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Will the Climate Justice Movement "Seattle" the Paris Talks?


Will the Climate Justice Movement "Seattle" the Paris Talks?

Brent Patterson

While the New York Times editorial board says, "The Paris [climate summit] may well be the world’s last, best chance to get a grip on a problem that, absent urgent action over the next decade, could spin out of control", most are already bracing for another massive failure by the political elite at what is being disparagingly described as the "Conference of Polluters".


Absolutely right on: People are organizing to begin to functionally disrupt their own societies if action is not taken to slash carbon. Precisely!


Note that the currant G7 conference is taking place in a small, conservative Bavarian township. It is a mistake for the elites to organize these things in a large world city like Paris. It will present opportunities for popular direct action.


Slash carbon?
Do you mean CO2 gas?
Your grasp of pseudo science
Seems simply first class!
It’s all to do with The Integrity of Real Science