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Will ‘The Last Jedi’ Betray Luke Skywalker’s Turn Toward Nonviolence?


Will ‘The Last Jedi’ Betray Luke Skywalker’s Turn Toward Nonviolence?

David Goodner

With the release of a new Star Wars movie approaching, many fans want Luke Skywalker to become an even deadlier warrior, while still claiming to be one of the good guys


“Only two percent of men do not possess this innate resistance to killing, he finds.”

Probably higher among police officers, even though the quoted statistic includes situational factors such as: they were being fired at, they were trained to dehumanize the enemy, they are fairly distant from their targets.


I know little about the Star Wars series, having only seen the first one and calling it good, there. As far as what the final plot will be, though, I suspect Hollywood will do what it usually does and follow the money, which translates into using the violence is the answer option. Would love to be proven wrong, but this option, after all, is this country’s de facto foreign policy. It’s celebrated daily in our warrior culture. Even, now, Congress is trying to make it even easier for people to carry a gun wherever they go. Maybe, just maybe, however, this country will start to grow up and turn heroes like Luke Skywalker into pacifists. Long overdue.


I won’t comment on the movie.

However, the justification for antifa’s brutal attacks against people they decree to be the ‘enemy’, is analogous to US military’s justification of worldwide attacks with impunity against folks they claim to be the ‘enemy’, and both of these are analogous to the Islamic State’s justification of attacks against their ‘enemies’.

The same sociopathy is displayed by Antifa supporters deriving pleasure from videos of racists being sucker punched in the face, Blue Lives Matter advocates laughing at a man crawling on his knees crying and begging for life before a cop blows his brains out, and IS fans taking pleasure in beheading videos.


The state on moviemaking in Hollywood is a complete disaster. We will not longer see any kind of inspiring and , uplifting drama, or genuinely funny comedy coming from there again, only rapid-fire violence-porn with totally overdone special effects that pummels the viewers brains to submission.

Fuck Hollywood


If you can see the difference between a punch that produces a few harmless bruises or at most a harmless broken nose, and blowing brains out, then you are clueless.

What is your suggestion as to how to defeat fascism - have intellectual debates with them of something? Fascism thrives on so-called “free speech” - that is how they spread their poison.

Bourgeois white comfortable smug liberal thinking like yours is why the left has lost, lost, lost to the forces of reaction over the past 50 years.


As I pointed out in another comment a few weeks ago, Gandhi was a great man. His words, his message still resonate today, and they speak to our better angels. However, it is important to remember that he was speaking in a time of sectarian violence. That violence killed him in the end-- in broad daylight. Yes, his words continue to speak to us, but non-violent protest will still be met with violence from the powers that be. Gandhi was proof of it. I revere him.

I’m a big fan of voting. I’m willing to compromise my values by voting for the least evil candidate. I’m willing to make concessions to live peacefully in an imperfect world. However, our political process has been deliberately poisoned in such a way as to offer us few legitimate choices. Trump isn’t some sort of accident of history. He didn’t spend a dime of his own money to win the throne.

I’m also a huge Star Wars fan. I’m one of the great pilots of the Rebel Alliance. I’m a green alien with enormous ears, and my call sign is Green One. Yes, all the best aliens are green, we have a great sense of humor, and we know the difference between right and wrong, and we love our children and want them to grow up in a world of peace and harmony.

However, life isn’t a video game, nor is it a movie. The sad fact of life is that if you turn your other cheek on a fascist, they will paste you one right on it, and then take what they want out of your house, and they’ll rape your wife, and shoot your dog. There ain’t nothin’ that can’t be taken away from you in this world, and trust me, there’s people out there ready to take anything they can from anyone who lets them. That’s because your average right winger isn’t terribly mature, or bright, or concerned with philosophical introspection. Might makes right, winner takes all, etc. etc. etc. They don’t see compromise, or being kind and reasonable as a sign of strength. They only see weakness. Sharing our common resources? Pay a living wage? Provide healthcare to all? Are you kidding? Know your enemy, and don’t pretend for a minute that they’re ever going to change their evil ways. Small people abuse their power once they get a little taste of it. In practical terms, that means that liberals are the enemy, and any way you can make a liberal squeal is great fun-- even if it means destroying our shared country. You can be sure the Philistines thought it was a great moment to watch people weeping for their lost culture.

