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Will Sanders Get to Lead Revolution He Seeks?


Will Sanders Get to Lead Revolution He Seeks?

Rekha Basu

As poll after poll shows him inching toward Hillary Clinton among Democratic voters — and overtaking her in New Hampshire — Bernie Sanders admits he’s stunned. Nine months ago, the senator from Vermont insisted he’d get in the presidential race only if he determined the country was ready for a grass roots revolution. But the massive, enthusiastic turnouts at his campaign rallies these days have exceeded even his expectations and forced him to hire more staff.


Not if he does what he has said he will do - stay with the Democratic Party.

If he is defeated by Hillary and then supports her candidacy, that is not revolutionary.

If he wins and is the Democratic candidate, he will be controlled by the Democratic Party and will be no more progressive than Obama is or Hillary would be. That is not revolutionary.

If he really wishes to lead the revolution he seeks, and abandons the Democrats and hooks up with the Greens, even if he is not their presidential candidate, that is revolutionary and might change the US political landscape.

Though he has said he will support Hillary even if he loses to her, couldn't he change his mind?

Bernie Sanders as the Democrat candidate would be the lesser-evil and that would guarantee business as usual.


It's not just up to Sanders. It's up to all of us regardless of Sanders though he provides a good catalyst as a candidate. If we were elected, it would still be up to us.


If he really wishes to lead the revolution he seeks, and abandons the Democrats and hooks up with the Greens, even if he is not their presidential candidate, that is revolutionary and might change the US political landscape.

How would the political landscape change for the better if Sanders abandons his current position where he is giving Clinton a serious run for her money and instead casts his lot with the Greens who have absolutely no political profile?

You can't lead a revolution from a position of obscurity.


Win, lose, or draw (not possible with SrCOTUS), Bernie is speaking the truth. Ross did (like him or not). Ralph did (like him or not). My ears yearn for you Bern...


You're right, the Greens have little recognition and political muscle, but their platform is very good and much more in line with Bernie's thinking than the activities of the waring and whoring Democrats.

I think Bernie should continue to give Clinton a serious run for her money right up to the final vote in the primary.

Bernie is now in the process of taking the progressive vision out of obscurity while also gaining national prominence as a Democrat. He is using the Democrats to very successfully increase his name recognition.

This recognition could later be used to convert the Green Party into a viable, sustainable political movement - probably not effective in the the coming election, but in the future.

The base for a revolution is now being set if Bernie will, sometime in the future, align with the Greens.

There is no chance of Bernie starting a revolution if he remains with the Democrats.


So, all of his avid supporters would cease supporting him if he stopped running as a Dem?


So does Stein ...


Unless somehow progressives and their sympathizes organize to elect Senators and Congresspersons who truly believe in the stuff Senator Bernie is speaking about, even if elected he would only have what can be done by executive order and the "bully pulpit" to arouse public opinion to work with.

He's a likable liberal fuddy duddy and it be interesting to see how he would go about trying to reform the establishment, whether he would have the courage to go against the Military-Spook-Spy complex and reverse the current trend of war readiness posturing, what the public would expect of him -- President BO still had a lot of believers that he's done a ton of good things. The discrepancy between what he said as a candidate both times and what he has done while in office is evidently invisible to them.

So I give a cheer and a half to the Sanders supporters. His being in the race makes it mire interesting than it was before he was in. A Sanders-Trump series of debates would be quite something to experience, certainly more interesting than a Clinton-Bush electoral campaign.


Oh, baloney ....


I agree with most of what you say - but i disagree that the "Prog revolution" has been mired in obscurity -

"With his stances, Sanders is tapping into a frustration many Americans are feeling but don’t know how to address, and he’s connecting the dots."

Stein does the same and much better, methinks, so what is the difference - media attention ...

The DP knows the frustration is out there and growing - and needs to "tap into it" so it can be channeled back into the DP, where prog ideas go to die .... and corp, and "prog", media is facilitating that maneuver ....


" ...some independent or progressive media outlets function as campaigners for the Democratic Party."


"Will Sanders Get to Lead Revolution He Seeks?"

I hope not. His job as an elected president would be to follow the popular revolution he starts.


Yes, and I wish there were a real press where ideas were presented.


We've tried that over and over again, third party, Greens!! It fails over and over again and doesn't even get 5% of the vote. Rader had 10,000 in Portland in 2000.

We need to take over the power in the party of the democrats. Bernie is not part of that like Obama was with stars in his eyes and wanting to win over republicans to at least work with him in an intelligent way.

This just keeps being history repeating itself. Republicans rebel and obstruct since the 90's with Clinton for 8 years and Obama now for over six years. Trillions of dollars have been floating around and it all goes to individuals 1% and our infrastructure suffers and the middle class is vanishing. When repubs are in power we have wars and more wars and the middle east blows up and there is crisis after crisis and now it is very much a humanitarian problem of epic proportions. Their god, Reagan would not even fit in this screwball party today and he started all this damage of course, with the help of Bill Clinton going along with the insanity of turning everything over to the wealthy by deregulating media, banks, commerce, and doing away with regulations that kept the capitalists more honest.


You better do a little bit more reading about the Christian leadership in this country. They talk a good game about values and morality but they do not walk the walk. Many are caught in very low moral situations and in sexual encounters not becoming to their beliefs and rhetoric.


Thanks for the info, I didn't watch it.


"breathless sexual immorality" thanks for posting this odd comment. I think you've very honestly laid out the sentiment that best sums up the belief system of a large portion of the GOP's base. It's outrage over SEX. The SEX police as personified this month by the serial adult-er MS. Davis standing in the way of gays getting married.


All the usual red herrings, strawmen, and illogicalities have already been tossed, the best antidote is the brilliant article by william Kaufman, posted yesterday by smallisbeautiful, it merits another posting


Stein does the same and much better, methinks, so what is the difference - media attention ...

When Stein draws a crowd the size of Bernie's, she will get media attention.


The past is not always a guarantee of the future. You don't WANT him to win and that makes me suspect about your true motives. You know DAMNED well that no one Left of Sanders will be given a pulpit and PLENTY that he does stand for is important and legitimate.