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Will Obama Give Israel Even More American Weapons and Dollars to Kill Palestinians?


Will Obama Give Israel Even More American Weapons and Dollars to Kill Palestinians?

Ann Wright

President Obama met with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu on November 9 in the White House and is considering the Israeli request to give a 50% increase of nearly $1.5 billion in U.S. military funding bringing the U.S. donation to the killing of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza to $4.5 billion a year.

As it stands now, more that half of the U.S. foreign military spending for 2016 goes to Israel. As in all things, Israel gets special treatment by the U.S. allowing Israel to spend 25% of its gift from the U.S. to pay itself for buying weapons from its own weapons industry.


"Will Obama Give Israel Even More American Weapons and Dollars to Kill Palestinians?'

The question posed in the headline is extraneous. In any case, the short answer is "YES."


Col. Wright is a valiant American in both courage and conscience. Are you from a country where conformity is mandatory? Where freedom of speech and the press is controlled?

What would be the response of Israelis to being treated like Pa;estinians are? To be confined by military arms, to not be able to travel, to have homes confiscated or be bulldozed to make room for settlers from the occupying power? To be brutalized by collective punishment where children are killed by missiles and cannon fire, where hospitals and journalists are targeted, to have even peaceful protesters shot with live ammo... where are Israelis treated this way?

To ignore the treatment of Palestinians by Israelis is in fact racist in the extreme. It is as racist as was apartheid against black So. Africans which is similar to the racism of Israelis towards blacks (including black jews) and others. Somehow Israelis act as if they are allowed to be the most racist of countries while calling anyone who disagrees with that policy a racist. To criticize Israel is verboten we are told.

Your hatred of Americans is palpable and all too obvious. You ask for and receive our aid but hate us just the same. You show no empathy for others much less even simple gratitude for the aid you have received.

You use us and now it is you who seems scared because the world has been sickened by the excessive harshness and prolonged cruelty of the collective punishment of the Palestinians and the curtain is being pulled back on the deceit.

A lack of empathy defines what? Israel has created a lack of empathy for other human beings in their culture. Like an abused child, their culture now abuses in turn.

Since when can ANY government escape criticism for its policies? Israel seeks to make all criticism of Israeli policy seem like some sort of crime.

Israel can be criticized ... I thought you should know!


Your questions and rhetoric are mostly absurd and utter rubbish. Much of your past commentary is also belligerent and ugly. Wherever you get your information, history and current events, I suggest you change sources, especially your warped views on Israel. Your Ph.D has done you little good in the way of humility or communication.

Imperialist torturer? Ann Wright whatever else she might be demonstrated her integrity to publicly resign from the US military to protest the 2003 Invasion of Iraq and become a prominant peace activist. She was also highly critical of the supposed "facts" concerning the 911 attacks and "cover-up" commission. Wright was also a Gaza flotilla member to support Palestinian rights against war criminal Zionist Israel when the Israelis attacked and killed/murdered many flotilla members. Your comment about her is BS!

American "progressives" are "racists" to "demonize" israel? You are all over the place, mostly out of left-field - don't confuse Israel, Zionism and being Jewish, that's right out of the terrorist Zionist Hasbara Handbook maybe your friends push. Criticizing Israeli policies and war crimes is NOT racist or anti-Jewish. Israel is the racist occupier, warmonger, mass killer, and thief of Palestine - fighting against occupation and aggression is every people's right!

About the only things you get right is how "Arabs and Muslims in general" are treated, as by Saudi Arabia, the US proxy in Yemen - "Arabs" killing other Arabs with US arms and support. The other is US foreigh aid that mostly goes by large margin to Israel supporting their atrocities and other crimes against Palestinians!


Yes, we will continue to complicit in war crimes against the Palestine people. Our military industrial complex profits on war and terrorism. What better way that to fan the flames on injustice which keeps the Middle East a hot zone and breeding ground for terrorism. Sell weapons to all sides - fan the flames - sacrifice patriotic young American lives for those who desire profit above all else. Israel - a right to exist, certainly. A position as an ally, yes they hold that position - but a right to escape accountability and moral responsibility NO!. It's time that we actually become a friend to Israel - a friend speaks the truth, and helps their friend change direction when they are on a bad path.


History instructs that Israel is an apartheid and illegitimate "state", birthed and supported by a grand illusion.


Deleted- posted meant to stand on it's own, not addressed to only one poster-


From: "Green Shadow Cabinet"- What A pity that Americans are so enamored with the totally useless 2 Party system! I know, I know, Bernie, in the real World is the only realistic choice, but you have to ask yourselves WHY?