So? What are our choices? The path forward is clear. Fascism can’t be reasoned with. You can’t compromise with someone who is willing to destroy the world in pursuit of the all-mighty dollar. You can’t speak to the better angels of someone who sees you as a sub-human. Liberals are worse than child molesters? Seriously? This is where we are, and we have to face the reality of the situation. We’re pretty far gone already. The brainwashing machine is on 24-hours per day, spewing hatred and bigotry to the mouth-breathing class-- and they’re panting pretty heavily these days.

Sadly, at a certain point, all you can do is fight back. Yes, evil begets evil. However, you can’t just turn your back and wish it would all go away. I’m sorry. But it just won’t. There comes a time when you have to be willing to stand up and defend yourself, or all the works of all the previous generations of human kind will be rendered moot. The alternative to fighting back is to be driven into slavery and extinction by a bunch of greedy, Nazi assholes. These are the choices, and they suck, but that’s the reality of what we are facing. The reasonable people, the seasoned grey hairs, the “nice” people, the gentle academics are the ones that let the Nazis take over Germany without so much as a shot being fired. They were driven into the gas chambers in droves, crying and shivering every step of the way. Frankly, if we were so much smarter than the Germans, if we’d learned anything useful from the examples of our grandparents, we’d already be out in the streets protesting, shutting down the machine with strikes and riots. Guess what? It’s not happening. The cattle will walk peacefully, if timidly, into the slaughterhouse. They always have before, and this time is no different. Americans, it seems, aren’t so special after all.

Folks, it’s time for all solutions. That means you. If you want to avoid yet another bloody repetition of history, then non-violence is the best place to start. I’ll march peacefully with you. I’ll sing songs, and play nice, and I’ll bring extra blankets for those who need them. But, don’t let these fascists use your best values against you. They don’t care about what’s right and wrong. They have deliberately undermined our government because they don’t give a shit. They seriously don’t. Patriotism and righteousness isn’t what makes them tick. Power is what motivates them. Have any of you tried to talk sense to a wingnut? Have you tried to talk sense to a climate denier, or a libertarian, or a self-righteous ignoramus? Have you tried to reason with your crazy friends and family who watch Alex Jones? Sorry, but it can’t be done. They think it’s funny to watch you try. They think they are winning every argument when you walk away in disgust and frustration. They don’t want to debate because they know they can’t win. They aren’t playing by the rules of civilized society. They win by refusing to use facts, or even share the same reality with liberals. It’s obstinate. It’s deliberate. It’s stubborn. It’s childish. They enjoy every single minute of watching logic and reason and morality die. They think it’s funny to watch hope fading from your liberal eyes. That’s victory for people who have no dignity, and no power in an information-based society. Even if you get lucky, and actually make a little progress with an individual, they’re just going to go home, turn on FOX News, or the financial news, or watch some nutter Youtube videos. Bereft of hope and dignity in a world that they feel has left them behind, they’ll wrap themselves in a warm blanket of simple ideas, hatred, racism, bigotry to protect themselves from the cold, complex world. They aren’t capable of thinking for themselves. They are happy being brainwashed. They LIKE it. Simple solutions for complex problems. Simple solutions for simple minds. But, don’t you turn your back on them-- they’ll go out and vote for the Reich Wing in every single election. If they are too lazy, too paranoid to vote, then they are still going to wreck your community in myriad other ways.

