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Will DNC Submit to Full Roll Call Vote on Tuesday Night?


Will DNC Submit to Full Roll Call Vote on Tuesday Night?

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Bernie Sanders' name will be placed in nomination and there will be a full roll-call vote on the Democratic National Convention (DNC) floor on Tuesday night, according to reports.

The Los Angeles Times noted Monday that Sanders supporters "fanned out across Philadelphia on Monday morning, collecting signatures to ensure the Vermont senator gets a roll call vote on the convention floor."


It's not enough. The weak apology is not enough. This convention should be stopped and the election should be redone. This is a corrupt and stolen election that should not stand in the face of proof they fixed the whole thing for Hillary.


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The more votes Sanders may get, the less likely this is to get to the floor.


"Power to the People" Rally! Jill Stein Green Party Rally at FDR Park LIVE in Philadelphia here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=illfqx0NsRs

With Dr. Margaret Flowers, Chris Hedges and others


"It is exactly in keeping with our philosophy that every vote should count and that means every delegate being counted on the floor of the convention."

Accept in states where independents were denied the right to vote [closed primaries], where polling places magically disappeared, and voters names seemed to have fallen off the pages of persons registered to vote; does he mean that kind of philosophy?


thanks for the link!


As with "Honest John's Used Cars", where the only honesty to be found in the place is in the name, the "Democratic Party" has become such a band of crooks that the only sign of democracy to be found is in the thoroughly deceptive name. Call it "The Crooks' Party", or "The Deceivers' Party", so when it fails to live up to its name nobody is hurt. Democratic Party, you OWE me, and millions like me. Your corruption goes all the way down to the top. Many have been hurt. Karma will come calling.


that was his problem, he implied she's dishonest and let his people say it directly and he fund-raised on it, not on his greatness but on her 'dishonesty,' and she isn't dishonest, and he never thought she was, he was a politician, you guys only sent him the donations when he fed you misogyny, ergo? Hey, she's honest, and she's a progressive, and always has been. Grow up, he didn't actually lie, he only implied and you believed what you wanted to believe. You can't cheat an honest man?


In the words of the immortal Mr Mackey, "Drugs are bad, mmm kay?"


Bernie probably didn't realize the depth of DNC corruption. I didn't. I thought he actually had a chance of winning and he would have if he hadn't been up against a "Woman" and a fixed system, a media black out and the rest. Blaming him is ridiculous. I will be surprised if the DNC has a full roll call vote. They don't care about Bernie supporters. They are in what they think is a win/win situation. Who in their right mind would vote for Trump? That's what they think.


My vote will go to Bernie as a write in. I personally can not vote for Clinton or Trump and I do not agree that my vote does not mean anything. It's my stand that I will not be forced to play the game. And if Trump wins so be it! His hands will be tied just like Obama's was, we are strong, we will survive no matter! Don't give up! Do a write in and make your voice heard!


It's like finding out the Olympic gold medalist was pumped full of steroids but they get to keep the medal.


Get over it already! Stop with the Soreloserman crap. He lost and yes the DNC had it's thumb on the balance the whole friggin way, so? That's the way American politics has always always always been a down and dirty insiders game and Bernie almost upset the applecart, but he started way too late in the cycle and he Never expected to get as far as he did. Had the Dem. field had 17 people like the Repuke race it might have turned out totally differently who knows. Anyway, Bill and Hill started preparing for this 7 yrs. ago or longer and they were ready and got a fast start off the line yrs. ago. Bernie came from way behind powered by the amazing wave that has been building Independently of him on the left. It was never theless, too little way too late to beat HRC et al. I'm tired though of the crybabies at this site and others that are mostly GOP tolls in disguise or Green party activists. Bernie ran as a Dem. in the Dem. primary and he was a man of his word. He lost and he he did what he said he would do. He endorsed the winner HRC. Get the fuck over it or go throw you vote away ala 2000. I prefer NOT to see Doanld J. Trump anywhere near the WH.


you don't have to agree for your vote to mean nothing, it only matters if you are for someone and adding your vote in that way, as a protest not-voter or vote for the one who isn't any possibility you're making yourself irrelevant. You're choice, you seemed to think bernie was honest but now you won't believe him, how convenient.


yea, it's the DNC corruption that is the problem, the Democrats stopped all Obama's initiatives after the mid-term losses to the rightest racists, it was not the Republicans. Go for it, blame the only hope, let the haters off the hook, great idea.


I believe you mean to write "you're?" Facts are soooo sick?


I don't mind Bernie being true to his word and supporting Hillary as he promised he would if she got more votes. I still have the greatest of respect for him. He probably had no idea how dishonest a Clinton could actually be. As for any respect I may have for Hillary, or the DNC, or the dirtbag Stupor Delegates who STILL voted for her at the Convention on 7/26, even after the FBI said, in effect, that she is a criminal too big to prosecute, and Wiki Leaks brought forth thousands of incriminating emails, well... I'm speechless. What a sick, sick bunch of people! I thought the Republicans were major sicko, but Democratic delegates voting for Hillary as their party standard-bearer, when there was an honest, capable, experienced alternative in the race...
do these people secretly eat their own defecation?