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Will New Chemical Law Hide the Fracking Industry’s Toxic Secrets?



Hillary 2016: she's Fracktastic!


So called proprietary protections allow Fracking Companies to hide the full scope (and nature) of toxic chemicals routinely used.

Similar laws protect Monsanto and gen-tech friends from revealing what's in too many of the foods we eat.

Secrecy hides what the Deep State is up to under the guise of "National Security." And this same excuse is used to hide evidence needed to make cases that would clear society's bravest whistle-blowers.

In lieu of secrecy, disinformation campaigns are launched. That's how so little was done to offset global warming. In the place of sane, meaningful action, scientists were forced to debate paid pundits while the mass media presented Truth and lies as two viable "sides" of an argument.

More secrecy is used to push horrific bills like TPP and TIPP... and how many bills that DO pass are written by members of ALEC, The Chambers of Commerce, The Koch Brothers and the like?

For all the talk about Democracy, increasingly, corporate predators' rights are protected with public health, safety, and true national security forfeited.

It's very profitable for corporations to invert the law. What's the going price for a "lawmaker" these days?


This is evil.

We have every right to know every chemical used by anyone. We live in an ecology. The First Law of Ecology is "Everything is connected to everything else." No "investors' right" or "trade secret" or "proprietary formula" can actually "justify" such wanton, murderous, omnicidal secrecy.

We need to disempower capital; dismantle the corporate economy; end consumerism; and organize the economy on ecological principles.

In the short term: Buy only what you actually need; and be rigorous about the meaning of "need."


This example of "hiding toxic secrets" is just a small sample of the toxics that will be protected by secrecy when Obama's TPP, TTIP and TISA are pushed through later this year.


Pop Quiz, people:

Which current US presidential candidate was a global cheerleader and salesperson for the fracking industry while serving as a high government official?
Hillary Clinton, while serving as Secretary of State! Clinton sold toxic/carcinogenic chemical water/air pollution to the world!
That fact also brings the person she worked-for into focus as complicit (at least) to her pro-fracking corporate activities - that person is of course Barack Obama, the TPP champion, "change we can believe-in" "progressive" - "Great Corporate Hope", AKA "Corporatist In Chief"!

IF government wasn't so utterly corrupt/corrupted, they both would have actually worked for "The People"- rather than themselves and corporate client criminals!

Want more of the same? Support more of the same! Vote the "lesser of two evils" - Drink the poisoned Clinton Kool-Aid.........want real change?

Vote/support/demand Bernie Sanders, and his running mate!


Sing along - "You don't miss your water 'till your well runs dry" - or is poisoned!
THEN go out and support the Fracking Queen, Hillary Clinton all you sheep..........(not CD readers of course)

We can all thank ex-VP "Dick" Cheney (also ex-Halliburton CEO) for the "Halliburton Loophole" that exempted fracking chemicals from the Safe Drinking Water Act! (seems like a different age when Congress would discuss such things, don't it?)

Fracking for gas is a threat to the health of millions, our priceless water and air and soils with toxic carcinogenic chemicals. Most of the gas is for export and fracking infrastructure - pipelines, rail shipments, loading facilities in marine environments, pumping stations - ALL threaten more millions not actually in fracking zones.
Toxic/carcinogenic chemicals used include "The BTEX compounds – benzene, toluene, xylene, and ethylbenzene – are SDWA contaminants and hazardous air pollutants. Benzene also is a known human carcinogen. The hydraulic fracturing companies injected 11.4 million gallons of products containing at least one BTEX chemical over the five-year period."

Diesel fuel is also used in fracking "cocktails" by the millions of gallons.



The slow creep of exploitation: how to respond to somebody trying to kill us? Pretty soon those who dare to complain will be contained...it required imagination 16 years ago to think what has now become obvious and commonplace. This needs to be remembered when we meet the politicians that man the institutions that caused this backslide. Are they barely human? I'm afraid so.