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Will October Surprise Be Trump-Provoked War With Iran?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/11/will-october-surprise-be-trump-provoked-war-iran

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I actually think it will be closer to home. Unfortunately. A war with Iran may not produce results. May not totally backfire, because people are who they are, but may hurt. I am more worried about an event in the cities or such so all blame can (unrealistically) be the dems fault. If enough people want to believe it will happen. Look at all the people who currently do believe it now. Thank god for the Chicago mess… Yeah blame everything on the big bad urban areas.
? what kind of incident would work inside the states?

9/11 the Sequel!

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Iran said they wiII not respond in a Trumpish way. IronicaIIy, as the US is punishing Iran for not retaliating ------and they have never attacked the US---- although ironically IsraeI has attacked the United States—but nothing happens to them,
( USS Liberty and the fIotiIIas and Rachel Corrie’s murder )
Even though Iran has been discriminated against with aII kinds of Pompeo sanctions—Iran— even with its own problems with the aII the US sanctions---- Iran is stiII heIping its neighbors in Beruit.

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Rachel was simply in a blind spot and the machine operator did not seeher.
In Cleveland, Ohio around 1967, A Lutheran minister was killed when a construction
bulldozer ran over him. They were protesting to have more African Americans employed
building the new college - which was and is for their benefit.

Te Rachel lawsuits in USA west coast states occurred every 6 months for years.

Iran war?

  1. John Bolton is out of power. He is a big supporter for this waste.
  2. We cannot win, the population is too large.
  3. If we attack from east, Afghan and thru Iraq from Kuwait, the supply lines
    are unimaginable.
  4. Our casualties will be yuge.

October surprise likely to be corona19 medicine or validated vaccine.
Voters will forget that we lost over 200,000 citizens because elTrumpo
lied everyday about this scurge.

For those here who believe in Biblical prophesy, Daniel 8 describes a pathological lying narcissist who during the end times initiates aerial warfare against Persia/Iran. More details can be found in a book titled “Climate Change and the Bible–What the Lord says about our current and future environmental climate crisis alongside associated events”.-

Sorry, the Israeli propaganda and lies defending or deflecting the truth of the murder of Rachel Corrie will NOT wash!

The pathological lies of the Israeli entity demonstrated for over 50 years on numerous subjects and incidents are not to be believed and much-less their propaganda posted as truth on CD!

The Israeli kangaroo courts have whitewashed the murder of Rachel as they have near countless other Palestinians and International Protesters targeted and killed by Israeli IDF racist extremists/terrorists!

“The killing of a young Palestinian paramedic, Razan al-Najjar, by an Israeli army sniper in broad daylight while she was attending to injured people, including children, on the Gaza border has been condemned all around the world.” - Israeli IDF murders and denials are the Israeli MO!

The Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, their bald-faced lies and cover-up along with the US Government since 1967 tell the tale of what the racist Israeli regime thinks about honesty and truth!

Four eyewitnesses describe the murder of Rachel Corrie

Findings of the Independent Commission of Inquiry into the Israeli Attack on USS Liberty Chaired by US Admiral Thomas H Moorer

Internationals from the International Solidarity Movement shot or murdered by Israel:along with Rachel

Tom Hurndall
Kate Edwards
Caoimhe Butterly
Brian Avery
Tristan Anderson
Bianca Zammit

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thanks for the eye witnesses.

why have we had so many consecutive lawsuits on the USA west coast blaming the bulldozer manufacturer for this incident.
every 6 months in a different court for many years.

was the operator military or civilian?
Was he experienced or a newbee who jumped on in.

visability was / is not as good as rumored.

To me the coming October, Trump, surprise will be anything that consolidates the Amerikan, Fuehrer’s political power. A war with Iran would be the distraction Trump needs, but whatever it is, it will be some way that Trump will be able declare an national, emergency.

What about the other charges against the Israeli state?

I don’t know why the lawsuits are relevant to Rachel’s murder except to establish liability…

The “visibility” was described by the eyewitnesses and Rachel was wearing a bright day-glow vest - the Israeli intent was to punish and kill as Israel has done thousands of times to men, women, and children, as well as International protesters such as Rachel!.

