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Will Obama Destroy America Before It’s Too Late?


Will Obama Destroy America Before It’s Too Late?

Mark Morford

America! Something is amiss. We are in the final throes of a desperate situation, and the numbers just aren’t adding up. What can be done?

The facts are almost too dreadful to discuss: No matter how you slice it, spin it, or openly lie about it like Ted Cruz on a ketamine bender, it’s become officially impossible to find any true and tangible evidence that President Obama – AKA Kenyan Comrade Nazi Socialist Obama – has utterly destroyed America, as promised.


Mr. Morford takes the advance of Gay Marriage and uses it as a yardstick from which to congratulate all of Obama's purported achievements.

Unemployment is not 4 or 5%. It's a FACT that if an individual can't find a job during the course of a year and loses his or her unemployment benefits, said person no longer shows up on the roster.

Many people ARE complaining about increments to their FORCED (as in extortion) insurance premiums and/or drug prices. And the whole thing is a ridiculous scam that has far more to do with a payoff to Big Insurance than in providing genuine health CARE.

Republican candidates may be Neanderthals, but that doesn't mean that Obama's policies work. It's a non sequitur to equate one set of factors with the other.

The wars are still ongoing.

The Military is still cannibalizing more than half the nation's discretionary income.

Guess you forgot about the Methane plume just outside of L.A. or that Flint's drinking water is toxic... or that the EPA has largely been handcuffed and unable to do its regulatory job.

The stock market was at its lowest point since the 2008 crash... and while creeping up a little, it's mostly the work of smoke and mirrors (and prior printing of money).

Guess it doesn't bother you, Mark, that Obama gave the Bush Junta a pardon. That he's gone after everyone from Drake to Kirakou to Snowden to Assange and the U.S. press is anything BUT free. And how about "fast-tracking" the fatal blow to Democracy: TIPP and TPP?

What selective reporting you do, Mr. Moford! This Ode to a parting President is pathetic.


Perhaps Morford's recent book DEVIANT JOURNALISM explains this revisionist history article ?

Anybody discussing Obama's second term without highlighting TPP, TTIP and TISA has less than zero cred.


This must be satire out of the Onion?


I think a more accurate summation one could give of the Obama Presidency might look more like this:

If you did not have your life immediately ruined or taken away from you by this creepy CIA assassin and imperial spokesmodel over the past 8 years, it was likely because you didn't try hard enough to bring any justice to this world. Ask Chelsea Manning. Ask Edward Snowden. Ask Julian Assange. Ask a Palestinian child about all the good things Obama has done. And just wait, because his policies will get to you too, eventually.

The TPP, outrageous surveillance laws, section 1021 of the NDAA, the institutionalization of the War on Terra, bailouts for the health insurance industry and a free money spigot for Wall Street, the death of investigative journalism, these and much more are among Obama's enduring gifts to you. Always smiling and feeding you happy horse-shit before selling you out once the cameras turned away.

This man will be responsible for wrecking lives across the globe for decades after the Great Betrayal that was his administration has receded into a sordid memory of Terror Tuesdays®, "no public option, drone-bombed weddings, billions of dollars and armaments galore for insane fascist pariah state Israel, the crushing of the Occupy movement, amnesty for torturers and crooked banksters, sober climate change rhetoric coupled with expanded fossil fuel drilling every place imaginable. And throughout it all: the constant, soaring, outrageously hypocritical rhetoric, strictly for the suckers.

His final gift to you is intended to be Hillary Clinton, just the perfect wholly-owned, principle-free, neoliberal pantsuit to carry on and expand his ruinous legacy of serving elite interests at the expense of humanity while total biotic collapse approaches.

Are you better off than you were eight years ago? Take a good look at the dead Pacific ocean before you answer.

President Obama: A Generation-Betraying Con Man.


His wit has served other causes far more eloquently. This paean to Obama is just insane.


as long as us people remain insular, isolated here on our little island of forgetting Obama can look like the celebrity so many people want him to be. But- try to imagine being an Afghan after 30 years of war hear a guy running for president tell the world he will punish that poor wretched land even more than his predecessor. Continue bing a Sunni in Iraq , anybody in Libya, any time since obama started the bombing, any normal person in Ukraine, anybody in Yemen or Somalia.....
Now return to the usa and take a look at the criminal injustice system, think about what has happened to our schools, child welfare agencies- anything that's about people's lives and see how much the military posturing and the budget hat supports it have improved our lives. And how much we need Black Lives Matter, and why


I just hope articles like these are not a prelude of more to come in the same vein as the elections ramp up.


HMmmm- No mention of the TPP Trade Deals- The REAL skeleton in the closet-
Meanwhile, this Nation is being surveilled with the best technology OUR money can afford, goaded into thinking there is an Isis terrorist behind every bush, bled dry of A middle class, no real education going on, poisoned with Monsanto laboratory concoctions, foreclosed on and absolutely bled dry, and Military/Security State spending is through the roof-
In short we are being conditioned for A Police State and our "worthless piece of paper" Constitution has all but become totally worthless- Empire MUST and will do all of this to turn us into another Banana Republic so that Empire can have it's way with the entire World-


Exactly what first entered my mind-


Morford sez: "Wait, isn’t that good news? Obama’s policies have only made the
rich richer, the military machine more bloated, the stock market
explode, oil companies mostly quite happy? I’m getting confused."

Don't sweat it. Trickle-down economics confused even Milton Friedman.


Just to show how bogus those job creation stats are.

In Canada the official unemployment rate is 7.2 percent

In Canada the total number of people employed all age levels is a little over 18000000 out of a total population of 35000000 or just over half the population some 51 percent.

The USA has a total population of 323000000 and the total number working is 121000000 or some 37 percent total population.

Now obviously there children and peoples retired that do not work but this does demonstrate that even as Canada has a higher unemployment rate there is a greater number of jobs and people working overall.

The total dependency ratio (children plus elderly) in the USA is 51 percent ( there more children as a percent than in Canada) as to 47 percent in Canada(where there more elderly as a percentage)


And was it my imagination or was the Monsanto Protection Act signed this week?


After Republican Gerald Ford lost the 1976 election and Democrat Jimmy Carter lost the 1980 election, both due in part to being blamed for a high rate of inflation and high unemployment, both parties decided that they never wanted to be blamed for high inflation or unemployment again.

To solve the problem, formulas for calculating inflation, unemployment, the consumer price index, etc. were revised to understate those stats. In addition to making politicians look good, this travesty also put downward pressure on wages, earned benefits, interest rates, etc. that lead to the housing bubble of a decade ago.

The US Gubmit keeps cooking the books and we are caught in a never ending shell game.


Congress is distracting us with the Scalia replacement crisis so we won't notice when they sign the Dark Act next week.


Thanks for that. I was not aware that was done but it helps illustrate how bogus the claims made by Mr Morford are.