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Will Joe Biden Be a Rerun of 2016 Tragedy?

A less obvious reason is that Hunter was working for a fossil fuel company.

But hey, I guess someone with valuable political connections has to work somewhere, am-I-rite?

I honestly don’t think Byedone understands the optics of influence peddling. That’s kinda scary.


Cohen sez:
“In continuing to rally behind Biden, Democratic leaders seem compelled to relive the tragic 2016 defeat …”

One person’s “tragic defeat” is another person’s 2018 party fundraising bonanza.

In case you may not have read this already:


Give the latest Iowa poll, it appears more likely that Warren is going to be the re-run candidate.

Almost everyone agrees, for anything to change we MUST get big money out of politics. Yet, here we have a candidate 100% committed to keeping big money out of his campaign and in the current IA poll, he is trailing way behind two corporate pones.

It seems the corporate press, still holds power over alternative media.

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I was just listening to Fox News talking about the whistle blower scandal. It sure seems like this may pose serious trouble for Biden. Folk on the right are going ballistic over the notion that Joe Biden colluded with the Ukrainian government to funnel money to his son.

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Can we hire some planes to sky-write that above the DNC headquarters until it sinks in?


and Liz will be a rerun of the Obama tragedy!


The Democratic Party leadership needs to understand that Joe Biden is Hillary 2.0 in terms of the 2020 election; if Biden is the candidate, Trump wins the election–just like he did in 2016 when an insufficient number of voters rallied behind Clinton. In the 2016 election, I did not vote for Clinton because she is a corporate Democrat, and I will not vote for Biden in the 2020 election for the same reason. Because corporatism is a major contributing factor to our social, economic and environmental problems, it will always be part of the problem and never part of the solution. Vote Progressive!


Biden has all the right moves for tragedy. He could pull one off.

I am afraid that Warren might swirl down the same plumbing device, honestly, though I would surely rather see her attempt it than Biden, much as I would rather see Sanders take the nomination than her. It’s a pity to have them sort of brought forth as though they were equal measures here, though to be fair Jeff Cohen does not actually state that.

Cohen’s optimism about the party itself is out of line, sadly. There have apparently been multiple memos issued, and one wonders if anyone actually got all of them.

  • Memo: The DNC appoints candidates by fiat, as per the US court case.
  • Memo: Personnel that participated in the rigging of the prior nomination remain in charge of party promises
  • Memo: No ongoing challenge has appeared within the party to the antidemocratic Democratic process, not even by Sanders
  • Memo: The interests of many people in the central mechanism of the party would be served far better by another Trump victory than by a progressive victory–by which I do not mean to include Warren, who appears to clearly be a controlled actor,but by which I do mean Sanders, for whom that judgment is less completely clear.

The conclusion that one might have found inevitable here is that the era in which Democrats cozy up to money and power has most certainly continued into 2019. How might Cohen describe the cozying of a Feinstein or a Pelosi were he drawn to the topic? The corruption ushered in by the Bill Clinton era to be extended by W and by Obama in turn has not abated, not even a little, but grows more shrill and obvious under challenge. This is equally true if we consider only the Democratic Party, though there’s no lack of accusation that one might make at the Republicans.

In consideration of all this, let me propose that there is a likely even greater tragedy should the DNC be allowed to appoint Joe Biden as its candidate for the presidency: he could win. If he does, the cabal that prohibits the Democrats from growing back their severed left wing shall consolidate. The only resistance in public office to things like the TPP or a war in Iran will actually be Republican–and that is a very thin hope indeed.

A live question, then, folks, is what do we do when a Biden gets nominated?

  • If we do not vote, the thieves easily run off with the election–one group or the other
  • If we vote Biden, the right consolidates within and outside of the party, and the wars accelerate predictably
  • If we vote Trump–well, forget that. What point would there be?