The company is Caterpillar that has supplied armored bulldozers to Israeli forces - The IDF - for decades used in home demolitions, uprooting Palestinian olive orchards, and many other demolition, destruction of Palestinian infrastructure and water cisterns. As to exactly why they are targeted in lawsuits, I do not know exactly except to establish complicity…

Those bulldozers - 56-ton D9 Caterpillar - are driven by IDF military personnel - including the one that crushed Rachel to death - the excuse of not seeing her is typical false info from Israel… The Israeli “court” ruled her killing “an accident” as so many other times and cases of murder!



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First, I am on the Palistinian peoples side. I certainly disagree with peoples losing their home and land, orchards to the better armed invaders.

Suffering under three generations of European Jewish oppression.

“Anyone who has been bullied, becomes a bully the first chance they get.”

Americans have AIPAC propaganda and their campaign contributions to senators and congress persons. Americans do provide money to Israel to help support their elderly in addition to way over 5 billion each year in free military gear. We can be certain lots of this loot filters back to DC pockets.

I checked and Caterpillar did not up armor the D9 for Israel or anyone else.

Thanks Oldie, I am very sensitive to the plight of people under Israeli occupation and protective.
It seems the Israelis created the armor kit for the D9

We had a case in Waco Texas where the FBI borrowed an armor tank fro army at Fort Hood.
An fbi man drove it right up to Karesh’s plywood outer wall and fired a grenade into the building.

Many children burned to death.

The untrained fbi man has been interviewed on TV, but never charged with murder or manslaughter. He said something about not expecting the fire. darnit, grenades and the idiot does not know what to expect?
The officer and / or pentagon official who ok’s lending the tank to fbi are responsible too.
I would yank their pensions, at least.

Soldiers would not have murdered the kids.

What ever happened to

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Hi oldie:
I don’t believe that—non Jewish peopIe are kiIIed so often and so crueIIy in IsraeI—that I cannot see anything but evil actions from a population who yeII " remember the holocaust" when ever the truth emerges. : (


Hi odie:
The driver was an IsraeIi military person I beIieve. RacheI’s parents worked very hard to have a fair trial- in IsraeI --which did not happened. The operator was declared not guilty of anything. Even kiIIing American and people of other nations in the fotiIIas while in international waters did not cause the Israeli government any problems at aII. : (


The holocaust did occur.
And we should also try to remember 3 million Polish Catholics murdered by the German Storm Troopers under Himmler.
He wanted their farm land and resettle ethnic Germans who he gathered from all over Europe.
He got them to Germany, but could not acquire train passenger cars to move them east into what had
been Poland and Ukraine.

The ww2 loss of lives is 70 millions.
Heck, we firebombed Tokyo and killed 2 million.

Yes oldie, I know the Holocaust occurred----not only are Jews kiIIed, but so were gypsy people, and socialists, and teachers , and professors , unionists and non Jewish peopIe who got in Hiter’s way and peopIe with money who the HitIer peopIe did not Iike.
My problem is with current Jewish peopIe in IsraeI who are using using the Holocaust as if it’s happening to them now ! The holocaust was a horrible event — but many in IsraeI are acting toward the Palestinians and other ME peopIe in the same way that their Jewish relatives were treated in the WW 2 time--------
It’s the hypocrisy which is so horrific, although the U.S. pays the same game too. The holocaust was awful and it ended ago . The tragedy is that many in IsraeI are taking the part of the nazis while the Palestinians and other semitic peopIe are the oppressed, That is the insanity and the irony of IsraeI today!


The plans for a war with Iran were exposed by Gen.Wesley Clark quite some time ago, it was always just a matter of time.
America does not fight wars to “win” anything, they fight wars for the sake of the wars themselves.
Arms sales and military contracts are worth as much to Americas ruling corporations as the natural resources they can pillage.
To a rich psychopath war is the most lucrative business there is, plus its good fun.

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