Folks, I’m sorry. I’m a pacifist. I studied martial arts for years, and I know from personal experience what pain and suffering are really all about. I have no desire to make anyone hurt. I’ve traveled the world, and I’ve seen how other societies operate. Some are better, some are worse than ours. But if we want to avoid our country being turned into a 3rd world hellhole, owned and operated by corrupt dictators who play to the lowest common denominator people, then we’re going to have to face the facts of life: Sometimes, the fight comes to you. If you don’t fight back, you’ll get your ass kicked every single day. Sometimes, you gotta hurt people, and make it hurt so bad that everyone in the crowd feels it. This is one of those times. We can be humane about it, but We the People have to be willing to rise up and defend our way of life, or it’ll be stolen from us in the blink of an eye, in broad daylight, using our own political processes against us.

Our great society is already under attack. So far, we have just stood by and watched it all happen. Wake up. Rise up. Put on your shoes, light a candle, and walk out into the night. That’s the first step. When that doesn’t work, and it won’t, then go home, and get a good night’s sleep. Or, stay up late, and go after the people that have distorted and undermined our democratic processes in a calculated and maniacal manner. Go after them in the darkest hour before dawn, and show them no mercy. Now is the time to get organized, get active, and RESIST.

It’s our duty as American citizens to defend ourselves from nazis and fascists and those who would destroy the Earth and enslave our children. Yes, you’ll risk losing your soul. Yes, you’ll have nightmares for the rest of your life. Sometimes, being an adult sucks-- it’s true. But, that’s the price we pay for our freedoms. The time to be grown-ups is now. The stakes are too high to turn our backs and walk away. Wishful thinking hasn’t been working so well. That’s how we got into this mess in the first place. Playing nice won’t work. This isn’t a game, and this isn’t a playground, and this sure as shit isn’t a B-movie, or a space opera. We gotta fight back. We gotta fight back, and everyone is going to get hurt in one way or another. Nobody gets to walk away unscathed. That’s just how it works, but I don’t see that we have any choices left. Evil sucks like that. This cycle has been going on since mankind crawled down out of the trees. I wish the world was a better place, but it seems apparent that humanity isn’t going to evolve anytime in the near future. So? We fight. Or, we let the fascists tear down our society to the last brick, and we live in fear of our local nazis and kluxers. Considering the dangers we face from climate change, considering the plans the oligarchs have for our children’s future… Yeah, we really don’t have any choice but to act decisively, swiftly, and without any sense of pity or remorse. Sorry. But, that’s the cold reality of what we face. We’re going to have to get our hands bloody.

First, let’s try non-violence. You want to avoid a fight? Me too. Get out in the streets and march. Make as much noise as possible. Be creative. Have fun with it. Make it the biggest street party of our age. But after the party is over, make damned sure you are ready to fight, because the people at the top seriously don’t give a shit. They are in it to win it, and that means you and your kids lose what it means to be a citizen of the United States of America. Once a country goes fascist, they never quite recover from it, psychologically. Fascism can only end one way. Better now, than later. Americans have to be willing to fight to defend their liberties. Only a few short years ago, we were a beacon to the world. We used to have a claim to the moral high ground. We used to stand up for what is decent and right in the world. These assholes are happy to wreck our entire society, and kill the planet, and for what? Greed. Money and power. It’s insane, but that’s how the world will end-- from stupidity and insanity, and our lack of personal resolve.

So, what’s the alternative? I’m not sure we have one, but I’d suggest you get out into the streets and protest non-violently for as long as you can stand the cold. But don’t kid yourselves. We’re going to have to build some guillotines, and it’s going to be a damned ugly scene. If our police and military are truly patriots, and defenders of the people, then they can decide to end it all by turning an about face, and defending the people from the oligarchs, instead of defending the oligarchs from the people. This is fascism we’re talking about. We fight it, or our society dies-- stupidly, insanely, and for no more reason than it was there to be stolen by the maniacal few at the top-- and by those monsters pulling the strings behind the scenes, and dolling out money to buy and corrupt our political system.

Do something. Anything. That means you. Today. Let’s start with non-violence. Then, let’s finish this before it gets any worse. Either way, now is the time to spill out into the streets, and shut this mother down. That’s what Gandhi would do.


