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 Will the Republican Health Care Debacle Pave the Way for ‘Medicare for All’?


 Will the Republican Health Care Debacle Pave the Way for ‘Medicare for All’?

Robert Borosage

This week, the Congressional Budget Office confirmed what was already apparent: the revised House Republican health care bill will still deprive millions of Americans–23 million in the CBO estimate—of health insurance. Senate Republicans are devising their plan in secret because it too will likely deprive millions of hea


I agree that tipping the balance to get Medicare for all ON THE TABLE will be a huge task. Surely Congressional Republicans and supine Democrats are doing all they can to suppress it.

So if Bernie and Elizabeth Warren are out front on this, we need to give them the vocal support they need to bring this to the table.

I know it is a tired saw (one I grew tired of) to say, "Contact your senator and representative" but I think there needs to be so many of us doing this that they will be afraid to ignore it.

It's is possibly our last best chance.


When people who are deprived of Medicaid become ill, eventually, when their problems have become worse, go to expensive emergency rooms. These then shift the costs of uncompensated care to those who still have insurance in the form of increased premiums, co-pays and deductibles. As these increase more people and companies drop out of the system to send more people to the ERs to shift more costs. Even with the Affordable Care Act there are 28 million who have no health insurance. Their costs will be shifted, so the health care system is unsustainable. So the answer to the question posed by this article is yes!


universal health care, equally available to all citizens is a must in any society that considers itself to be viewed with respect from all.
unfortunately just having a government health care plan does not guarantee to provide equal health care to all. witness the u.k. and canada, if you will.
there are some european states that provide excellent health care, but inequality means that wealthy people are not rushed to an emergency clinic where they will have to stand in line, as the rest of us do.
it is not possible to have a guaranteed equal health care plan when you have tax laws that benefit the wealthy.
as long as we are not equal we cannot, by definition, have a universal health care plan that is delivered to all citizens.