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Will Hillary Clinton Get a Convention Bounce? If Not,She's in Deep Trouble


Will Hillary Clinton Get a Convention Bounce? If Not,She's in Deep Trouble.

Doyle McManus

Last week, halfway through the Republican convention in Cleveland, I wrote that the GOP gathering was so shambolic that it might not give Donald Trump the “bounce” he needed.

I was right about the convention, but wrong about the bounce.


Even if she does get a bounce, when the next e-mail leak comes out, the ratings for her will go back down.
With all the investigations going on, she will be in deep trouble as long as she is running for office or in office.


She will probably get a bounce among the old folks who suckle their news and entertainment from the tv. They saw a happy fantasy of a party coming together to unite behind a beloved front runner.

The rest of us saw protests, walkouts and suppression by a DNC desperate stop any hint of disunity from making it into mainstream media.

So, bounce among the elderly, negative bounce among millennials, independents, and anyone else getting their news from alternate sources..


Trump's populism (that I believe to be fake) Trumps Clinton's known to be fake populism. Add that to the fact, that Trump is going to get a lot of people that haven't voted in years, disaffected poor whites in the South, Northwest, Midwest, and Northeast, and this adds up to a Trump victory in November.

No one to blame but that person who accepted the nomination at the DNC Convention.

Who is she again? I know all too well unfortunately.


This convention was what I expected, The Democratic move further right now also includes the Republican fall in line mentality. That being said, it's never been a more obvious time to start our party. Here in Wisconsin, Mike McCabe has an organization that is neither left or right, but instead inclusive and respectful to helpful ideas from anyone. I believe it's called "Blue Jean Nation" or something like it.

Presently, I'm not proud of my home state, thanks to Governor Walker and the Republican houses, it's become a state of connections and favors. To see that on national level, which I feel certain if either major party candidate wins, is truly sad. While I ponder this terrible notion I think of Trent Reznor signing about "dancing on the backs of the bruised" and think that sums it up well...


Hillary and the DNC have succeeded in making certain that a Democrat is not sitting in the oval office in January.


Quite an astute observation and comment. I agree wholeheartedly. From what little I saw (and I heard even less) there were plenty of close ups of her and crowd. It is illusion of support that matters. The most important thing voters can do for this election is to kill your Television.

Do it now, I'll wait.


She'll get the bounce. But didn't a number of polls during the primaries show Sanders as the stronger candidate against Trump? I'm not saying who I'll vote for. I want HRC to be sweating it out until Election Day. I'm sick of being preached to by friends on on FB that not only do I have to vote for HRC, I need to say she's a great candidate. She needs to work for my support.


Conventional wisdom says Jill Stein can't win. I'm tired of hearing that rant in such an unconventional year. If Trump and Clinton are both so unpopular, voters should be searching foe a decent candidate. Voila, Jill Stein!


I think she's in deep doo-doo even if she gets a "bounce". Those of us who both wanted to stop Trump and for once elect an honest "of and for the people" candidate knew that Sanders was far and away the superior candidate. Every poll, and every other bit of writing on the wall made it crystal clear that the D's should nominate Sanders if they wanted to take advantage of the slam-dunk.against Trump.

Instead, the elites decided that the order of succession was far more important than pee-ons' preferences; and identity more than principles. So they (and those who swallowed their propaganda or were themselves caught up in gender identification) irrationally chose the one candidate who is as disliked as Trump. Brilliant!


Please look at live feeds taken by people inside and outside the convention. It was anything but smooth. The DNC had to pay seat fillers after half the delegates walked out. Hillary banners were changed to LIAR. Every Bernie delegate I know is now campaigning for Jill Stein....they were holding up Jill Stein signs at the convention. There is no unity. There is a huge #NeverHillary contingency and many are #DemExit ing.


I encourage people everywhere to locally work with other parties to have a watchdog team at every polling place. The voter fraud was horrific. We all know who really won.


Low information voters, corrupt elites, feckless liberals -they were all with Hillary before and still will be post-convention. The Bernie supporters probably hardened against her, but polls will be taken carefully to assure that no Independents are asked their opinion, and young cell-phone based voters (i.e. Bernie voters) will largely remain unasked.

So yeah, with this very careful and narrow sampling of Hillary voters, she'll get a bounce.

Meanwhile, probably two thirds of the country want to rip her head off.

It's all theatre, fakery, silliness. Remember, this is a farce, not an election. This is simply a little interregnum between imperialist rampages to give a veneer of legitimacy to the next 4 to 8 years of global criminality and domestic oppression.


Well, which is it?

Will She be in trouble, or will the Dem Party be in trouble?

If you count the 30 million Party Members, then They are in trouble, since they were Cheated Out of their most Formidable Candidate.

If you only count Hillary, then, as long as the FIX carries over to the General, she's fine, bounce or no bounce.

Actual Voters?
We don't need no stinking Actual Voters.


"The Democrats’ stage paraded stars from President Obama and Bill Clinton to Meryl Streep and Katy Perry".

Omigod as it is said in the USA. The Democrat's stage paraded film stars. Gee willikins, Dinah, let's vote Democrat. They got filum stars on stage!

No, Hoover; I'm gonna vote Republican. Donald Trump's got lotsa money and a bootiful wife.

Here endeth Lesson 1 in USAian politics.


Bounce or no bounce Nate Silver says Trump will win. True he may not be considering the Clinton machine is like the mafia in their ability to fix elections and silence dissent.
It was shocking to many the way the protesters and Bernie delegates were kept out of the convention, delayed, and decredentialed by her mafia like hit men. Seats for delegates marked reserved and lights turned off on them. This is Hillary's democracy. Get used to it if she gets in.
Frankly I don't care who wins. We will be fighting the same type of control we saw at the convention either way. Remember the two parties are in it together on the big issues and Hillary is a neocon so they will be in agreement on most things.
Jill Stein 2016


Yes indeed. Come on Wikileaks with those soon to be released emails.


Neocons don't worry about blowback on their actions. They just devise another way around taking any kind of blame for their failed policies.


But she didn't get Beyoncé. And where was George Clooney? We could have used another smug Hollywood speech to really brainwash us into voting against our interests. You know, since he's "ahead of the curve."


And if she slips on another staircase, or faints again and hits her head again with a stroke, Bernie has not conceded the race yet, so would step back in against Trump.


Bernie merely endorsed her; he did not concede. Why would he concede when she cheated?