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Will the Obama Administration Hold VW Accountable for Corporate Crime?



Quick answer:



This is not surprising.

Remember the US cars of the 1970's and how they operated terribly? This was due to the way that they were designed to run during the detailed and defined pollution tests with little concern on how they would behave during normal driving conditions. You could think if it as them putting timers on the warm-up sequence which only worked correctly if the temperature was what was specified in the test.

It was kind of like the No Child Left Behind law where students are taught to the test but receive little practical education. They can take a test, but have learned nothing. The cars could pass the tests (a certain envelope of pollution during a defined sequence) but the real operation, and performance, was much worse.

Foreign competition forced the US automakers to clean up their act because those engineers designed the cars to work all the time and to secondarily pass the tests. It looks like VW is just copying the policies of the US automakers from the 70's.

Will VW be held accountable? Unlikely since GM just got a slap on the wrist for killing 124 people. No. No one will be held accountable unless there is pressure from the 1% who want to see VW taken down for private economic reasons.


There was a New Yorker cartoon some years ago, with a judge saying to a man being sentenced "Crime does pay, but not at your level".


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Obama began his Presidency with the meme," my Administration will look forward, not back" when referring to questions as to whether people in high positions in the Bush Administration, even Bush himself, would be tried for the many crimes related to the US invasion of Iraq. World turmoil and the deaths and ruination of the lives of millions of people. The office of the President of the United States starting in modern times with Ronald Reagan and continuin with every President since


.....and continuing with every President since, including Obama, comes with a Congressionally accepted Crown. There will be no indictments, or prosecutions of VW. Long live the King and the Republic as it now stands.


The US emissions regulations with regard to diesel, which is much more efficient and emits less CO2 that gasoline engines, are simply too stringent. In Europe, the air is clean and they have rigorous emissions rules, and there are numerous diesel engine cars that get 50-70 mpg and correspondingly less CO2 emissions on the roads. (Car ads in Europe always report their g CO2 per km as a bragging point). Yet, none of these environmentally beneficial diesel cars can be sold in the US due to unreasonable inflexible, counterproductive regulations. VW is trying and cheated a bit. I dont blame them.

VW is also the company that actually encouraged its workers in Tennessee to join a union - and in response to Tennessee politicians and Chamber of Commerce defeating the union through lavishly funded threats and dirty tricks, VW may open its next plant in a more union-friendly state. Can you imagine ANY US business doing this?


"Such pollutants are linked to a range of health problems, including asthma attacks, other respiratory diseases, and premature death.

"I don’t suppose we’ll never know how many people died—asthmatics, for example—because Volkswagen designed its 'clean diesel' vehicles"

When will the Koch Brothers be prosecuted for the health problems their fossil fuels and global warming and its denial they've caused?

We already know that the Bush/Cheney Cabal lied us into trillion dollar wars and the murder and displacement of millions of innocent people that continues in the Obama Administration.

When are these conservatives and neo-liberals going to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity?


To businesses a fine is just part of the cost, which is usually lobbied down anyway. Get tough on corporate crime by sending a few CEO's to jail. Withdraw their corporate status. Seize their assets under RICCO. Anything less is just bullshit.


Don't know much about RICO (one C only by the way), and looks like you don't but it doesn't seem apply to this case. Not sure about you but getting some cash out of them companies for the state coffer sounds better than interminable litigation.


Not likely unless Ms Merkel up and does something the administration thinks deserves a smackdown.


My first reaction was - WHO is complaining about the competition! Weren't fuel efficient diesel cars kept out of the US for years! What about all the trucks burning the dirty #2 diesel sold in the US?


Something is not right with this "revelation", in fact the timing smells (as does the emphasis of the headline). While this manipulation by VW of emissions & data was not what we should expect or tolerate, the crime is modest, relative to the crimes of the financial/TBTF bankers/Wall St "industry" parasites that intentionally, with premeditation, made victims of many millions and injured many more in collateral damages - homes lost, jobs lost and economic loss of billions/trillions – none actually “lost” just taken from some to put in the pockets of others.

Corporate/banker/financial crime is all around us, from education loans & usury, financial "instruments" and Wall St manipulations/electronic trading designed to steal resources from people - "robbed with a fountain pen", and environmental degradation/exploitation/pollution. Corporate executive pay hundreds of times that of workers, ultra low taxation (via bought and paid-for politician campaign-contribution bribes/legislation) of the richest Americans and corporate taxes allowed to be manipulated, hidden and "off-shored" - all of these ongoing criminal enterprises tolerated, ignored, encouraged, legalized by corrupt and complicit government "regulators" in bed with the criminals that target millions to feed their greed and self-interest! CEO/executive pay the highest its ever been, with obscenely low taxation and NO prosecution of crimes – they did not suffer to ANY real extent from the “economic downturn” THEY manufactured, no, actually they profited greatly!

Not a single person responsible for the so-called "economic downturn" was ever held accountable by the pathetic Holder "Justice" Dept, and few institutions held accountable or laws making their criminal scams illegal passed by a complicit Congress. The people's righteous anger at collusion between government and financial parasites is diverted by this VW emissions manipulation, and an opportunity to shift peoples eyes from the systematic crimes by the rich and powerful, sanctioned by laws from our “elected” representatives, to a (relatively) small illegality by VW that may not be all it's cracked up to be.......

This VW crime may be a symptom, but it is NOT what should be the focus of either the public - a classic diversionary tactic – or those charged with actual JUSTICE in America, to continue to shield and hide the actual criminals and their systematic crimes against the people and nation!


However, to the up-voting lamonte's out there, I am not implying in my comment that all federal pollution regulations are unreasonable and counterproductive, the great majority are very much needed and useful...


Agreed. Barry the Liar's own choice for AG, Eric Holder, showed us what the "Justice" Dept. was really about by coddling these appalling financial criminals. Not ONE of them was prosecuted. Now he's back in his corner office making big bucks doing it for the private sector. Likely, VW will get similar treatment just as Exxon/Mobil got off from having to pay the fine they were originally assessed after devastating Prince William Sound. "Too Big To Jail" wins again.


Remember the infamous Nixon? He said - "If the President does it, that means that it isn't illegal." Seems to work for just about every president since then. There are levels of power in this country that are beyond accountability and justice.


The strict regulations should apply for all Diesel vehicles. If I see these black clouds coming out of trucks I really wonder. Any European Diesel car is cleaner and the US regulations for those are absurd indeed.


Actually, just about all American cars of the seventies were crappy-regardless of what little tricks were used to get around pollution regulations. The Japanese trounced them, taking away huge chunks of market share. It was the age of bell bottoms, wide ties, cheesy hairdos, dull and dismal architecture. That's why coke was so popular. It was needed as a counter balance to an environment that looked like it was made from pressed dog shit.


Of course not.