Ann Wright

Secretary of State

Branch: Foreign Affairs

Current Location: Bentonville, Arkansas


Ann Wright grew up in Bentonville, Arkansas, and attended the University of Arkansas, where she received a master’s and a law degree. She also has a master’s degree in national security affairs from the U.S. Naval War College. After college, she spent thirteen years in the U.S. Army and sixteen additional years in the Army Reserves, retiring as a Colonel. She is airborne-qualified. In 1987, Col.Wright joined the Foreign Service and served as U.S. Deputy Ambassador in Sierra Leone, Micronesia, Afghanistan, and Mongolia. She received the State Department’s Award for Heroism for her actions during the evacuation of 2,500 people from the civil war in Sierra Leone, the largest evacuation since Saigon. She was on the first State Department team to go to Afghanistan and helped reopen the Embassy there in December 2001. Her other overseas assignments include Somalia, Kyrgyzstan, Grenada, Micronesia, and Nicaragua. On March 19, 2003, the eve of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Ann Wright cabled a letter of resignation to Secretary of State Colin Powell, stating that without the authorization of the UN Security Council, the invasion and occupation of a Muslim, Arab, oil-rich country would be a a violation of international law. Since then, she has been writing and speaking out for peace. She fasted for a month, picketed at the US prison at Guantánamo, Cuba, served as a juror in Bush impeachment hearings, traveled to Iran as a citizen diplomat, and has been arrested numerous times for peaceful, nonviolent protest of Bush’s policies, particularly the war on Iraq. She has been on delegations to Iran and was in Gaza three times in 2009, following the Israeli attack on Gaza that killed 1,440 and wounded 5,000. She was an organizer for the Gaza Freedom March that brought 1,350 persons from 44 countries to Cairo, Egypt, in solidarity with the people of Gaza. She was on the May, 2010 Gaza flotilla that was attacked by the Israeli military and was an organizer for the US Boat to Gaza, The Audacity of Hope, in the 2011 Gaza flotilla. She lives in Honolulu.

Now, wouldn't this Woman make one fine Secretary of State?


Just who are the patriotic young Americans? Soldiers who murder 'others' because the village idiot shrub declares war on muslim countries ? Based on lies ? Volunteers who murder for the Empire are not protecting anyone in America, just mercenaries for the corporate plunderers.


Wow, you're nuts.

You're one of those hasbrast settlers in the Occupied Territories, aren't you?

The projection is very strong with you.


Liked you post, but do take exception to your description of Sanders "in the real World (as) the only realistic choice,"

He ain't - in fact, if we want to be "realistic", considering his unwavering support for Israel's "right to defend itself", Sanders, as well as Clinton and the whole D/R crowd, are decidedly bad choices if we want to end Israeli genocide ...

With Stein, you would have a crack at not only a decent Pres. but a decent Cabinet (smile)


Will O increase aid to Israel? Of course, but the more salient question is will Sanders, Clinton or any R do the same - of course, and maybe Sanders will throw in a few of those F-35s he likes so much (smile) ...

Only candidate i know of who bases her FP on compliance with internat'l law is Stein - but hey, she's not a Dem, so the heck with her, eh? Yup, party over principle, every time - he story of the duopoly and its supporters ..


Enough said-


So why?


So why what?
Realistic as in electable- Money and Media is the reality- That is A SHAME but that is A reality.....If you have A main stream Television Station and A billion dollars in your back pocket than fine- But without that, in this sad and sickening situation, the Party that could bring salvation doesn't stand A chance-


Then why bother? or don't you think she (Stein) should ...


Well, I haven't seen much exposure or reaching out, if you will, of the Green Party-
Do they have any financiers, sponsors, money raising plans for getting the word out?
What are they doing????
I see you and Alligator speaking up and fighting for the Greens but I don't hear anything from them- I will say that I am A bit disappointed in Common Dreams for not putting any articles out there- I read A good one on Counterpunch last night-kind of an obituary sort of thing, but other than that I see no action- I am all for them but at this point I see nothing coming from them-
Professor Wolf must be talking them up as he would be A cabinet member-
Do they have some sort of plan to jump out there when the game goes into high gear- Is Democracy Now, Amy Goodman, going to hold another ring side debate as in the last election????
And yes, I like the Cabinet very well- Few people have even heard of Cheri Honkala, but she is one hell of A Lady and A fighter from the get go- A damn good organizer that knows how to get people stirred up and in the game....

She Never Had a Chance: a Premortem Eulogy for Jill Stein
by John R. Hall


I hope Obama and the congress would do. It might be able to stop attacks like yesterday in Paris.

Killing a terrorist to stop violence is a justified act , pretending these weapons are aimed at the peaceful group of people by using "killing Palestinians" is a whitewash and a propaganda gimmick.


I saw that article and liked it very much for what it said about what we would get with Stein in the WH, but I also figure it would/will be used to say "See, impossible!" The tone set about her prospects, to me, simply engendered a self-fulfilling prophecy, just another "can't win" piece, and, frankly, I don't think we need any more of those - when one decides something "can't be done", one doesn't even try, and without enough folks trying, of course it won't be ....

As far as getting the word out - that, indeed, is frustrating - the MSM ain't gonna do it, and so-called "prog" media, for the most part, like this site, is just Dem-lite. RT has had her on a few times (I think it is a damn good source of alt news) It remains to be seen whether Goodman will step up to the plate. I don't know whether the suits Stein and others have mounted against the CPD and the FEC will get anywhere re election debates and we all know that Sanders, for all his talk of "political revolution", ain't gonna go to bat for including her in those debates. Free and Equal organized a debate the last time, but when the D/Rs refuse to participate, and it is not televised on MSM, the audience is smaller. The GP seems to be relying on "social media" for spreading the word - but i don't do that stuff, so i don't know it's spread. I, personally, think a lot could be done with good old fashioned flyers and shoeleather, with distribution organized, say, by zip code, by decentralized groups, on a regular basis - but i can't do that by myself, and i can't seem to get anyone in the GP interested in promoting the idea, too "antiquated", i guess, but i think it is interesting to see how often the D/R establishment still uses old fashioned printed matter in a mail box - they must think it still quite useful ....