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Will Merkel Stand up to Trump on Climate?


Will Merkel Stand up to Trump on Climate?

Andy Rowell

The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has her first face to face meeting with President Trump tomorrow when she visits Washington.

It has been described as a “make or break” meeting between two of the world’s most powerful people.

The agenda is set to include discussions on the global economy, Islamic State, Russia, China, Nato and potentially climate change.


There is only one thing sure to happen on Tuesday. Angela Merkel is going to get her fill of 'Crazy.'


I expect Merkel will give her view on climate change but I do not expect Trump to give an inch. He is leading a populist movement that really believes there is an elite class of people, including climate scientists, who are lying to everyone and are only concerned about their own interests, in this case, getting more funding for research by manipulating data to make it appear that climate change is occurring and is a threat. Trump is just following the crowd. His one original contribution was to attribute the hoax to China. I guess attributing it to Mexico would not be believed even by the hoards of conspiracy theorists who form his political base.


Hopefully Merkel remembers the lesson the world learned when British PM Neville Chamberlain appeased Hitler.

There is zero tolerance for Merkel and any other world leader appeasing Trump !


Governor Brown has already told Trump to stay away from California science and the national labs.

Governor Brown rather likes being called Governor Moonbeam. California will have its own Earth sciences space program if Nasa's Earth science study is defunded.

Oregon and Washington are probably as interested in these talks as British Columbia, Baja California and California Sur.


Sounds similar to MA operating education on its own - well we'll see.