Your offensive ad hominen attack is reflective of your inability to present
your perspective using sound reasoning. Such poor manners are
inappropriate for civil discourse.

Folk, such as myself, who have been born into true poverty, are not white
and have grown up with brutal violence in the developing world , have a
deeper understanding of what the violent Antifa can lead to. Threats
Antifa have made to me, as I sought to stop the ‘collateral damage’ of
their violence have been very similar to threats folk in the Sendero
Luminoso made to me when working among Native Americans in South america.

Sure, Antifa may only advocate beating the shiy out of racists now, but
recall how the Sendero started. In the end, proclaiming themselves the
only true path towards social justice, the Sendero went on to brutally
murder folk doing community based work, along with many community members,
because they felt that such work helped maintain the status quo power


Rhetorical Question: Have you heard any good self-driving car jokes lately?
The fair skeptics/liars debate. AI a lie? Self-driving more a fraud than utter nonsense?
Guy gets into his own personal self-driving sports limo…


Reviewed Pianist lately, a heavily scratched copy video, went belly up after
2nd cold-blooded murder, the movie sense of post-war recovery omitted.


I haven’t seen that one yet. Looks pretty good, though.


Violence without meaning (as in most wars) or for selfish reasons is the nature of sociopaths. But violence to destroy what is wicked, and committed without cruelty or malice, is clearly different. When Luke Skywalker destroyed the Death Star (with the direct help of Obi Wan Kenobi, I might add), he quite obviously did the right thing – to suggest otherwise is monstrously absurd. If “pacifists” had protested the Death Star destroying planets – and the evil military warlords went on destroying them anyway (which is parallel to a situation we are facing here on Earth now) – how meaningful is that non-violent protest compared to the action of saving planets by destroying the space station?

In Nature, animals are often violent, but not out of cruelty – out of necessity. In the animal kingdom you see that violence in the cause of defense is justified. Liberal non-violence in the face of the destruction of planet Earth is in this light a cop-out, and actually smacks of moral cowardice, not moral courage. Ultimately, if you want see what the “Universe” thinks of violence, then look at Mother Nature. Some animals are violent in order to feed; human beings, I believe, are biologically designed to be herbivores, so that is ruled out except in cultures where animals are a necessary source of food. That’s not true in agrarian societies like the one we should technically have.

And one should consider something else – the principle of re-incarnation, which is a valid and logical principle when you actually research it in an unbias way. The spirit of man is timeless and is evolving through countless lifetimes and is subject to karma. If you take part in evil, then there is karma for that. If you find yourself on a space station that is destroying whole planets without provocation, then it’s clear you are putting yourself in a dangerous position, because how can the Universe ultimately tolerate such a thing? All things tend back towards equilibrium and harmony. Only the time scale of the compensation is in question, not the fact that the compensation will occur.

Also, saying “there can be no balance of the Light and the Dark, no middle ground between good and bad, no compromise between violence and nonviolence” is, basically, dogmatic. It’s the gray area where the growth of wisdom is, and it often comes through experience and dealing with the repercussions of one’s attitudes and actions, even if mistaken. Good and evil is not a black and white concept, it’s simply naive to think otherwise. Ultimately, the Universe is the arbiter of judgment, and that plays into the law of karma which rules all living things.


Are you sure about that. Gandhi was a racist. His main objection to how Indians were treated in Africa when he lived there was that they were lumped together by the ruling whites with the Africans who he believed were an inferior race. He had no qualms about Africans being treated like that, just for the Indians who he believed were a superior race. They removed his statue in Ghana for that reason. .There are no saints, we’re all flawed humans. The fascists you vehemently dehumanise in your post are also just flawed humans. After WW2 former nazis were ‘re-educated’ into letting go of the fascism they had been indoctrinated with. By your analysis, (that they can’t be changed) they should have just been shot. But then the shooter becomes the nazi.


