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Will McConnell Buck the Voters on Pro-Democracy Efforts?


Will McConnell Buck the Voters on Pro-Democracy Efforts?

Robert Weissman

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has built a career on weakening our democracy. Nothing seems to bring out the passion in the famously stoic McConnell more than opposing pro-democracy reforms.

Well, now he has the challenge of a lifetime. The House of Representatives has just passed HR1, the For the People Act, the most sweeping pro-democracy and anti-corruption measure of the past 50 years. McConnell has denounced HR1 and pledged that he will block it from coming to the floor of the Senate.

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Mitch McConnell is a frustratingly awful Senator. I can’t believe he keeps getting elected. Maybe he used the same private voting machines that the awful Scott Walker used in Wisconsin.
He is the reason that all congress people should live in dorms and have a 10 p.m. curfew! Too many cronies spoil the Constitution!
It would be nice if he actually worked for the PEOPLE at some point—but I suppose that selling one’s soul brings in too much money for a person like him to pass up.

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Of course ol’ Mitch buddy is against anything resembling real democracy. So are the super wealthy donors, They are used to bribing/donating to Congress vast sums to get their tax cuts, deregulations, subsidies, nontransparent funds in tax havens offshore, etc. It’s high time Americans get their country back if they ever had it in the first place as they taught us in school. They’d privatize the air if they could and charge vast sums to just be able to breathe. Ol’ Mitch buddy needs to retire, I believe he’s going senile.



There are many senile old white men in our government who need to be retired Olhippy.

McConnell forgot long ago what it’s like to be human.

A corporate puppet has no feelings or emotions. Merely, strings which his puppeteers pull non and then to make him do their bidding.

Sure, he needs to be retired.

And decommissioned to a place far, far away, where puppets become food for worms.

Back to the Earth.



He needs the John Boehner treatment. Press him til he says uncle.



HR1 goes against everything McConnell stands for.

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As soon as I stop laughing hysterically regarding the idea that Mitch would do something ethical that benefits everyone in the Country, I will present a list of why this immoral scoundrel would never do anything for WE THE PEOPLE instead of his Corporate Masters.



Hopefully, Mitch meets his maker sooner than later.

The Devil is in his details.



“Democracy reform is coming to the United States, whether McConnell and his corporate allies like it or not.”
Don’t count your chickens, Mr. Weissman. Democracy is BROKEN in Washington and it will still be broken when/if a vote on something similar to HR1 comes up in the Senate. Senate Republicans, and many Senate Democrats, including those who should be representing the people of my state of Michigan, fear the wrath of big donors a lot more than they fear those to whom they should be responsible.



If we depend on taxing the rich to fund the GND, it is bound to fail. The rich make the tax laws. They own the place.

If its not direct, its not democracy:



Hi Gandolf: LOL, well John Boehner got the “treatment,” and now I hear he’s a BIG investor in the marijuana business. Or did you mean “press him,” ( McConnell) like in that Arthur Miller play where heavy stones were laid on top of people until they"confessed to their supposed devil worship" : )