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Will the New NAFTA Make the Pandemic Worse for Mexicans?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/07/will-new-nafta-make-pandemic-worse-mexicans

Richie Rich has persistently sought cheaper and cheaper labor throughout the world and in so doing hollowed out this country which once made things of value. Now we are stuck having to borrow money made out of thin air to buy stuff we don’t really need to keep the wheels spinning so we feel like we are winning. Thing is, that really sucks for those who live paycheck to paycheck–especially in these times. But hey, Clinton, Inc. were happy to spread the “wealth” to Mexico. Proud Progressive Independent here.

That a supposedly leftist Mexican President is so subservient to Trump (and I’d add his giving into Trump by deploying Mexican forces to block migration across their border with Guatemala) is cause for concern and analysis, especially as if follows some disappointments with leftist leaders in Greece, Spain, Alberta, Nicaragua, Brazil…

Good article. A few points –

  • The “agreement” went into effect because it will make the pandemic and other woes worse for Mexicans.
  • It is not exactly that the agreement gives “the United States” great powers, though that is pretty close. It legitimates certain abuses of great power by elements within the United States, notably large companies and the alphabet agencies that work with narcotraficantes in Mexico.

For what it is worth, the trouble in Mexico does not come down to AMLO. He is not so much passive or complicit as outgunned. He is outgunned not simply because Mexico is corrupt or because the narcos own much of the government, though that is all true enough. He is outgunned because the larger druglords are working with the American alphabet soup people, likely the CIA in particular and not so much the DEA outside of localized crossing points.

AMLO cannot go after the druglords when they take over a state because it means going after the US black ops people. That is a larger, meaner, more aggressive opponent, and one cannot expect to just walk in swinging and then walk back out.

We have to disassemble the monster from up here. Refusing to purchase goods from international companies might be a start. I do not mean a boycott, exactly, but just laying out plans to gradually move away from making such a purchase ever again, so that these companies lose enough power that they may be regulated, broken up, and in any form much like they manifest at present, destroyed.

Buy only local, I am reading all the labels in Costco and avoid all USA produce…

Mexican drug lords compounded their power over the gubmit when, during his first term, Dick Cheney and his puppet Dubya failed to renew the assault weapons ban. Hundreds of legal (in the US) assault weapons have flowed illegally into Mexico from the US EACH DAY since then, not only providing a super arsenal for the drug lords but also giving the drug lords a new profit center selling the illegal weapons in Latin America and abroad.

Maybe Mexico should pay for building that wall. It will save them in the long run.