It’s a horrible movie. Cold-blooded murder unfit for even adult viewing.
The Pianist character himself went from emotionally aloof to scarred.


Hobgoblin, you seem to be suggesting that there’s any room for fascism in the US. There isn’t. We fought a war to make sure of it. A big one. We’re currently fighting another war for the soul of our nation. The social safety net, freedom of expression on the internet, the very nature of our society is under attack… Healthcare for all, decent public education, social security, our common spaces, fighting climate change… Don’t kid yourself if you think our basic values aren’t under direct assault from the greedy class.

As for Gandhi. How much time have you spent in South Africa? I’ve spent quite a lot of time there, so let me clue you in on a few facts of life. First of all, yes, there’s still major race issues in that country. They call it the rainbow nation, but from my perspective, what that really means is that every color is separate and distinctly their own. Yes, there’s some blending around the edges, and people there do take strides to interact with each other peacefully, they intermarry more than they did in the past, but people tend to stick to their own for the most part. That’s human nature as much as anything else. It’s more rigid in the Middle East, for instance, and probably China, from what I’ve heard.

The simple fact is that the blacks in South Africa have been held back since colonialism began, and it takes time for a population to recover from what amounts to slavery. That’s the entire population, not just the oppressed. Mandela’s ANC has become a party of corruption, and they almost take as much advantage of their own voters as anyone else ever has. The other simple fact is that public education is improving in that country, but it’s not enough. It’s a first world country, and a third world country combined. It’s both at the same time.

When the Indians came to South Africa, they brought their education and skills, and culture with them. Those skills go back many hundreds, if not thousands of years. Although they were largely brought over as a manual labor pool, they quickly rose above the native blacks because they had these critical advantages-- they could read and write, do math, run businesses, they brought with them many skills that made them valuable to the white colonials (even though they were also second class citizens.) While a good argument can be made that the blacks were held back by everyone due to lack of access to education, the other part is that we’re actually talking about people who simply weren’t operating in the modern world to begin with. At the risk of sounding like a plantation owner, the blacks simply weren’t able to compete as their world changed before their eyes. As time went on, this became a less valid excuse because the entire society was structured around the idea of keeping them down and out. The same thing is going on today, albeit to a far lesser extent. Was Gandhi a racist? Yes, that’s probably how we Americans would see it. But again, we’ve spent 150+ years moving past slavery, and we have the perspective gained from our own experiences to see how Jim Crow was employed to keep people down. We really don’t have any collective memory of what colonialism was like. These people do. However, to this day, in South Africa, a large portion of the black population isn’t terribly sophisticated. Their own leaders take advantage of them, partly because many of them simply aren’t equipped with the tools they need to make it in the 21st century. Given enough time, and relief from the yoke of corruption that rules South Africa, I believe this next generation of children can become competitive and move their country forward. However, that country has a long way to go. It is also in a state of decay. The blacks inherited that country at the end of apartheid, and they haven’t taken care of the gifts they were given. They simply don’t value the same things that us Americans would find worth preserving. They aren’t quite capable of taking care of things because they simply haven’t ever had to before. It’s like giving a teenager a house to take care of. They didn’t build it, they didn’t work for it, and they never had to maintain one before. It’s going to take a few generations for them to get up to speed. You can’t just shake and bake a democracy overnight, nor can you wave a magic wand and expect everyone to become clones of America. It’s a sad state of affairs over there. Trust me, I know whereof I speak.

