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Will Teacher Uprisings Change Democrats?


Will Teacher Uprisings Change Democrats?

Jeff Bryant
Anyone wondering whether teacher uprisings this spring will influence party politics and elections in November should look at what’s happened in this year’s primaries so far.

Most prominent among primary contests involving education issues was an improbable win in Kentucky, where a first-time candidate, math teacher R. Travis Brenda, knocked off the state’s House Republican Majority Leader Jonathan Shell.


No F’ing Way.


To understand where the Democratic Party hierarchy actually stand we only need to look back to the proposals from Obama’s pro charter school Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

Make no mistake about it, the problem wasn’t so much public education the Democratic Party was against, it was the unions.

Vichy Democrats led by an actual Trojan Horse.


Like the old bumper sticker suggested, the people are leading, so the “leaders” are scrambling to follow.