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Will the Senate Confirm Coup Plotter Nuland?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/14/will-senate-confirm-coup-plotter-nuland


MzVic must have another coup lined up with the dead bolt and the pompous one… what will it take to make these insidious corporate mafia plotters irrelevant?


“Nuland would be a ticking time-bomb in Biden’s State Department, waiting to sabotage his better angels much as she undermined Obama’s second-term diplomacy.”

Yes, the Senate will confirm. The Senate and Biden’s “better angels” all agree Nuland did a bang-up job and they are eager for a repeat performance. It worked out especially well for Hunter to the tune of a monthly salary of $300,000. Not a bad pay-off for the overthrow of a democratically elected government. I’m not saying that Hunter had anything to do with the coup but he was certainly a lucky benefactor.


When the US went back on its word not to expand NATO eastward following the fall of the Berlin wall it really fucked the pooch. Russia had no interest in rolling tanks to its west, as it had myriad internal issues that it had to grapple with. The pathological need for enemies is a MIC sickness and why we don’t have renewable energy and bullet trains and the like. Put the neocons like Kagan on their own island and CCTV a real version of Survivor for all I care.


The f^cking morons who voted for Reagan in the 1980 election (and in the process got rid of 10 of our most progressive senators, including George McGovern) can rub their hands with satisfaction at the fruits of the actions: Reagan, the Bushes, Cheney, Bill Clinton and his cigar, Trump, Hilary, Biden, insurrection, a police state, and the permanent installation of a neo-lib + neo-con regime (Republican or Democrat, take your pick). Liz Cheney and Victoria Nuland are the new darlings of our Democratic “left.” Get me to another planet!


Yep and now she have old friend back sammy powers. obomber 2.0

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The democrats needed to go back to about 1964 in order to address America’s coming disaster. But no, captain Joe and the rest of the rest of the Third Way can only see as far back as 2016.
Democrats have spent the last four years trying to re litigate the 2016 election. And now, instead of making bold plans to deal with a flailing proto-fascist America, they want to get the old band back together. You know, the same band that will play the same tunes it did in 2009-2016. The very same band whose tunes made a Donald Trump possible.


Oh, and the word evil tends to be overused. But in the case of Nuland and her husband, they are truly evil people. I’m surprised they didn’t birth the antichrist.


Very interesting article. But perhaps less than 10% of Americans know what/where Ukraine is, much less the fact that millions of their money and overhead resources go to manipulate its existence. Nuland, as dangerous as she is, is just one tool in a larger tool box. It was telling that the 1st impeachment was about (not) sending mega militaristic merchandise to Ukraine, rather than about numerous other wrongs done daily domestically to the US people. I hope Nuland gets replaced, but does that really solve any systemic problems?


I want to request that, if anyone arranges to get you to another planet, you bring me along.

I generally trust Medea Benjamin but this piece seems to pretend that Obama was a good guy who wanted to avoid wars and have justice at home, but oh darn, things went wrong or he got tricked. I suppose it’s a matter of “catching more flies with honey”…but I don’t think it will work. There is nothing the entire DC establishment is more committed to than endless war and maintaining global dominance for the US empire and its corporations.


Ahhh, finally back to war-mongering normalcy. Surely, those who voted for Biden were really voting in hopes of the reinstatement of Nuland, Powers, Rice, etc. Familiarity breeds contempt, for sure.


The “other planet” you want is right here, after this one is depopulated. Beautiful, off the beaten track, and available. Watch your back, tiger.

Good article.
One does not need to read it to know the answer is Yes, the Neo liberal war monger will be confirmed.

FWIW i just wrote my two terrible Senators, Murray and Cantwell:

You KNOW Who Nuland Is! Vote NO.

Vote NO on Senate confirmation of Victoria Nuland to the #3 spot in the Biden State Department.

Nuland is a neocon warmonger, YOU KNOW THIS.

She was responsible for the US intervention in Ukraine elections and her famous “F**k the EU” comment. She said it, not me. She is not a worthwhile representative of the USA.

Stop supporting US “exceptionalism” and stop supporting the “New American Century.” Help Biden bring real diplomacy and honor to the table, not more arrogant bluster. Vote “NO” on Nuland.


Unless one is a war monger, like Obama, Biden and all previous POTUS. People like Bernie, Dr. Jill Stein and Ralph Nader will never be allowed in the oval office. And if by some miracle they did…they would be assassinated before they could realize their peace agenda.


Joe Biden should have learned from Obama’s mistakes that appointments like this matter.

With all due respect Medea, Obama’s appointments were not mistakes, but good decisions of the Amerikan, Empire.


Minor point – the article mentions “#3 at the State Department,” but I’d be interested in knowing the title and job description of the position for which Nuland has been nominated.

Pathetically, criminally, all the voices on the planet clamoring for a turn towards renewal of diplomacy, towards resolving differences through negotiation and cooperation will not be heard, and most certainly by the criminally corrupt Senate. Neither of my senators (VP-elect Kamala Harris and the brain-dead Dianne Feinstein) have ever responded with facts or truth in response to my numerous requests (over 30 years with the senior senator) for pursuing peaceful and humane solutions, only with all the lies and deceit they could muster to defend U. S. war crimes, militarism, and legal impunity. Expecting the U. S. Senate to reject Nuland might be about as reasonable as someone expecting Hitler to have called off the SS. War criminals flock together in Congress like no other gathering outside the equally criminally insane CEOs of the war and weapons industry; not by coincidence would I make such a comparison. Indeed, aren’t they mostly the same people sharing notes and quips about the “Russian menace,” the “Chinese threat,” “Venezuelan dictatorship,” at their Beltway parties and other slimefests for collaborating killers?

Nuland has already demonstrated her propensity for promoting warfare and humanitarian crises. Biden should never be allowed to forget such a nomination, as an indication of his unwavering support of U. S. imperialism, just like his glib corporatist Democratic predecessor as POTUS, just like the Clintons, and just like every U.S. senator (one doesn’t get elected to the Senate unless you’re firmly into the wallet of the war-for-profit industry). So why would I bother to waste my time with a phone call to Feinstein, a long-time supporter of errant U. S. interventionism and its steadfast collaborator, war profiteering? Feinstein and her husband Richard Blum, through his investment company, Blum Capital, have made millions upon millions of dollars profit on disaster capitalism, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Latin America, and elsewhere. Feinstein, a true political harridan, never fails to choose greed and human casualties for the sake of her right to profit from human misery, whether through warfare or “post-war” U. S. occupations and the obscenely bloated corporate contracts for “re-construction,” or her self-entitled support for other reprehensible excuses for humanity, including Binyamin Netanyahu (Israel) and Salman bin Abdulazia Al Saud (Saudi Arabia) with weapons sales and unmitigated philosophical support. I have all the trust in Biden or the U. S. Senate to vote responsibly and reject Nuland (just one of many miserable nominations forthcoming for confirmation) as I have in U. S. foreign policy to promote peace: 0.


Didn’t Gore Vidal say something like this once: “If I were elected president, on the first day I’d nationalize all the banks, on the second day I’d recall the U. S. military from all its foreign bases, and on the third day I’d be assassinated.”? Here’s another lucid observation from Vidal: “Persuading the people to vote against their own best interests has been the awesome genius of the American political elite from the beginning.”


Thanks for your reply, which reminded me of another lucid quote by Professor, Ward Churchill: " Americans are free to do exactly what they are told to do".