So? Was Gandhi a racist? To some degree, yes. However, you also have to understand the world and times he was living in. You can’t judge him through the lens of contemporary America, because ours is a vastly different culture. We the People have been working on the “All men are created equal” thing for a long time. It takes a few generations for everyone to figure out what that really means. Something Americans don’t understand until they’ve spent some time overseas is that we really work hard at it here at home. It’s part of our bloodstream. Other cultures simply don’t spend that much energy on the topic. They coexist with each other fairly peacefully-- On the same block you can have muslims, hindus, christians, white, black, brown, yellow, mixed races… They know how to live among each other, but nobody is walking around treating each other as their true equals, or demanding everyone else to maintain strict cultural norms on how to treat each other with complete and utter respect and dignity. Americans are different in that respect. From my point of view, we’re a better culture because we really do work so hard at it. At a cultural level, we insist on it. We see it as abnormal and deeply, horribly wrong if someone starts spouting racist rhetoric in a bar. If that happens on a college campus, for instance, you’re pretty likely to get your ass kicked by another white person in the room, and if a non-white person takes offense, nobody is going to get in the way of whatever happens from there. We still have a lot of work to do, but we actually do work on it, whereas you don’t necessarily see the same effort in other societies.

However, South Africa, or Ghana, or many other African nations aren’t America. They have all sorts of challenges, in large part caused by continued and ongoing colonialism. Another large part of that is that they’re still tribal societies, with their own unique social issues to contend with. That’s their culture, and we can’t measure them by our own stick. They aren’t looking to become little Americans. They just want our standard of living, and who are we to judge them for it? Corruption is rife in these countries, and the necessary infrastructure to pull their populations up oftentimes doesn’t exist. It’s tragic. It’s probably the leading determining factor for why those countries haven’t done better for themselves during the 20th century. The world should be a better place, i totally agree. I am often offended by what I see happening in Africa, but it’s also a magical place in its own rite. Once it gets in your bloodstream, you are changed by it for the better. However, it isn’t America. It’s a damned interesting mixture of 1st world, and the 3rd world. It’s also damned dangerous, and I’m not just talking about getting your face bitten off by a baboon, which can happen if you start playing around in the bush. When that happens, you know what they say? It was probably one of those f’ing Americans again. That’s a reflection of two basic ideas. The first is that most Americans are damned naive about how the rest of the world really works. The second part is that we expect the whole world to be like America, or we assume they’re doing it all wrong, and we get upset when things aren’t like they are at home. We’re sheltered, and Americans are notorious for doing some seriously stupid shit because they are pretty dumb about how the world really works. Yes. We’re a great and noble people, but we don’t import much knowledge from the rest of the world. We export our music and culture, but we don’t import anything that is terribly foreign to us. You want to hear Cyndi Lauper’s music? Go overseas. She’s alive and well there, and I love to hear her come on the radio in the middle of Johannesburg, or out in the boonies. However, if you want to hear the call to prayer, you won’t hear it very many places in America. You gotta go to the Middle East, or Africa for that to be a part of your daily life. Although I’m not Muslim, I miss those sounds, those smells, those people. Africa changes you, and many Americans simply aren’t up to the experience.

As for nazis? It’s really simple. They aren’t welcome in America. Fighting them off isn’t a matter of becoming what you despise. It’s a matter of zero tolerance for white supremacists who know perfectly well that their ideas are anathema to our free and open society and modern culture. Personally, I don’t care much what people think as they are cowering under their rocks, but in America, we have basic standards of behavior. If you start spouting race hating bullshit in public, it’s pretty likely that you’re gonna get your ass kicked. That’s a good thing. They know these are the rules of the game, that’s the risk they take when they get out their bullhorns. If you start sounding off to an angry mob, you’re asking for a world of hurt to come down around your ears. See, we have wonderful values, and nazis seek to use those very freedoms against us. It’s called abusing OUR rights. And, no, there isn’t going to be a fascist regime taking hold in the United States. To allow that to happen would be a betrayal of our own democratic heritage. No, we aren’t going to simply allow fascism to undermine all the things that make America great. It’s worth fighting for. We’ll start with non-violence and voting, and sink to as low a level as necessary to put an end to any illusions that fascism can work in our country.

