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Will the Gulf of Mexico Remain a Dumping Ground for Offshore Fracking Waste?


Will the Gulf of Mexico Remain a Dumping Ground for Offshore Fracking Waste?

Sue Sturgis

When you think of a fracking site, the image that comes to mind is probably a bare-scraped well pad in a rural or maybe suburban landscape, topped with a drilling rig and other industrial i


After the Corexit (TM) debacle associated with the BP Horizon great ejaculation of 2010, one would think that the EPA would be a little bit more cautious about letting spurious (thanks Dick) organic chemicals into the GOM. The EPA, along with so many other "watchdog" agencies, has been defunded, primarily by the Republicans to the point of absolute fecklessness. It's past time for a "rebuilding year"--or perhaps even decade(s). It is time to make government work again, because, done right, it can.


Can't be good when added to the agricultural chemical caused alga blooms.


Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi are the armpit of America when it comes to corrupt politicians and low-education voters.
It's no wonder they've allowed the fossil fuel industry to create a giant cesspool off their coasts.


Padre National Seashore.......thank you federal government for protecting something that Texans would have destroyed with oil wells.


Obama's EPA has been poor, shining a big spotlight on the failed legal-regulatory system. Time for a change, a big change.


Big Oil has already taken over the Gulf. It seems it will take a while for locals to realize it's time to move out of the area and save their health. Food grown there and fish caught there are not entirely safe to eat. The air smells like oil most of the time. People are dying of strange cancers and other illnesses due to the constant exposure. I have family from this part of Texas and we have lost 5 people in 10 years.
It's time to get out, they won.


It depends if the majority of Americans continue to willfully or unwittingly support either Democratic or Republican parties and if so? Then yes, unfortunately, tragically the Gulf of Mexico and other areas in the U.S. will continue to be use as dumping grounds for dirty industries.

I strongly support the immediate ban of Fracking.

Investment in clean, sustainable energy that will also provide millions of well paid jobs is a wise solution.

Jill Stein 2016.


Yes, it is heart breaking. You can't know what goes on with the average person there unless you know someone that lives there. The Gulf has been ruined from Florida (algae bloom) to Texas, all the way past Houston. If you drive from Houston to say, Beaumont it smells like burning rubber. For someone not living there it will give you a head ache. So many living and dying for oil.