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Will Guantánamo Still Be Open in 2050?


Will Guantánamo Still Be Open in 2050?

Naureen Shah

Will Guantánamo still be open a decade from now? What about in 2050, a half century after it opened? Years from now, will we still be protesting—every January 11– the grim anniversary of this site of injustice, torture and detention without charge?

We hope not, and on Tuesday we saw President Obama share our conviction that Guantánamo must close. He, too, harkened to a future where the US still holds people indefinitely and without charge:


While I do not favor bringing Guantanamo detainees to American prisons, they will not be near as invisible as they are in Cuba. I agree fundamentally that they should not be held.

BUT if held in America, I would like to believe they will have more access to their respective legal teams. Maybe family or friends or support networks will be able to visit them.

I, too, doubt Obama's will on this but it is a fight worth fighting and the American people who feel strongly about this should push the typically spineless Obama to keep his word.


Can't say I entirely disagree with you. The system is profoundly broken at many levels. But I think the greater risk is stasis. Believing that no action at all will help and doing nothing. Anything we do that keeps the topic before the public has a chance of breaking through national denial. But it will take dedication and constancy and many people aren't even a little interested.

No quick solutions.


As a writer, I'm fond of the idea of "poetic justice."

With poetic justice in mind, I say keep Guantanamo open and let it serve as the future housing place for all of the architects of The War ON/OF Terror.

There. Problem solved. (If only it were THAT easy!)


"Where does it all end"? Perhaps with Cuba asking the UN General Assembly to step in and return their land at Guantanamo to them. with General Assembly authority, Cuba could then peacefully reoccupy land stolen from it over a hundred years ago. Either that or a UN military mission could assist Cuba in getting its stolen land back.


Will you remember the moment when freedom died? A few years from now, as we sit afraid behind our fascist walls, we may look back on this day as the day the majority of Americans, when given the choice to close an illegal gulag and free the innocent sorry souls from within, we went the other way and begged our government to keep it open and limit our freedoms even more because we were a little scared.
That's right folks, we are actually begging for the police state to crack down on us more!


Does anyone even ask the question.........By what conceivable right does the Empire own land in Cuba ? All countries should demand that the Empire get the military bases off their land. What other country has military bases in hundreds of foreign lands ? Tonight when Chris Matthews was grilling Bernie, he asked Bernie how he was going to pay for healthcare and free university. Matthews NEVER asked any MIC paid whore how we would pay for invasions of two countries. Typical shill for the MIC. We need a REVOLUTION !