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Will GOP's Cruel Healthcare Plan Survive? On Brink of House Vote, Calls to #KillTheBill

Will GOP's Cruel Healthcare Plan Survive? On Brink of House Vote, Calls to #KillTheBill

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As resistance efforts urge constituents to call their representatives to #killthebill, the death of the Republican healthcare plan, the American Health Care Act (AHCA), appears early Friday afternoon to be near certain.

Just before 2:00pm, White House press secretary Sean Spicer would not discuss the administration's strategy if Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (Wis.) confirms to President Donald Trump that Republicans do not have the votes to pass the measure.

Now let’s have the coup de grace…


Trump is working on the end game.
This whole circus is a ploy to distract everyone from the Gorsuch nomination to the Supreme Court.
If Trump had been able to kill the Affordable Care Act, that would just have been gravy for him.
With Gorsuch on the court, he will get rid of the ACA through the courts, along with any other remnants of our freedom.


Bill killed? that calls for a Kill Bill moment:


No – Trump is there because Global Warming is a Wild Card which Elites/wealthy are very aware of
and which cannot be turned around. We are facing a 9 FOOT rise in oceans due to glacier melting.
We are facing increasing numbers of catastrophic weather events, from hurricanes to tornadoes and
cyclones, to earthquakes. The melting of the glaciers has caused changing pressures on the tectonic
plates which causes earthquakes.

Trump is also there to destroy reproductive freedom – that not only means Choice and abortion, it also
means contraceptives because the pill prevents a fertilized egg to adhere to the lining of the womb.

Population control is key to acting against Global Warming.
Many other issues are involved, of course, like animal-eating. We can all do ourselves a favor and the
planet a favor and disconnect from that violence.


Whoopee: Now can we use this momentum to enact Health Care For All - which all other developed nations have been enjoying for decades? The obama care law, while certainly helping millions of uninsured to get coverage, still keeps health insurance companies front and center…thus causing the US to have the MOST EXPENSIVE health care system on the planet. We must get these profiteering insurance companies off our backs!


I don’t think the insurance companies are the main problem although they are a problem. I think more central is the fees that physicians charge, particularly for specialized procedures, and the costs of drugs and various medical devices. Also, we have a system where doctors have to play defensive medicine because of the possibility of malpractice suits so they run extra tests to make sure that they have the correct diagnosis or haven’t missed the diagnosis. And perhaps the most difficult problem is the cost of end of life care, A large percentage of the cost of healthcare occurs treating patients at the end of their life. To give everyone healthcare coverage that is affordable the cost has of healthcare has to be reduced and that means taking on physicians and the pharmaceutical industry and medical device industry. This a big reason why all we have is talk and it never actually happens. People talk about Medicare for all but Medicare isn’t that great which is why people with Medicare often buy additional healthcare insurance from an insurance company because after Medicare pays patients can still be faced with big bills. We need much more than Medicare for everyone and it would be extremely expensive the way things are now.


"In a Friday press statement, Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) echoed this call. “We have known for years that the only true healthmediccare reform that will work is a single-payer system where we take national responsibility for the health of our nation,” he said. “Now that this vote is over, I hope we can return to a serious and sensible discussion of strengthening our healthcare system and the improving the health of all Americans.”

  • As is done in many civilized nations of the world, and even a few that aren’t that civilized, but not in the US Fourth Reich we have become.
  • 'tis time for We the People to regain control of our Constitutional Republic and put these fascists in jail or out to pasture. Enough is enough!
  • By the way, note that that is We the People, not We the Democrats.

I agree entirely with your excellent post yet I live in a rural area and have begun to consume local and humanely raised, grass fed, beef after 33 years of being meat and dairy free. I don’t eat beef often but I could not perform at my optimal level without it; the iron in the meat seems to make a big difference at my advanced age. Still, if I could be vegan I would (be).

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Ouch! I certainly hope not!!


