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Will the Democrats Abandon Lordstown to Trump?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/02/will-democrats-abandon-lordstown-trump


Like Bernie says, its the billionaire class. But more to the point, it is the system that produces them. We need system change, not cosmetic promises.

We need BOLD:


For decades, the Democrats and the Republicans have rigged the system, changed the laws to allow what was once illegal, made legal.

And every 2 to 4 years, 95 to 97% of all the little piggies, run to the voting booths to enable these same two corrupt political parties to keep fucking us all for a little longer.

Is it stupidity, or do they just not care about themselves, their families, this country?

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The BOLD we will get is:



The Democratic Party needs to say one thing to the voters of Lordstown and for that matter, the rest of Ohio…
Fuck you.
This is what happens when you admit defeat and stay home on Election Day. This is what happens when you don’t push the Democratic Party back to the Left.
Sorry Ohio. But you goddamn morons deserve four more years of Trump. You deserve Mike DeWine. And you deserve every fascist law passed by your 18th century state house.
Choke on it Ohio, choke on it.

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Great article! The Democratic Party drove these people away. Now they must do a drastic course correction to (maybe) bring some of them back.

One more factor in this whole existing scenario, has nothing to do with Democrats, per se. A big, big problem is that too many Americans seem to believe that they are entitled
to drive ever larger, ever heavier, gas guzzling trucks and SUV’s, mostly for daily commuting and shopping. They feel that driving a small car is somehow beneath them. GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, and all the rest are happy to take the higher profit margins on these vehicles. Meanwhile, GHG emissions are going up and up…and the planet burns…and the ice melts…and floods, as well as droughts become more severe.

The “American Way of Life” is killing life.


This article seems overtly ass-backward. Using the 19th century feudal argument on behalf of manufacturing oligarchy in order to pump a chest like a monkey to make others do the same over a specious argument. Neo-feudalism does so love such vapid invisibility cloaks!

This ain’t “capitalism” Les Leopold!! No such “model” has ever in fact existed. Hang it by its short hairs and call it what it is: a form of intensely predatory extraction from the “education” to make you stand on point and think you are some kind of lighthouse that writes; from concept to product; designed INTENTIONALLY to ‘die’ to force you to buy MORE OF THE SAME!!! and yes, Les, there is a term for that too: PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE! That process is now in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the oceans killing life there and in your bloodstream - not just Lordstown, Ohio.

Study F()@$# labor history and quit pretending you care about the victims of the system you are licking up to!

How’s the above post for an example of mindless countering from ‘an enemy’ point of view?

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De-industrialization of the Rust Belt is one of the most profound facts shaping the economic & political landscape of the USA in the last 40 years, as is the steadfast refusal of the Washington elite to even acknowledge the phenomenon.

I grew about 30 miles east of Lordstown, and my formative years, the 1970’s & 80’s, were shaped by watching as, one by one, all the factories shut down, and half my friends’ fathers became unemployed. No help ever came from Washington. GM at Lordstown was the Last Man Standing.

The biggest fear of my youth was not of nuclear holocaust, but of being unemployed. I have been employed continuously since 1987, but I am still pathologically afraid of being fired or laid off, despite living in a ‘liberal’ city in the Pacific Northwest.

Living in the shadow of crumbling factories & the endless fear of becoming a Bum affects people. I believe that the chronic anxiety & depression of these communities is the fuel for America’s resurgent racism and the delusional magical thinking of working class Trumpsters.

Based on everything I seen of the Democrats, & some commenters on this thread, 2020 will be a repeat of 2016, and the Liberals & Democrats, possessed by their own delusional magical thinking, will blame it all on simple redneck racism & of course Russia.

But sooner or later, de-industrialization will arrive in their city. And then we will see how well the Liberal/Democrat magical thinking works for them.