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Will Ohio Legalize Pot on Tuesday?


Will Ohio Legalize Pot on Tuesday?

Bob Fitrakis, Harvey Wasserman

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders now says he’d end it, and would vote for legalization. He joins Rand Paul. Hillary says she’s thinking about it.

On Tuesday, Ohio will vote directly on whether to take pot off the state's Drug War agenda.

But the vote is not so simple. It’s actually opposed by a substantial percentage of the hard core pro-pot community here. And since Ohio is a test market, this year’s Proposition 3 seems a likely stalking horse for potential corporate-sponsored referenda to come.


Of the many negative, abusive, idiotic consequences of Cannabis and Industrial Hemp (IH) classifications as illegal "drugs", the criminalization of millions of people for using this herb while doing NOTHING else criminal is an outrage and costly burden on our society.

There are some who benefit from the criminalization of others, notably the Prison Industrial Complex, among which are police who use the law to create "perps" and pot as an entry into their lives, and the crininal "justice" system of courts, lawyers, prisons and all the other profiteers from the misery of others! Big-Pharma pushes their damn deadly junk on people and fear the knowledge that cannabis is a safe, effective, and inexpensive treatment for numerous diseases and conditions - Big-Pharma OWNS government and candidates and that power must be smashed!



IH is a plant with NO psychoactive properties but 1001 uses and benefits for humankind - re-energize our economy, create hundreds of thousands of new green jobs, limit some chemical/pesticide-dependent crops with IH! http://www.voteindustrialhemp.com/

“Too many Americans have seen their lives destroyed because they have criminal records as a result of marijuana use,” Sanders said to loud applause. “That is wrong. That has got to change.”
Right now, the federal government considers marijuana a Schedule I drug, a classification under the Controlled Substances Act reserved for substances like heroin with high potential for abuse and no accepted medical uses. “That is absurd,” Sanders said of the classification." http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/nov/01/bernie-sanders-marijuana-ban

We are ALL fortunate to have such a voice of reason and integrity as Bernie Sanders running against the status-quo of the duopoly - Democrat and RepubliCon sellouts to greed and corporate/banker/financial crime! NO other candidate has the courage or moral compass as Sanders - where he falters, we must influence him to do better!

Hopefully those who have known, or are, someone that has felt the injustice and insanity of the current drug laws and the absurdity of the classification of Cannabis/marijuana and IH as dangerous will get out and support Sanders and vote! RE-LEGALIZE IT!! END THE PROHIBITION!! SAVE THE PLANET!!

http://www.leap.cc/ Law enforcement Against Prohibition - rational policy from police and prosecutors




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Ohio's attempt to decriminalize marijuana is simply Big Business' first foray into the emerging pot market. It's very simple, Big Business is only interested in legalization IF they get to control it. That's why you have this attempt in Ohio to create a legal monopoly.
My advice to my dim neighbors to the west is, vote this plan in, and then completely ignore the corporate pot dispensaries. Practice a little civil disobedience. If your friend comes over and asks you for a dime bag, let's just say there is one on the table. Then let's just say, as you walk out of your buddy's house, forty bucks falls out of you pocket. No sale takes place (it's been a long time since I was in the know, so excuse my estimate of forty for a dime bag if that seemed a little low). At any rate, no one in Ohio should ever buy from a dispensary.
It's this, or vote it down, and try again next year when you will get a larger progressive turnout in a presidential election year. But don't hold your breath. Ohios state and local politics are hopelessly and helplessly controlled by conservative wackos (just like here in PA).


Well I listened to Harvey and Bob through the link, and Bob really got to the core facets of this bill. The one thing missing from the discussion is the fact that medical marijuana, which I have tried, is not the same as recreational pot. Very good at alleviating some types of pain, but not the first choice for a joy ride. So, there is that wrt the monopoly/growers and the dispensaries. Colorado's change of status is more in the line of normalization, yes?

Implanting genetic markers in the sanctioned pot is a giant red flag of another avenue for criminalization. The only part I do like about this Issue is the normalization of home growing and use, and I guess that's how they are sweetening the pot (ha) for folks like me. Getting detained by the cops and found to have "unauthorized" pot in your possessions and you still face the possibility of being "criminalized" by the system. I couldn't tell from the conversation whether 100g (4 oz) is now the upper limit for a misdemeanor. Embarrassed to say, as a, ah, consumer, that I don't know that.

Still haven't decided how I'm going to vote on it. I'm inclined to vote to let the door open and hope that what comes through can not be controlled in the way the investors intended. And hopefully surrounding States will enact different laws, and it we'll all eventually make our way to a common normalization. Nice pipe dream, eh?


Thanks for drawing attention to this corporate charade of "legalization/de-criminalization! My comment focus was on the actual decriminalization/legalization and I should have known better to believe anything the state, or feds, and corrupt politicians agree-on would be a scam to create profits for a few, not justice and end to prohibition! In NY the corrupt and contemptible Gov Cuomo also sold the people and justice/legalization down the corporate river!

UNLESS the people are free to possess and grow and all other aspects of free-access to cannabis (and Hemp is legalized with no further impediments) there is NO real legalization just another form of prohibition!! We will continue to be victimized and the major players that profit from the Prohibition of cannabis and Hemp will continue to profit and abuse the public!





Should Ohio take this step, overall I'd say yes. Once Ohio get's over the shock of pot out of it's system it can be further deregulated, ... it's what the business class seems to believe in, constant deregulation, shame to smack them with their own fish but there you go.


I think yu'nz over there need to concentrate more on getting rid of your Kasich, your Boehner, and the stark racist economic disparities of your Cleveland and Cincinnati.


"The Constitutional ‘Amendment would establish ten monopolies to grow pot on 300,000 square-foot grow sites. Citizens could grow up to six flowering pots at home. But the corporate stuff will be implanted with genetic markers that would make it the only spliff legal to sell."

Corporate GMO pot? Who's backing this, R.J. Reynolds and the Koch Brothers?


It's not the drugs that have destroyed several generations, but rather the war against drugs. It has created a huge and tremendously wealthy and powerful criminal class that has corrupted all the judicial and financial institutions. Just like the alcohol prohibition before it.

The sooner this war on drugs is wound up the better.


I couldn't agree more with your post-

The growing, sales and distribution of pot belongs to the people-
The very thought of Big Industry having exclusivity is so nauseating that I can barely stand the thought of it- Pot needs to be A cottage Industry and NOT something for the likes of Monsanto or any other big agriculture Capitalist venture- Fk these bastards!!!!


I just saw your comment. Over these many years I have tried to give you the benefit of the doubt for your many elitist, off-the-wall, out of context comments. You seem to be a classic misanthrope. The article is about legalization of pot not the very many other political disasters that infect not only Ohio, but Pennsylvania and especially Pittsburgh (a broken political machine if there ever was one.) I have worked in Pittsburgh and western Pa. for 20+ years and there isn't a place I've been that is more virulently racist than Pittsburgh and western Pa. Why don't you just limp off into the sunset and mumble to yourself about all those who are not equal to your superior existence. Get a clue genius. When I consider attitudes and personalities like yours I am very hesitant to identify myself as a "progressive" if yours is the kind of company I am keeping.


I wonder what ole Popcorn Sutton would say about this BS- I'm sure he would have A strong opinion after what the FEDS put him through for trying to make an honest living....

⦁ Legendary Moonshiner: Popcorn Sutton (the day before he died) by Andy Armstrong


Excellent article. Thank you Bob and Harvey for putting into words what the racist, fascist WOD has done to our country.