Sparkle –

Sad to hear –
So many expect personal benefits at the cost of other living animals.
You can always take vitamins which include Iron or Iron tables –
Use a cast iron frying pan for cooking.
There is nothing “humane” about domestication of animals, especially when at the end of the
road there are slaughter houses and they become “food.”

But very curious as to what caused you to become a Vegan and what caused you to become part of
that chain of violence again?

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GOP cowardice shines again! Deciding not to vote at all, rather than vote and lose, is a cynical demonstration of their unwillingness to be held accountable for their policies. Shame!


You couldn’t be more wrong. The waste in the system is in the insurance companies (all of the money they collect that isn’t spent on health care) and the underpayments they make to providers under their network arrangements (more on this below), the administrative staff costs for health care providers (needed to fight with the insurance companies), the excessive patent and royalty system we have for pharmaceuticals, along with their excessive profits and management salaries. If you got rid of all of that you’d solve most of the problem.

The so-called “excessive costs” that you cite are not real. Those are aberrations caused by the waste noted above and the nature of the way that insurance companies work. They seek out low cost populations to insure, then use their excessive market power to negotiate payments to health care providers that are less than the real costs those providers incur. Providers then transfer those uncollected costs to everyone else, resulting in prices that seem too high, but which are caused by the cost-shifting effects of insurance company risk management. This is why emergency room prices are so outrageous – it’s the last bucket where health care providers can seek the costs they can’t recover from others who are enjoying care for less cost than they impose.

The entire system is designed to distort the market place and make it look like the uninsured are too expensive, when in reality, the insured are underpaying.

Your comment about Medicare beneficiaries buying additional insurance is only an extension of this problem. Medicare should cover everything, then no additional insurance would be needed. Insurance companies do not add value to this formula, they only suck revenues out of the system, leaving someone else to pick up the bill. Medicare for all, with no deductibles and no co-pays would solve this problem, at a far lower cost to all of us than the current system, while actually paying the cost of health care to providers.


Legislation is the traditional way that the U.S. ruling class nullifies the provisions of the Constitution. For example, the Sedition Act is used to violate the First Amendment guaranteeing free speech. One can be charged with sedition for freely expressing one’s opinion should those opinions be regarded as threatening to the interests of the ruling elite. Bear in mind that trashy laws are often used to override the Constitution.


This is a clear victory of, by and for the People, because the DP was giving us nothing in the way of leadership.


Actually, I believe the only remaining portion of the Alien and Sedition Acts still in force is the Alien Enemies Act, as revised in 1918 and then upheld in 1984 by the Supreme Court. I don’t think it has anything to do with free speech. The rest of the sedition acts were repealed in the early 19th Century, during Thomas Jefferson’s Presidency. This is not to say that the Alien Enemies Act is something to proud of – it was used to imprison Japanese, German and Italian immigrants during World War II.


Hell, I live in a Third World developing country and we have guaranteed national healthcare system. Yes, a Banana Republic[*] offers it’s people what the U.S. will not.

So … which country is really the Third World country?

[*] Ecuador is the largest exporter of bananas in the world … a country the size of Colorado.


I wrote the essay below just before the shrub put his hand on the bible and lied the first time. I sent it around to many folks and said to hang on to it for a while, then bring it up and read it again.

