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Will the Real Bombers Please Stand Up

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/15/will-real-bombers-please-stand


My expectation is for war, but not yet. Trump wants the fresh frenzy of war to raise the rabble known as his base. Surely someone in his orbit will advise him to not strike too soon so that the “shock and awe” phase will have yielded to the “oh shit” phase before November 2020. Of course with his judgment who knows–flimflam at eleven.


My money is on Saudi Arabia or Mossad. The Axis of Evil today being the Saudis, Israel, the UAE and the US (under their orange puppet) have everything to gain in their long efforts to demonize and destroy Iran and raising oil prices. Iran would have absolutely no reason to do this. It is another false flag.


It is my instant assessment that Iran is not behind these attacks based on my personal intelligence that Iran does not have a death wish and Japan really does need Iranian oil. I wish Washington would have asked me first. What BS!


It’s good thing to see so many respected journalists refuse to story line put out by the war mongers in the US government about this subject.
“Many Americans love small wars.”
I hope Margolis meant this in broad context, and not in reference to a war with Iran. Iran will not be the “cakewalk” Iraq was, everyone remember that cakewalk, Iran will be much more difficult.


Does anyone think that Iran is that stupid?


“to provoke war between Iran and the United States – a key Israeli goal”

If that is true, Israel is no friend to the US, particularly in view of the fact that Israel used all its considerable influence in Washington to push us into war against Iraq, and per the exposed Clinton emails, our devastating, “Assad must go” policy in Libya was in service to Israel. Incidentally, Bolton, an Israeli (dual citizenship), still maintains that the war in Iraq was and is a success - it destroyed Iraq as an Israeli adversary. If that’s how he identifies success, maybe we should be getting better counsel.


Come on Pompous dick, this is none of our business. Do you see the Russians or the Chinese, or the British getting their undies in a twist?
No, because they are not presently in our league where warmongering is concerned.
Will there be enough sign carriers to stop this?

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change, “refuse to story”, to read “refuse the story”.

Rumors around the net is that Trump wants to dump Bolton, who knows if it’s true or not. But perhaps this is where the effort needs to start. The good news is they are already getting more “push-back” on this, than I can remember in the recent past.


“Trump’s nincompoop foreign policy advisers says it all.”

this is made in the usa policy. refusal to acknowledge our colonialism, racism, greed, disconnect from earth, pure fear of reality is why we will never change. the saddest thing about the usa is anyone believing the words meant for several white guys included them.

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Iraq 2.0, the Demorats are now jumping on the Iran War train. " Rep. Adam Schiff told CBS’s ‘Face the Nation’ on Sunday that the evidence indicating Iran is behind the attacks on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman is strong." Male ruminant scatology. I want to see this “evidence” and not some blurry picture of a boat supposedly doing something and I certainly do not want to hear “we can’t show you the evidence due to national security.” If you are going to send young men and women to die and kill civilians, you damned well better make the case why it is the USA’s job to even get involved. And, after making your lame case, shut up and let the American people decide if they want another senseless damned war. F**king Democrats are as bad as the Republicans when it comes to their eagerness to shovel money to the military and letting them use the arms they buy. What’s that I hear? The NYTimes and Washington Post beating their war drums?


I didn’t/don’t watch the Sunday “news” shows but i did do a search and came up with the following scheduled guests:
NBC: Pete Buttigieg, Steve Scalise, R-La.
CBS: Pete Buttigieg, Mike Pompeo, Tom Cotton, R-Ark, Adam Schiff, D-Ca
CNN: Pete Buttigieg, Beto
Fox: Mike Pompeo, Bernie Sanders
I don’t know how accurate the list is or what they said-- the list is from “Oklahoman.com” so you could correct or add but it triggered a number of thoughts.
First, Buttigieg is on 3 programs! Why? There is a reason why a young mayor of a medium sized rust belt city is being invited. It’s not a coincidence. My guess is that the Orwellian media deciders are putting him on to ramp up his numbers against Bernie. When his rising numbers start going down they’ll drop him out and put someone else in as they continue to try and harm Bernie (death by 1000 cuts) and shun him along with Tulsi.
Second, the crisis in the Middle East just accelerated as Eric Margolis layed out and it seems that there were few people with enough knowledge about it to be able to speak to what’s going on and where we’re headed. Pompeo and Cotton were on but compared to 2002-2003 when Cheney, Rice, George Will, Richard Perle, etc. were on every channel the push for war seems weak. It seems that the media are really focused on defeating Bernie more than any other issue. We should continue to prepare for what we will do when he is defeated by the DNC along with Gabbard who I believe could become a top tier candidate if she got exposure. Gabbard also has by far the clearest and most corageous foreign policy position regarding Iran.

Count me among those “few cynics”.