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Will the Democratic Presidential Nomination Be Bought by the Oligarchs?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/11/will-democratic-presidential-nomination-be-bought-oligarchs


As a lifelong Independent, an outsider looking in you might say, there still needs to be a constant discussion of the problem of the “super” delegates at the Democratic National Convention. Until that nut is cracked, it is truly nuts. This is chess, not checkers.


Well, let’s see.
Oligarchs bought off the DNC – just ask Haim Saban how easy that is.
They bought off the Clintons and Obamas with donations to the CGI and speaking fees.
They bought off the ByeDone family name and sold Hunter’s to Ukrainian oligarchs under Joe’s nose.
They bought off Mayo Pete and taught him asset stripping at home and abroad for and profit.
And they didn’t have to buy Bloomersberg – he’s a pre-packaged oligarch.

So, yeah, I’m going to answer this article’s headline with “yep.”


To answer the headline for this article, yes.
Why do you think we are witnessing this half-assed attempt at impeachment? The Democratic power brokers wanted nothing to do with it. But when they saw that they could no longer hold back the tide, they implemented plan B. Plan B is that they do indeed have an impeachment investigation, and perhaps even draft impeachment articles. But the investigation and those articles should be inadequate at best, and wish-washy at worst. The ultimate goal of these impeachment proceedings is not to remove or even shame Trump. The goal of the democratic powers that be is now to make Joe Biden a martyr, and save his candidacy by making him seem like the victim in all of this.
Make no mistake. The oligarchy has plans for 2020. And those plans are to elect either Donald trump or Joe Biden


Mayo Pete has admitted he hasn’t handled his police department or race matters well in South Bend.
He faked endorsements from black lawmakers in South Carolina.
His recently released client list from his McKinsey days puts him at the heart of corporate greed.
And when it was time to take a stand, he refused. fuck him:


At this point, seems like a strong likelihood that the Dem nomination will not be won on the first ballot and it will go to the 2nd or more where the superdelegates will weigh in with their votes - which means the establishment candidate will likely win.


Nothing is decided until the votes are counted. A strong turnout can defeat the big money.


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again… the goal right now among the Democrats is to ensure that no candidate has a majority going into the convention. Then on the second ballot, the “superdelegates” are released, and Hillary can ride in on her white horse and “save” the party.


That sounds about right, though I think that Murder Inc. is going to have to settle for a proxy on that horse this round.

Biden? Bloomberg? Maybe even Warren, who has shown that she can take direction?


Same as 2016 that gave us the loser HRC. A Trump win is a “win” as far as the the DNC is concerned.


Or Booty Judge.

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Hi, Norm,

So, you argue, the right liberal Democrats have in common being funded by - and therefore aligned with - the interests of the oligarchs that mainly fund their campaigns (except for B, a bil. oligarch himself);

This is a strong analysis because it points up some other things:

that ‘buying elections’ means not just funding right liberal candidates, but excluding progressive views/politicians who won’t get oligarch big bucks;

that oligarchical funding is the basic and accepted system within the political parties themselves, which limit their views to what will not threaten the wealth/power of oligarchs;

that dominant political views in oligarch-funded political parties ‘naturally’ extend into and become the ‘norm’ for establishment media - itself variably dependent on big money funding and/or ownership, and/or ‘responsibility’ to rich stockholders and their right wing boards of directors;

and that these dominant views, thereby, extend to citizens whose views are variably shaped by mainstream politicians and media…

…so that progressives are up against an interlocking “power structure” of oligarchical money, political parties, and big media that fundamentally shape and limit political discourse.

…with small money funding the only recourse of progressive politicians and movements.

I quite see why you end your piece by calling on progressives to resist despair…even as you end by saying this is it, it is now or never - this is a never-to-be-repeated chance to elect a candidate whose wings have not been clipped by the dominant big money donation system…


I cannot and will not vote for Biden even if he is the Democratic Nominee.

As much as I dislike the Lying, Sadistic Bigot in the White House, I find Joe Biden to be a Lying, Sadistic Warmonger who loves everything about the Military including the massacre of Innocent Civilians in Iraq, which he wholeheartedly supported.

How the hell the Democrats are making this despicable human being the Front Runner for the presidency is beyond my comprehension.

Progressives know damn well that the Obama/Biden administration, bolstered the Super Rich and did absolutely nothing to increase the wealth of the lower and middle class.

The Obama/Biden administration and their lack of concern for the financial problems of the working class gave us the Trump Administration.

Obama Care is nothing more then a huge Gift to the For Profit private Health Care Providers, with NO PUBLIC OPTION and NO regulation on the cost of policies.

Biden and Obama were instrumental in destroying the Middle Class with Trade Deals that allowed Corporations to move their factories overseas and even gave them Tax Breaks to move their equipment.

Does the Democratic Party want a Herbert Hoover Republican like Biden in the White House helping Wall Street Tycoons continue to decimate the Working Class, or do they want an FDR Democrat like Bernie who will represent We The People instead of the Billionaire Class??



“Nothing is decided until the votes are counted. A strong turnout can defeat the big money.”

Thank you for posting that! Yes, there is an uphill path to a Sanders nomination, but he has the the message and the grass roots support. There are a LOT of people (Trumpians excepted) who are truly sick of money in politics. Remember how Mitt Romney lost to Obama?


Actually, Obama outspent Romney, but that just further proves the point…

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I think most of us know what the D Party/DNC want. The want more of the same in the same mold as Obama/Clinton. That’s why we got HRC in 2016 and probably Biden in 2020. And like you, I will NOT vote for Biden under any circumstances. I didn’t vote for HRC either. Back to Green again…


Nader correctly labeled it The UniParty. They’re trying right now to reach consensus. As soon as MSNBC’s Mika & Joe Tag Team sign off on it; well, it’s a big go. ( snark )


While I thoroughly enjoy reading Solomon’s article, the sad fact is that most Americans get their news (and form their opinions) from the MSM. Most Americans have no idea that a third Party candidate even exists! Perhaps “social media” can overcome the grip that the MSM has on the distribution of misinformation, but the oligarchs’s are working overtime to rein in the plethora of independent news outlets out there in the world wide web. Until Americans truly grasp who is responsible for their corrupt government, nothing will change.


There is no “Will they be Bought?” because with the exception of Sanders, they have ALL already been bought. We don’t have to wait and see. It is already crystal clear.


Did you forget that Andrew Yang is in fifth place?

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