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Will Enough Americans Show Up to stop Trump From Using the Dictator's Playbook?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/11/will-enough-americans-show-stop-trump-using-dictators-playbook


It’s not Trump who has taken us all the way to oligarchy and fascism, but the people themselves, when they allowed the dismantling of what regulatory structure we did have before the Reagan administration. And your Democratic Party played a not inconsequential role in enabling this. Perhaps it’s time fo you to take a sabbatical to see whether or not you can come up with anything more than shallow platitudes.

Common Dreams is great at informing us of the latest outrages in Congress, the most recent oil spills, Trump’s latest tantrums, etc. But to quote someone I don’t like, Vladimir I. Lenin, your publishing strategy should be “Better fewer, but better.” What people need more than anything else is to be able to understand themselves in a more profound way. We need to revisit articles like Joe Vandello and Jennifer Bosson’s “Precarious Manhood,” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology](~ttps://www.researchgate.net/journal/0022-3514_Journal_of_Personality_and_Social_Psychology) 95(6):1325-39 · January 2009, which explains why men feel that they have to do stupid and sometimes violent things to maintain their gender credentials in good standing. We underestimate the importance of membership in communities, which guarantees status and power. Fear of exclusion, ostracism is one of the biggest engines for comformism, aggression, and human stupidity throughout history. This is just one example of the kind of self-education we must all begin. Reading Thom Hartmann is the opposite.


I just began to read “The Chalice and The Blade” again, a book I had read 15+ years ago. It highly recommended to anyone who wants to better understand how we got to the place we are and how it does not have to be that way.

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Much needed, excellent post!

I appreciate Chris Hedges posts here but they always leave me questioning----why/how did he turn out the way he did as opposed to way too men (and women) who have no insight into what is happening around us?

Robert Jensen (h-ttp://robertwjensen.org/) has consistently explored these topics (gender, patriarchy, violence) as they relate specifically to men (and thus to the rest of the world).
I look forward to reading the articles you suggested.

How nice it would be if trump were to be ignored on media (yet ousted from our culture). Can you imagine a day without seeing, hearing his name?

The one thing that gets to narcissists ----really gets to them----is being ignored and dismissed. We (in the u.s.) do the opposite----most of the focus is on him-----that makes things worse.

p.s. I am curious about your gender. Not enough men (imo again) call this out.
It’s been women trying to “fix men” for the most part and of course that does not work!


I’m not going to park on the railroad tracks watching a train barrelling towards me, attempt to calculate the its oncoming velocity, my engine’s restart speed, my car’s traction after igniting, and all other factors before moving.

Time is of the essence in kicking this egomaniac out of the White House. I have no time to “understand” any more information on the cultural dynamics of this constitutional crisis.


Back in mid 2000’s I tried to get all you pundits to promote a million peoples march in DC, NYC the financial markets and lamestreet media. It failed as I have no clout to organize enough people. You pundits do.

I sent you an email this morning to at least help start a march to defend the post office and get the agitators out of Portland. I also sent that letter to Jeff Merkley, Ron Wyden, Earl Blumenauer, Susan Bonameci, Peter DeFazio, XRay FM, and my friends.
I don’t do twitter and reluctantly on facebook.


Trump is not in a position to use the dictator’s playbook. Trump is merely a tool. You see, the book comes with a tool kit, and phony people like trump are part of what is inside the tool kit. The playbook and the tool kit are used by the ruling class, AKA “the deep state,” as means of perpetuating and expanding their monopolies over global economic and political power.

The focus of this little Hartman fluff is a misdirection. Trump is not the one who needs to be stopped. I repeat: he is just a tool. The ones who need to be stopped are the same ones who bought Obama, the ones who bought the Clintons and the Bushes, the ones who bought Reagan and McConnell and Pelosi and Holder and Barr…

Go back to the drawing board and tell us how to stop them.


“our intelligence agencies…”

and this is where it all went so horribly wrong for the Democrats.

and thus for the rest of us. it’s ironic that the primary purveyors of police states worldwide are now the go-to source for quality information for the rank and file of the ruined New Deal party.


There are many cultures on Earth where the people care about each other enough to adequately defend against the pandemic. US Americans, on the other hand, systematically despise each other. Reprehensibles all around. Dropping like flies, now, like nowhere else on Earth. Somewhere in USA, someone perishes of COVID-19 every 75 seconds, at this writing:



Hi Caroline -

Your call has resonated with me. I’ve been trying to encourage folk in my field, STEM, to acknowledge, and take action to dismantle structural White Supremacy. Not only is the practice of STEM in the US profoundly racist, but, to a large extent, it amplifies toxic masculinity. The operating paradigm is one of conquering nature and proving one’s superiority, by pointing to the complexity and innovation of the machines, algorithms, and theories one can claim credit for as if one’s prowess in innovation is a reflection of penis size.

However, even in the case of self described progressives, such as folk affiliated with the March4Science, when STEM academics and practitioners respond to my critique of White Supremacy and toxic masculinity in the field, they often claim that science can’t be racist of sexist, because it is “objective”. Many go on to claim that anyone who suggests a deeply embedded white supremacy and toxic masculinity in the practice of STEM in the US does not understand science.


By selecting Kamala Harris as VP, Biden just took huge step in the effort to resurrect Trump’s re-election bid from the dead.

Great example of how the Democrat Party views the solution to the failed practice of neoliberal capitalism, imperialism, and war mongering as more neoliberal capitalism, imperialism, and war mongering.


In my former life, I was a software engineer. Being a newer field, it was slightly less male dominated. I still saw what you see though. That stereotype was very common.

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Thank you for sharing this and for your efforts : )
Your thoughtful post brightened the evening as we take in the reality of Biden/Harris ticket and as you described:

As always, your insights are well said and very much appreciated.
Have you read anything be Bob Jensen?

2 good ones (I think all his books are good----h-ttps://robertwjensen.org/books/)
Citizens of Empire
The Heart of Whiteness: Confronting Race, Racism and White Privilege

Why should we show us and risk it all? So, Biden can continue the same status quo that got us here in the first place? Why bother. Collapse is the only thing that can save us now.

Biden barely campaigned during the primaries, he’s essentially in hiding now.
His fundraising was anemic, now corporate money is backing him.
Trump will have an ad up replaying Tulsi’s debate takedown of Kambama shortly.
And an ad of Uncle Joe’s many public lies and dementia moments.

Nonetheless, Trump will go down in history as the biggest gift the once all-but-dead d-party ever received.

The GOP has been “using the dictator’s playbook” ever since Senators Robert Taft and Joseph McCarthy launched their commie hunt in 1950.


Biden has actually brought in more cash than Dumald.

Republican National Committee announced Wednesday evening they had raised $266 million for the three months ending June 30, including $131 million in June alone.

Biden’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee announced that they had eclipsed Trump’s totals, bringing in $282 million during the last quarter and $141 million in June.

It’s the second month in a row that Biden has outraised Trump’s campaign.

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Never has a candidate expended less effort to secure the party nomination and be up by double digits with 82 days till the vote.

Barely campaigned or fundraised yet enjoyed the Super Tuesday Massacre.
Barely fundraises now but the big donor money can read the tea leaves.
Hell, he barely leaves his basement or cave or oxygen tent – best strategy ever!

All he has to do is say nothing, while Donald sinks his own boat with loads of lies and BS. So far pretty effective, but with a running mate, the time is here to speak up. I’d pound em with the daily death toll from Donald’s Death Train.

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