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Will North Carolina's Supreme Court Allow Racism to Remain a Persistent Factor in its Death Penalty?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/25/will-north-carolinas-supreme-court-allow-racism-remain-persistent-factor-its-death

Wow, just WOW. Any judge that would allow the incidents to occur in their courtroom, as described in the 6 complaints in the article, does not deserve the title. These descriptions take the term “Kangaroo Court” to a new level.

Note to Jeffery Robinson: By sticking the Rusty Bucklew links in the middle of the article, you made it seem like this was part of the NC story, not till I clicked on the link, did I discover this was an entirely different issue. I believe you would better serve you’re readers and the point you’re trying to make by separating the issues in a clear way in the future, and thanks for everything you do to help these condemned souls.

Racism: Ever see an episode of the “Dog Whisperer?”
Where two dogs are leased to one another basically to calm the spirit.
I guess you people of all colors know where I’m going with this. And it kind of also says, “Walk a mile in my shoes before making judgements.”

Executions are just a form of legal lynching. It’s all nice and official but in the end railroading and the massive use of state resources against a sole defendant. It is an indefensible practice in much of the industrialized world - except not the good old USA. We have a history.