  • Boy did I get blasted! “This is a democracy! That might happen in Nazi Germany or the USSR, but not here. You are completely over the wall!”
January 5, 2001 prediction 
Steve Osborn
*  Well, it seems the President-appointee has selected his cabinet to guide us through the next four years. As expected, he has filled most of the posts with the most reactionary right wingers he could find. The Secretary of labor is anti-labor and anti-Social Security, the Attorney General probably thinks Hitler was a liberal. We have retreads from the Reagan/Bush administrations, corporate CEO’s, in short, a cadre of people dedicated to ensuring that the rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle class supports it all until it is taxed into poverty, too. The environment will be raped and despoiled for every last dollar that can be squeezed out of it. The International Cartels and the WTO will have yet more of the poor and the displaced to exploit, at home and abroad. Protests of this wanton destruction will fall on the ears of a bought Supreme Court which has already proved that it is acutely conscious of who put them in their lifetime situations.
*  Our Constitution will be more narrowly interpreted by this court and the civil rights gained at so much pain, suffering and sacrifice will gradually be eroded or disallowed. We will become a nation of dispossessed, poverty stricken, hungry and illiterate people standing in lines for jobs or food, fighting for crusts and watching the limousines drive by.
*    If he can accomplish this, the President-appointee will no doubt get a pat on the head from his daddy for accomplishing what daddy only made a start at.
*    As it was under Nixon, Reagan and Bush the First, our children will once again have their role models in high places to teach them that greed, venality, vengeance and the bottom line are the only things worthwhile and that caring, compassion, love and conservation of resources are just weaknesses to be exploited if there is power or profit to be gained.
*    What is needed today are statesmen, but who would risk assassination or being dragged through the muck of character assassination by what passes for leaders today. Mussolini’s Black Shirts made thinkers, intellectuals, idealists, teachers and opposition politicians drink a quart of Castor oil and stand in the street until they soiled themselves, to the amusement of the fascists. It is rarely remembered that this humiliation was also the administration of an often fatal dose of a slow acting poison.
*    Will we and our cherished Constitution manage to survive this increasingly blatant takeover? Can we live through another “Corporate State?”
*    And then, of course, there is war and all the corporate profits that accrue to that, not to mention the curtailment of personal liberties in the name of “National Security” that goes with it.
  • Well, like Cassandra, I spoke and nobody listened. I’ve been harping, warning, and suggesting ways to head this off ever since, but here I am, at 79, facing my declining years in the US Fourth Reich.
  • We the People of the United States and the World are going to have to take our nation back, reestablish the Constitutional Republic that served us so well for over two centuries, then build some safeguards into the document that will prevent this happening again.
  • Our Founding Fathers and a number of Presidents have warned that this would happen if we were not eternally vigilant. If we did not see that the banks could not buy enough influence to control the nation. However, we are apparently too involved in Reality TV, the Big Game, and talking and playing games on our I-Phones to worry much about it, and sure enough, here we are and it will be up to us to figure out how to turn it around.
  • One thing I have suggested many times and will do it again, is that a relatively peaceful way to accomplish this would be to BDS all of these stocks and companies dedicated to war and environmental rape. Most of the billionaire Senators and Congresspeople are heavily invested in the stocks of their corporate Masters. If we would boycott all of the output of these corporations, and remember, these corporations that make billions by building bombs, guns and aircraft also have breakfast foods, fruit juices, candy, toys, etc. that they also profit from. Cutting into that miscellaneous mass of profit would bring them to the table, as nothing causes anxiety in a trillionaire more than losing a dime.
  • BDS works. Look at Israel, screaming like a stuck pig and trying to get their client states, like the US Fourth Reich and Great Britain to pass laws making it illegal for companies and universities to divest from Israeli stocks and businesses and also to make it illegal to criticize Israel! Some of those unconstitutional laws are already working their way through various state governments and even the federal government. It is up to us to stop it. With the current illegal and unconstitutional government we have in charge today, we are on the cusp of losing our Constitutional Republic beyond recall, but the current resistance, if it grows and uses its ingenuity, may succeed.

You were right in 2000. You are right now!


Reading between the lines, Trump stopped the vote so the lobbyists could go out and buy or bribe enough votes for passage. When they have, it will come up again and the vote will be taken. That was done a few years ago on a key bill (I don’t remember the issue anymore) The vote was stopped for several hours while they bought enough of the negative votes to pass it, then the vote was resumed and, of course, it passed.

  • We no longer have a Representative Government.
  • The trillionaires do.