to influence results and b) to be little enough and to distribute the miscounts so as to hide wrongdoing.

The danger, I suspect, is less that it can be hacked from outside as that it can even more readily be backdoored from inside–as are most all of the operating systems on phones and computers. Most security breaches of all sorts are inside jobs anyway, and what the boss does not see as a breach anyway becomes a low-risk operation.

With a bit of media cheerleading, the public accepts really large discrepancies.with almost no noise–as is clear through recent Democratic primaries, but also through Greg Palast’s work on Republican manipulation and fraud in 00 and 04.

I wouldn’t trust these guys to walk my dog.


It’s VERY clear that what you describe happened in Ohio in 2004, and probably in both Ohio and Tennessee in 2000 as well, except that the Lying Son-of-a-Bush wasn’t already in office so I’m not sure that the CEO of Diebold was officially a ‘Ranger’ or just a major donor.