The world is a complex place. You are correct. There are no saints. But, we’re working on it. If you think Gandhi was such a terrible person, then you seriously need to get your priorities straight, because he also did a lot of good with his life. His words live on long after he died because they have value to us today. His life had meaning. Was he a flawed man? Yes. He never claimed to be perfect. However, he came from a different culture, in a different part of the world, in a different time, and was a product of the places in which he lived. His sought to transcend the brutality of colonialism. He sought to bridge the gap between cultures. He had the courage to try to make the world a better place. Did he ever claim to be perfect? Not hardly. He struggled with his flawed humanity the same as everyone else. But, see, he was really trying. He set an example very few people in America have the courage to emulate. Given his circumstances, I think he did fairly well.


Thanks for your long response. I’m not American so the ‘we’ doesn’t apply.

I didn’t actually mean any of those things you touch upon, I agree with most of them but not all. All I meant was, you seemed to be almost deifying Gandhi yet, like everyone, he had clay feet, in his case an innate racism being a big part of it. We’re all just humans and sanctifying and hero worship any of us is a dangeous attitude, it’s actually a part of the fascist dynamic itself. As Dylan had it, ‘don’t follow leaders.’

I accept what you say about Africa but I don’t agree with the American exceptionalism that runs through much of your comment. Other Western democracies profess the values and attitudes you described, they’re not unique to the US, and, in fact, I’d say they US lags in may of them. I also don’t accept that the US is immune from fascism, from where I’m standing it looks the most likely candidate of all the Western democracies to slide into it and also, in a way, titanic corporatism is a kind of creeping totalitarianism which, if not fascist per se, is similarly unpleasant and anti-democratic.

No, I don’t welcome fascists either, but at the end of the day a fascist is just another human being who, arguably, has taken a wrong turn and exhibits extreme forms of primitive drives that are lurking in the psyches of most humans . (EG tribalism.).


Well, we seem to have found common ground :slight_smile: This is good thing. Yeah, American exceptionalism bugs the crap out of me too. I suspected you to be a right wing troll, so I used the normal stuff that appeals to them, while trying to throw in some educational material along the way… Pretty subversive tactic, I know… (hehe)

Yeah, if I had my druthers, I’d choose one of several other countries to settle down, but my circumstances seem to limit me to American soil for the time being. And yes, we’re going fascist… Or, something closely approximating it (every country puts their unique spin on it, so it seems.) I’m very concerned about this trend. We may do Christo-Authorianism, or some other such thing, but it’s ugly ugly ugly.

As for Gandhi… No, I don’t really deify him. But… Given our options, he’s as good of a role model as activists can really hope for. When I mention his name, people (Americans anyway) know exactly what I’m referring to. Martin Luther King is another worthy role model-- the list is actually pretty long when you stop to consider it. But, Gandhi did non-violent protest pretty well. He set the standard in many ways. For that reason, I use him as a champion to point to.

However… I’ve been trying to talk sense to Trumpanzees for ten years now, and more. There’s just no reaching them. The propaganda machine is just too strong to counteract. Given our options, it may come down to a big bloody fight, and I certainly don’t shy away from it. If this is the cycle we’re in, we have to be honest about how it has to pan out, and again, it’s ugly to the bone. I would avoid that if I can, but people have to understand the stakes that are involved. I exercise a zero tolerance policy toward Nazis simply because these aren’t people who can be compromised with. We can talk about common values, what we all want to see in our supposedly great society, but at the end of the conversation, they go right back to where they started. They are a threat that can’t be ignored. I can’t begin to calculate the number of hours I’ve spent trying to be reasonable with these people. Finally, I figured it out… They are immune to logic, let alone taking responsibility for anything more than themselves. They are simply wired up all wrong, and they like it.

And, this is a global issue. There may be a few safe harbors if things get ugly, but this isn’t just a problem in America. We have to fight it where we are-- there is simply no place to run to, nor am I particularly inclined to just walk away from my homeland.


Yes, sadly we’re living in an increasingly polarised age, perhaps a conseqeunce of the encroaching atomisation of individuals within it, a kind of fall out from globalisation. Extremists breed extreme reactions. Dark times indeed. I’d just try and bear in mind the quote by Neitzche ’ “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”