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Will the 47 Diplomacy Saboteurs Have Democratic Enablers?


Will the 47 Diplomacy Saboteurs Have Democratic Enablers?

Robert Naiman

Democrats have been outraged by 47 Senate Republicans ostentatiously trying to blow up negotiations with Iran with their "open letter" to Iranian leaders - essentially begging Iranian hardliners to blow up the talks on the Republicans' behalf.


The elite and war mongering powers that inhabit the Senate want us to go to war so let’s consider what war would accomplish. Could the US stop Iran from getting a bomb by going to war? Could we take out their hardened enrichment sites which are numerous , well dispersed and well protected. The only way to do it would be to use nuclear weapons against these sites. In fact the only way to do it would be to drop numerous nukes, one after the other each digging the crater it creates a little deeper till we hit the site buried thousands of feet below the surface. To take out 10 well hardened sites might take hundreds of nukes. What would be the effect of dropping hundreds of nukes in Iran in this experiment in excavation? We would kill hundreds of thousands of Iranians from the nuclear fallout. The sites remaining would then go full out toward producing a nuclear weapon arguing that it would be needed as deterrent to US agression. So if you want to be sure that a wounded and angry Iran will have and very possibly use a nuclear weapon in retaliation against us go ahead and nuke them first. But this is what our arrogant war mongering elites want to do. The alternative is to recognize that even with the most destructive power to terrorize and kill in all the world, even with all the treasure that has been lavished on our war machine there are limits on what it can accomplish if we use it to try and impose our will on another nation. Even the last ten years of war with the million dead in Iraq and the thousands of our own solders sacrificed and the trillions of dollars wasted in these efforts, our vain and arrogant war mongering politicians are unwilling to recognize that just because we have the biggest stick we can’t always get our way. When will we the public see that these elites, who only glory in military power willl lead this country to ruin. If we can’t see it, and throw these evil Senators out of office we will then will richly deserve all the retribution that the rest of the world will inflict upon us as a consequence of our barbarous acts.


Thanks for the list Robert, I’ll use it to the best of my ability. I’d urge others to write original pleas to this group, as I believe it is more effective than form letters from umbrella groups. May be that no amount of pleading or argument will sway this bunch, but it is worth a try. Success here at squashing this power grab by the war pack would be significant. If you hadn’t noticed, during W’s tenure each outrageous ploy that was successful only emboldened them to go even further. If this isn’t rejected en-masse now, what comes later will be much worse.


After we nuke Iran and all the world sees the spectacle of the senseless death and destruction we have imposed I predict we will be the pariah nation that no other nation will want to see as an ally.


“Senate historians could find no precedent for the party opposed to the President in Congress trying to blow up an international negotiation involving the United States in this way.”

WHAT?! there have been precedents: Nixon’s treasonous behavior during Vietnam War and Ronald Reagan’s Iran Contra:

"In 1968, Nixon made secret contact with the South Vietnamese government while running for president against Hubert Humphrey. He had his campaign manager make a deal with the Vietnamese, trading the promise of favorable negotiations once elected if the Vietnamese would stall peace negotiations until after the election in order to deny the Democrats a war victory before an election (which would have virtually guaranteed them victory). Just to make things worse, once in office, Nixon reneged on his traitorous deal and thousands of Americans died in the following years of war.

During the 1980 election, Ronald Reagan made secret deal with the Iranian Grand Cleric to prolong the Iranian hostage crisis until after the election—in effect, he told the Iranians to just hold the hostages a little longer and, when in power, he would give them a good deal and make some of them personally wealthy. Reagan did this to support accusations of Carter being weak on national security and to leverage the hostage crisis to his political advantage."

‘GOP Senators Try to Undermine Obama on Iran, American Credibility becomes Collateral Damage’ March 12, 2015 The Progressive Cynic


We aleady are considered pariah’s, imperialists, terrorists … but no one can act alone to take us down because of our military and nukes. though 19 men did a heck of a job changing the USA by helping make the US Constitution nul and void. as soon as a a couple of countries get together and decide to clear the area, they will have a whole continent and many slaves to rule over, i just hope i get killed by nuke or old age before this happens… and it will, history shows, all empires fall or are taken down.


Chris Coons is my Senator. This guy was compromised the minute he arrived in DC. He immediately went on Faux News with John Mccain. Traveled to Israel (never going to Gaza or the WB). This guy was a lowly county executive before winning the Senate seat. His knowledge of international relations could be put into a thimble. When Bibi was coming to DC, we began calling his office, his staff refused to say if he would go or not, or simply say “they didn’t have his schedule that was on the morning of the speech”. Of course he went, he applauded and gave his standing ovations. Too bad Delaware the corporate state has no recall…because this little schuck would be the first to go.


I have to disagree with your statement that “the Senate wants us to go to war”. If corporate America wanted war with Iran, they would have bombed them long ago. Instead I suspect that the current situation is exactly what corporate America wants which is to keep Iranian oil off the market via sanctions, reinforce the ‘boogeyman’ perception of Iran as a “nuclear threat” so as to continue our obscene defence budget and to foment discord in Iran in the hopes of installing a U.S oil company friendly government in Tehran.
After American oil executives watched in horror as Saddam ordered the burning of oil fields in Iraq, corporate America is skittish about repeating such a spectacle. Instead America can be very patient with Iran… as long as their oil production is kept at a minimum. With corporate America earning record profits, a bought and paid for government and media, endless defence contracts and a pliant population at home that hasn’t been part of the decision making process in D.C. for at least two generations, I would argue that the 1% are quite happy with the current status quo.