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Will Even One Disgusted Republican Mount a Serious Primary Challenge to Trump?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/18/will-even-one-disgusted-republican-mount-serious-primary-challenge-trump


C’mon Ralph, get real. The purpose of both halves of the duopoly is perpetuating themselves.

Party (donations) first, party (cheddar) always, party ($$$) only, the American people be damned.


Ralph you’re showing you’re age in this piece. There’s been little moral courage in DC for a long time.
The one thing the gop does well…stick together, it’s been their salvation through the years


Bill Weld just might be a serious GOP primary challenge, and he has already announced. Isn’t that better than having a couple dozen wannabes split any enthusiasm for a Trump alternative? Not that I am making any particular recommendations here - I would not vote Republican, having enough trouble putting up with Democrats - who often seem to have a political death wish. We need a third party - will we ever get one? No answer needed - cowardice is not confined to Republicans.


Republicans with “moral courage.” Didn’t Nader learn decades ago that such entities are extremely rare?
P.S. William Weld will go far; witness his observation about Don T., who “has lost his capacity to govern.”
Parallel universe, anyone?


Speaking of sticking together, what unites R’s & D’s in Congress far more than their beliefs might divide them, is their wealth.


I ran across this recently (at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_left-wing_political_parties):
List of left-wing ‘3rd’ parties:

  1. African People’s Socialist Party
  2. All-African People’s Revolutionary Party
  3. Black Riders Liberation Party
  4. California National Party
  5. Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism
  6. Communist Party USA
  7. Communist Party USA (Provisional)
  8. Democratic Socialists of America
  9. Ecology Democracy Party
  10. Freedom Road Socialist Organization
  11. Freedom Socialist Party
  12. Green Party of the United States
  13. Greens/Green Party USA
  14. Humane Party
  15. International Socialist Organization
  16. International Workers Party
  17. Justice Party
  18. League for the Revolutionary Party
  19. League of Revolutionaries for a New America
  20. Legal Marijuana Now Party
  21. Liberal Party of New York
  22. Liberty Union Party
  23. Natural Law Party
  24. New Afrikan Black Panther Party
  25. Oregon Progressive Party
  26. Party for Socialism and Liberation
  27. Peace and Freedom Party
  28. Progressive Labor Party
  29. Revolutionary Communist Party, USA
  30. Revolutionary Workers League
  31. Social Democrats, USA
  32. Socialist Action
  33. Socialist Alternative
  34. Socialist Equality Party
  35. Socialist Labor Party of America
  36. Socialist Party USA
  37. Socialist Organizer
  38. Socialist Workers Organization
  39. Socialist Workers Party
  40. Solidarity
  41. Spark
  42. Spartacist League
  43. U.S. Marxist–Leninist Organization
  44. Vermont Progressive Party
  45. Women’s Equality Party
  46. Workers Party, USA
  47. Workers World Party
  48. Working Families Party
  49. World Socialist Party of the United States

So when people say we need a ‘3rd’ party, perhaps they should be saying, we need a 68th (if I include alternative right-wing parties) party??

Incidentally, Ralph Nader (author of article) ran for president on one of these parties, in case anyone forgot…


I’m on the same page. I think if I had to choose between Weld and Kasich, I’d pick Kasich. At least he took Medicaid funding for his state and the one time I heard Weld I wasn’t impressed - Kasich sounds better. But of all the Republicans Ralph mentioned living or dead the only one I actually prefer to the typical crappy Democratic options is Lincoln. Even Eisenhower has the stain of the Iran coup that I can never forgive. Hopefully Kasich runs and Weld drops out. I’d prefer any of the Democrats to Kasich anyway and I think Trump is beatable - maybe more than Kasich. So I’m not begging him to run that’s for sure (unless Biden is the nominee in which case I’m worried and having Trump lose a primary would be safer because I can easily see Biden losing the general).


The title to the article was a trick question. There are no disgusted Republicans; only disgusting Republicans.


atelios: Some of those parties you listed are active and legitimate local entities, like the Working Families Party or the Vermont Progressive Party, which have actually elected progressives to office. The Democratic Socialist Party has also done well in some places. Others are splinters or “living fossils” usually only of historical interest. Some may be gone as we write; there may be those patient enough to catalog them all and chart their trajectories.

What I was thinking here - a third party as a realistic development could almost happen overnight - led by a walkout of progressive Democrats disgusted with the DNC misleadership and really unwilling to take corporate money. In some countries (one is Sweden), it is illegal for corporations or individuals to finance political campaigns - this is done by state budgets based on past performance of the parties concerned. In Sweden, a party falling below 1% in previous elections is not funded, but considered a “hobby” - as would many of the parties on that wikipedia list. Probably too rational to be adopted here, and we don’t have a parliamentary system either.