If we vote third party, we make some demonstration that parties will pay every, every, every time that the choose an obvious corporate stooge. It looks overwhelmingly unlikely that the Greens or other left parties will get votes to actually achieve party status, enter debates and so forth. In part, this is because they are not excluded from debates because of unpopularity, but because They are not convenient to those who operate the debates. The other reason is that they simply cannot bring enough threat to bear to even get their votes counted. Entry and exit polls counted very many more votes for both left and right third parties than would be suggested by the official vote count. The Greens brought suit in some cases, and for that Bravo!. But they were simply unable to force the obvious response.

Do none of you who fear the splitting of the Democratic vote by a Green candidate ever consider voting Libertarian? The Libertarian party has gotten a greater share of the vote than have the Greens. It is more likely to split off Republicans than Democrats, though by a smaller margin than usually acknowledged.

And you do not have to shoot yourself in the foot supporting a “Blue no matter who” monster working to purge the party of anyone who stands to represent you.


The President is automatically the head of his own Party. On Obama’s watch in 2016, the Democratic Party nomination process was the dirtiest in a generation. Party leaders acted with cynical disregard for principles that govern democracy, or even just fair play: To wit, a secret deal to channel money from the party to one favored candidate, customizing rules to prevent meaningful debate, packing the nominating convention with non-elected delegates, preventing Brooklyn Democrats from voting their choice, and much more.

We recall these things not to open old wounds, but to remind ourselves of what can happen again next year. Obama is gone from the White House, but his VP is now the Party insiders’ favorite. These insiders are still solidly neoliberal, still raising money from Wall Street and the rest of the 0.1%, and doing their bidding. But, as the increasing support for Bernie and Warren demonstrates, the public is wising up. If this trend holds, the insiders can prevail only by resorting to yet another underhanded scheme, this time to nominate a neoliberal such as Biden or Harris. If they succeed, policies pushed by the 0.1% will once again be part of the party platform. Disillusioned voters will once again sit out the election, handing Trump and the Republicans an advantage they couldn’t earn on their own.


It has to be Bernie. The only tried and true progressive in this race!!! He has been fighting for everyday people for the last 60 years.They are just using Warren to take away from Sanders!
All the others are wanna be’s. Donate today!!!


Look it’s like this… if Bernie isn’t the Democratic nominee in the general election I’m writing in a half gallon tub of Ben and Jerry’s “The Tonite Dough”, grabbin’ a spoon, and sitting down and gorging on something sweet for a change and continue to do so until the end arrives. I just don’t think I can take another four year repeat of what we have been suffering and regressing a bit more every four years since Reagan appeared in 1980. The theatre of the absurd has regressed all the way to the asylum of the insane.


Absolutely right. There is no way that Biden would beat Trump. It would be a repeat of 2016.


Common Dreams needs a “dislike button.”

Elections are never about who you don’t want to be president, they are always about who you want to be president. If all your choices are unacceptable, most people won’t make a choice between those unacceptable options, they will either simply not vote for those options or will write in someone they do want. If nearly a third of the party and a large portion of the registered Independents follow suit, it will make it very difficult to beat an enthused Trump - GOP base and their criminal business and corrupt Democrapic leadership allies.

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As in 2016 progressives especially Sander’s supporters will be blamed when Biden loses.

And even though Biden is more Republican than Democrat, Trump and the Republicans will call him a communist if he is the Democratic nominee, that’s the way corporate spin-doctors do politics. Actual reality isn’t as important as having an inspired and motivated base supporting your candidate with hearts and minds, and bringing along the partyline voters who will always turn out and vote for whomever the parties nominate this summer. Biden’s base does not extend beyond the partyline voter contingent, Sander’s base is largely entirely out of the partyline voter group and why
(Bernie + Partyline) > (Biden + Partyline) electorate. Biden will lose Independents to Trump and third parties, and the same people that didn’t learn from the mistakes of 2016 are making the same mistakes in 2020. Trump isn’t a evil genius the Democratic leadership is corrupt and unsane and the media are trying to fly cover for them.