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Will the Canadian Government Shed Light on the No-Fly List?


Will the Canadian Government Shed Light on the No-Fly List?

Monia Mazigh

It is a shame that a number of Canadian toddlers and young children are being humiliated at the airport in the name of extra security checks and delayed in boarding their plane with their parents. How as a society have we reached this level of complacency, accepting that such actions are "normal" under the pretext of living in security?

The recent promise by Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale to open an investigation into the case of six-year-old Syed Adam Ahmed, whose name appears on Canada's no-fly list, isn't enough and here's why.


Any parent who's traveled with young children knows how hard it is to keep the children entertained, decently fed, and thus able to exhibit good behavior.

The detaining of a child could arguably result in a show of tantrums at some point. And that behavior is natural to children in situations that inhibit their free movement or radically disrupt their routines.

One can imagine children being purposely brought to this point so that the behavior they exhibit--in response--is then used to put them on some (other, equally ridiculous) watch list.

This construct is not far-fetched when one considers just how many children are being prescribed anti-depressant medication or behavior-mood altering drugs.

The emphasis on rules, order, and authoritarian top-down controls so stymies genuine expression, natural instinct, and normal responses as to turn children, increasingly, into a commodity being managed like so many uniform plants forced to grow in straight, narrow rows.


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It's simple and very logical. In the USA, one has 4 times more the chance of being shot by a toddler than one has of being shot by a terrorist. Canada is obviously aware of this and is rightly very concerned about the safety of aeroplane passengers so indeed I am surprised that the Canadian govenrment is so kind as to let any children fly.


"And finally, there is the whole question of redress. In a democracy, there must be a judicial review process to accompany any government program to avoid arbitrary decisions and human mistakes that may occur."
Yes, democracy is the operative word.