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Will the Biden Team Be Warmongers or Peacemakers?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/09/will-biden-team-be-warmongers-or-peacemakers


It will be our job to hold President Biden and his team accountable whenever they fail to turn the page on war and militarism, and to keep pushing them…

No accountability is possible, until and unless the streets of DC are filled with the Civil Rights-sized demonstrations which will cause these criminals to finally cower in fear.

It is impossible otherwise to move our misleadership one millimeter to the Left by begging, cajoling, and pleading. It is impossible, because these creatures are listening to their real owners, and not to the Amerikan People.


Thank you Medea and Nicholas for listing the warmongers and those who might turn the tide. However, here in the USA, War is US. Huge appropriations–obscene, criminal–for war profiteering, thousands of jobs. The coal-miner dilemma: we must not use your product, but what about a job for you? Same for our bomb makers (their corporate rulers can be left to live off their dividends; they have raked in plenty and more) when we abolish their industries. War profiteering is tolerable so long as the arsenals are not exploded, wiping us all out; we are long past the point where it has become far too dangerous for these industries to exist.


Is the pope Catholic…?


We know our situation, and this type of journalism ignores what we are up against, gives the impression that everyything is fundamentally alright - that our well-being consists in electing the right people to office. Nothing could be further from the truth.


One of Caitline’s best. Susan Rice strikes me as the highest order of intersectionality, brown, female, I’d bet she even uses the correct personal pronouns as she advocates bombing little girls (and boys) in far off lands. There’s nothing like a politically correct Himmler.




Is a question dishonest when we all know the answer to it but pretend othetwise?


The question was asked seriously, but I think we should take it as sarcasm.


Americans don’t even realize the level of nefarious activity their government maintains across the world - actually they could care less. It’s the economy that will determine the merits of war, Wall Street will profit and all deaths will be collateral.


Biden will be a one-term president, if he chooses the warmongering route.

Youth will be in the streets along with us ancient relics of wars gone by, and calls for his removal from office will paint the streets and walls.

Until the Duopoly hits their political bottom by killing the last innocent man, woman or child, they will continue to wage war for money and power, while telling us all, “We are doing this to keep America safe.”



Most Americans don’t like “protest”, remember the protesting of Lydon (hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill. today !!), and then we got Nixon. I’ll be on the streets with you, but it will be a real sad day if it becomes necessary. It’s always up to the youth, when the old should know better.


Thank you Medea and Nicolas for these thoughtful words.

We need to remember that Peace is an Act, much like war, but it must be chosen!


To paraphrase;

Keep investing in a fraud as if it can be a cure.

 Let's see: I think Biden is going to appoint Noam Chomsky as Secretary of State, Ralph Nader as Attorney General, Amy Goodman as Secretary of Education, and Bill McKibben as Secretary of the Interior, John Dear as Secretary of Defense . . .   I think you  get the picture.   Everything will be hunky-dory.

Medea, I appreciate Code Pink and all your efforts for peace.


Not looking good today for progressives. I’m not surprised. Didn’t think it would happen so damn fast and be so f—ing blatant.

Market up over 1,000 points. Capitalism will kill all life on earth and the oligarchic duoploy of the u.s. will be cheering it on.

All activist groups (BLM, environmental, LGBTQ, health care activists, women’s groups, Native Americans) must come together in an attempt to stop the killing machine that is the u.s. duopoly.

I’m not sure what it will take at this point. We are running out of time----or perhaps have run out of time given climate breakdown.

There was momentum starting----I hope it is not squashed by TPTB.

My vote was against trump nothing more. I knew it was going to be bad with Biden but from what I’ve seen so far: WASF.

FFS----- these are some of the people in consideration for his cabinet?

Ernst Moniz----to quote Peter Kalmus: We shouldn’t need to be begging the president-elect not to install climate destroyers like Ernest Moniz in his cabinet.

Rahm Emmanuel. (I am going to throw up just seeing his name on my computer screen)

John Kasich—what can we say?

Ron Klain as chief of staff?? Ron Klain: former “lobbyist”, partner in the Washington office of the Los Angeles law firm of O’Melveny & Myers (that represented trump in the past) former president of Case holdings.

Fuck the aisle that these greed driven, soul-less dems are talking about reaching across. That “aisle” is a road to hell.

There can be no unity with fascists, warmongers, cannibalistic capitalists except uniting in behaviors that end in genocide/ecocide.

“What’s extraordinary about capitalism is that it produces apocalypse and then tries to sell itself as the only reasonable solution to apocalypse.” (Jason Hickel)


If you read Caitlin Johnstone’s article that Uncle Po posted, you can see very well, even by the title, that Medea knows exactly who Biden is, regarding his warmongering. It’s a much better article than the one posted here on CD, as is the article written by Medea, (linked in the piece by Caitlin), regarding Michele Flournay.


Of course it did. There was never any other possibility. This is exactly what many of us predicted.


Thanks for that. I’m afraid we’ll soon have a very good idea the kind of human predator drones we’ll see in this admin: an answer to Medea’s too-coy question.

That faddish word “intersectionality” has always bothered the crap out of me, as it always seems the people speaking it haven’t thought things through – they’re just mouthing ritualistic incantations whose mumbling tones are more significant than any verbal meanings. Intersection of what, exactly? If I’m a clumpish human being with little drops of all kinds of human beings in me, just where the hell is this crossroads supposed to be? (And can I learn to play the blues, if I hang out there awhile?)

peace out


Well I guess people who are “anti-war” need to sell their books too. In fact, Biden has a proven track record, none of which indicates any of the wishful, yet totally retarded statements wishing some sort of ethics suddenly arrive to people who have never exhibited them previously. In order to fix a problem, that problem must be first identified, and prioritized. Talking as if our current system can somehow be altered by swaying people from either party to sane behavior is, purely ego driven dribbling all over oneself. Talking about how we can change away from a system that delivers nothing but death to our planet and species might be a bit more on the head of the issue. Talk about fixing symptoms achieves zero. The problem is we live in a system of perma war, ruled by a duopoly that all serve the perma murder machine. In the meantime, the environmental consequences of this failed system of world resource management will kill us far before its’ politics. First identify the problem, then focus and motivate all world citizens to work together to throw the war pigs out of their appointed governance.

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