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Will Lawmakers Again Make Schools The Sacrificial Lamb For Gun Control?


Will Lawmakers Again Make Schools The Sacrificial Lamb For Gun Control?

Jeff Bryant

Democratic Senators were positively “giddy,” according to the New York Times, when President Donald Trump, during a live televised meeting, declared his strong support for gun control and urged Congress to pass a comprehensive bill that would expand background checks, keep guns from mentally ill people, and raise the age limit for purchasing guns to 21.


Indeed. I still can’t believe we hear people advocate “hardening” schools.


I do- they just want more guns and profits.


The cure can be worse than the disease

But what about when the cure is the disease?


The answer to the title question is: HELL YES!


Please stop maligning those with mental illnesses, who commit only 4% of violent crimes and are much more likely to be victims of violent crime (or police assault). And please, this is about teachers not wanting themselves, their work environment, and their students used to address a problem that’s mostly not about the schools. I.e., get back on topic.


Nope. I’m not qualified, and you’ve given no evidence you are, to diagnose him. What I see is a broken, frightened child. And btw, his name is spelled Nikolas. I believe it is a form of prayer to name him, and I do.

And 17 ISDs in TX? Of how many total? And who decided to arm their school personnel? What personnel (teachers who have other things to do, or single-duty “resource officers”)? Who’s paying the liability insurance in case those folks miss the bad guy and shoot an innocent? “This” that’s about teachers not wanting to work in a “hardened” environment is this topic. You don’t get to turn it to the point you’d like to make. Read the article. Follow a few of the links, and you’ll see exactly what teachers are resisting and why.


Or take a look at this from a FL state representative who has experience as a campus police officer (“I’ve been in shootouts, and I’ve seen children die from gun violence,” in case you don’t bother):



Well, an anecdote from a state lawmaker who has the kind of experience Asencio does makes a much bigger difference in the real world than your “in my world” declarations without compassion. Thank God you don’t appear to be a teacher.

And no, you can’t either demand that we choose between a rock and a hard place that you’ve defined. Life isn’t that B/W (or BS). There have been some 70 million K-12 US school days lived without a mass shooting for every one day with a mass shooting, from Columbine to Parkland (that’s 6 mass shootings total). I’ll take what makes those days more likely, and it has nothing to do with “hardening” our schools.

And you have ducked my questions about your wonderful gun-totin’ Texas: How many teachers are actually armed? How many other ISDs are there? Who carries the liability insurance for the accidents that will happen? And how long have these policies been in place? I’d like to know where these districts are because, unlikely as it is that I would ever live in Texas, or my granddaughters would, I’d like to know what parts of Texas to avoid most.


You do realize this is a logical fallacy? Is is like saying we should not have more restrictive laws on child pornography, because criminals “DON’T OBEY THE LAW.” It is called is “circular reasoning”, like a dog chasing its tail; it goes nowhere.

Not that when you use such fallacies, those with whom you are arguing will always realize it, because most people are not so educated on the topic.

In the same way that most NRA members do not realize that the NRA uses fallacious logic to acquire and keep members. In the same way that unscrupulous politicians use fallacious logic to acquire and keep followers. (dems, repubs and every other party too)

It is what makes the mass of voters vote against their own interests. Their lack of rhetorical skill leaves them vulnerable.


Yep, as I expected. You’re talking out of your behind and have no idea whether your own argument holds water.


Thousands of kids arrested in schools for just doing kid things. That’s absolutely horrrible and unacceptable (ie: tossing paper airplanes, kicking trash cans, etc)