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Will the Death of George Floyd Mark the Rebirth of America?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/15/will-death-george-floyd-mark-rebirth-america


I think the optimistic perspective would rather be to see it as the potential trigger for a “third” reconstruction. I’m not sure who coined the term, but a number of academics and higher-brow media sources have come up with the notion that after the Civil War, there was not one but two reconstruction periods. The first was Reconstruction proper, and it was followed by a “redemption” movement afterwards that rolled much of it back. The “second” reconstruction was the civil rights movement, and it too was followed by a second redemption of sorts, in the form of the Reagan and the neoliberal revolution.

If we extend the thinking, we could be witnessing the third reconstruction. And the important point is that, despite each one being followed by a backlash redemption movement, each time, the cause of civil rights enjoys net progress.

What rebirth?

As the author points out in his anecdote about Hoboken, the USA was founded on slavery and colonialist violence. That scenario is reborn every day.

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Here is Hedges on “police reform”.



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No not a rebirth but an abortion resulting in a number of smaller countries likely in a state of permanent war with each other over who owns the flag.

Let’s put this back in the headlines where it belongs. Black lives are being taken everyday by institutional racism as witnessed by police brutality to the point of murder. Black biases and prejudices exists in the minds of a lot of people in this country. It guides how a lot of folks interact with each other and it is a way of thinking that’s taught from generation to generation. That’s why you see it in parts of the country that stay isolated and less uneducated and that tend to be rural. It’s also why the public education system discourages critical thinking. As with all things, there are exceptions. There is change and growth. I think younger generations are more evolved and tend to reject ideas that are nonsensical. The question that keeps coming up is,”What’s it gonna take?” I keep asking that, myself. I think it will take more martyrs. Until they kill more of us, with brutally, while we protest or strike peacefully, there won’t be the outrage we need to see real change.