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Will Political Chaos in North Carolina Lead to a ‘Third Reconstruction’?


Will Political Chaos in North Carolina Lead to a ‘Third Reconstruction’?

Amy Goodman

Editor’s note: After this column was written, North Carolina lawmakers voted against repealing the transgender “bathroom bill,” which requires people to use public restrooms that match the sex on their birth certificates.


I think American Airlines should pull its hub out of Charlotet and North Carolina. Prospective college students should avoid Appalachian State, Elon, High Point, Meredith, Pfeiffer, Salem, Mt. Olive, Wake Forest and certainly Chapel Hill's U of NC and Western Carolina. My friends and relatives who live in North Carolina should move. Even Alabama and Mississippi are less objectionable.


Now we see how truly power-drunk monsters behave when they feel threatened. They don't even care that their corruption is blatantly obvious to the world--they're going to have their way regardless. I feel for the people of NC.


A third Reconstruction? under a Trump administration? Dream on. A total and complete boycott of North Carolina is what should happen. One would think that they would get a clue after what their idiotic bathroom bill has cost them already, but they are hard-headed and stupid.


The greater tragedies are Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin that have fallen further than North Carolina. Being part of the South for centuries, North Carolina never had nearly as far to fall. its time to mitigate Lincoln's mistake and let the South secede.


So fucking sick in the head.


Just the opposite, move a bunch of progressives into the state and take it over. The reason Trump won the electoral college is because the system favors the small states.


Don't forget progressives like Terry Sanford.