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Will the Price of Oil Collapse Within a Decade, Driven Off Cliff By Electric Vehicles?


Ah, so you live in Seattle? I can’t afford to. I live on an acre and a half on the outskirts…on my daughter’s property–in a mother-in-law cottage I built with my retirement money. I love the city, but oh boy, it has become so over-populated! And over-priced.

I like your idea for the monorail.

Hey, I’ve spent years and years being un-conditioned and de-programmed to the system! Don’t sell me short. I know all about programming, marketing, MIC, war racket, etc. So ok, the flying car won’t be cheap, but think of all the crummy roads digging into animals habitat, that could be abolished. BTW…I saw that movie many years ago, about the electric car and how it was murdered!

I’m well aware of the reasons for much of the junk stuff we have (and don’t even get me started on these huge SUV’s blocking my vision!!!), and recognize, it’s all about money!

I was a person who warned everyone, about 25 years ago, not to trust computers and such. Of course, now I own one and use it every day…shame on me…but it has become a good source of communication. However, now I see – with this net neutrality issue – that the corporations have made their move to control us even more–thru our computers! Figures it was just a matter of time. And look at our kids! Pretty soon evolution will produce a freak human with bent neck and very large thumbs! :o) Not sure yet about the brains. Will they be pre-programmed or only grow to pea size?!

Oh well, I diverge…


We’re going to replace all fossil-fueled electricity generation while simultaneously adding 200 million electric cars to the load in this country alone?

Gosh, I’m really impressed with us!


Can you picture it? Every morning at 7 AM and then again at 5 PM tens of thousands of flying cars swarming over every city, running into one another, falling out of the sky. I can’t wait.


Paula, your diversion, my managed OCD, a MONK personality.
Good Will With U Sister. I lived 1970-71 Presidio.
Didn’t have to kill any Asian. I wish to return to the Point,
silver sister Eco-topian restoration. Ahem, breathe.


Rae, forgive my professional intrusion and consider future infrastructure construction projects with my participation incredibly disappointing according to ‘peer’ STATE civil engineer projects proposed at reduced cost and measurably LESS severe impact. WSDOT SUCKS before 2008-2011 CRC Bi-state conflict.
ODOT makes WashDOT look imbecilic.


Pacific NW Hwy engineers are ODOT, not WurshDirturds.


Someone, please, please tell Canada’s Prime minister. He doesn’t get it! Trudeau wants a oil pipeline to the coast of BC, one way or another. I’m sure someone will get rich, but it won’t be the general public.


Haha! No. That’s not what I was thinking of. More like mass transit for the job thing. The flying cars would be like a hover craft (sort of) for personal errands, etc. Maybe for long distance trips too. Hopefully there would be no falling out of the sky! Perhaps some definite traffic channels or something ?


Hahahahaha! Yes, definitely “Ecotopian.”


Professional intrusion totally allowed!


I’m not sure what you mean by “people in remote areas” but people in rural areas used to have horses. Now that’s green technology! However, horses and urban areas don’t mix well as history showed us.


My problem with electric vehicles is that they are currently engineered to perform like gas burning cars. Meaning, they are big, heavy and still consume a lot of energy to move that mass around and do 0-60 in 5 seconds… We don’t need vehicles this big, heavy and fast. Seriously, who needs 400 horsepower with a max speed of 200 mph when all you need to do is drive around town and maybe get up to 45 mph? All most people need is a golf-cart! Heck, electric powered bicycles will suffice for most people who just need to commute a few miles to work and back. My commute to and from work is 8 miles and for most of that I’m driving about 35 mph. A 200 mile driving range for the current electric vehicles is over-kill for my needs and that’s why I haven’t forked out the $40k for an electric vehicle yet. When someone finally engineers a reasonable electric three-wheeled vehicle coupled with its own solar recharging station that I can build on my drive-way (like a carport with a big solar panel on top), I’m sold!


Remote like wilderness, mountainous, desert, jungle, stuff like that. In other words, far from roads.