Those people who support Republican values deserve competent, honest leaders as much as the people who support progressive values do. Presenting an honest, prudent, competent Republican leader who would be responsible to the people would finally present the Democrats with a worthy opponent. It would be a pleasure if the Democrats could then find a worthy candidate to run against such a Republican. As this is the Democratic Party that we are talking about here, one that only knows one way to operate, the candidate would need to be of sufficiently fine character and record that a “lessor evil campaign” can credably be run against the honest, prudent, competent Republican candidate.

why should they Ralph? He is doing their dirty work for them. This too shall pass and so shall this version of these ugly republithugs. Not one of them deserves to be reelected but of course the ignorance of their supporters who are mostly hurt by these bastards, continues on. Blame it on the lousy educational system that is today’s Amerika!


dara - I respect your opinion of Kasich, but so far he has ruled out 2020. He has declared “It’s Trump’s Party” - I am sure he means that he disagrees with Trump in general, based on his past criticism of Trump - but that he sees no chance of defeating Trump in the primary. Whatever Weld amounts to, at least he does see enough of a chance to bother running. If Trump loses much more of his political teflon, that chance could get larger. Let’s see what happens!

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‘…will we ever get one?’

We have one, but people refuse to vote for its nominees. Whose fault is that? (rhetorical question)

Iirc, various fourth-plus parties in Florida got more votes in total in 2000 than Ralph did. They got no blame for the outcome.


Republicans may not challenge Trump in the primaries, but I can imagine many of them endorsing Biden in the general election - Biden’s not Trump, and he is one of them.


Ralph, the Republican party leaders are disgusted with Trump’s style, not his substance. Trump is promoting the same racist, minsogynst, anti-immigrant, anti-environmental, anti welfare, war-mongering foreign policy that has been the foundation of the party for decades, but he’s doing it so crudely that he’s an embarrassment to the party, hence their contrived and ludicrous explanations for his behavior. They don’t want to challenge Trump, they just want to return to the good old days with a stooge they can control like Bush. Trump remains their useful idiot, albeit an embarrassing one.


The Democratic Socialist Party and Working Families Party (Amy Klobacher and Tina Smith are members) are arms of the Democratic Party so it is redundant to have them on your list. The International Socialist Organization (the Jacobins) are no more as they dissolved themselves in favor of backing the corporate DSA. Besides, what is your point? Are you trying to hold third parties up as a joke? The Green New Deal that “progressives” are pushing as some grand plan is a watered down version of a commitment in the Green Party platform from 2012 and 2016. A better version than the milque toast ideas being presented by Democrats was put forth by Howie Hawkins in 2011. Perhaps if Jill Stein had been allowed on the debate stage instead of being handcuffed to a chair you would have heard of it sooner. Keep believing third parties don’t matter and voting the Business Party (Democrats+Rebublicans) is the only path forward because that is working out so well for the country and the world.


Weld & Amash will run against Trump on the Libertarian ticket. If they don’t it’s just a vanity bluff and bluster scenario.
As for Mr. Nader’s wishful thinking on courage here; well, the GOP has gotten exactly what they’ve asked for. They set the regulatory and administrative parts of governance back 50 years. They’ve turned " judge shopping " into an art form and the GOP is not done with that by a long shot. ( It will take 3-4 liberal SCOTUS judges to enact a Green New Deal, as well. )
All from a looney con man who was just crazy enough to pull off the biggest bamboozle in U.S. history.
Ralph, it’s the Dimocrats who need a very serious " check up from the neck up ", right now. Or, as you told C. Hedges a couple of weeks ago, the party should be over for them after the 2020 general election.
We, as a country, are right on the bending end of things. There’s no more room or time for " fxckheads or fxck ups ", here.


Godless - thanks for your clarification. Historically, third parties have come out of existing parties - I am thinking of Teddy Roosevelt’s Progressive Party and its two reincarnations under LaFollette and Wallace. The Progressives outvoted the Republicans in 1912 but lost to Wilson of course. The schism in the Democratic Party is real; there are principles involved, including the verbalized recognition of money and corporate control of the DNC. There is a slim but real chance of a progressive exit. My bet would be on results of that walkout rather than the Greens as a party, although they have attracted good people who will join something of another label with a realistic chance of upsetting our current runaway rotten apple-cart.


Calling the duopoly the “Business Party” is WAY too kind.  “Amerikan Fascist Party” or “Multi-NaZional Korpokrats of Amerika” would be much more accurate.