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Will the Senate’s "Good Republicans" Reject a Dishonest Nominee?


Will the Senate’s "Good Republicans" Reject a Dishonest Nominee?

Richard Eskow

There’s compelling evidence to show that Steve Mnuchin, Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary of the Treasury, lied to the Senate in both written and verbal testimony. Senate Republicans seem to be taking these offenses in stride. None of the GOP’s “independents” and “mavericks” have indicated that they will oppose his nomination.

If they don’t speak up, these Republicans are placing partisan politics over the rule of law and the integrity of their own institution.

False Witness


but one boomerang on the zeigeist...


I remember when there were good Republicans. These days, however, "good Republican" is an oxymoron!


Olympia Snowe is no longer a Senator.


You are correct, but the good Democrats are few and far between as well.
96 out of 100 Senators voted for Nikki Haley (Zionist stooge like Samantha Power) for UN Ambassador.
This means nearly every "US Senator" values Israel over the USA.


I don't know, just a little thing like a measly 100 million. I had the same problem so many times. Just because he is be the secretary of the treasury, keeping track of money is asking a bit much, after all, he's a Repub.!!!!


Maine's "other Senator" has not been Olympia Snow for quite a while. Angus King, Ind. is our other Senator. Mistakes like this have a negative impact on the credibility of your thesis


And I remember when having had an undocumented nanny was a good enough reason to reject an appointee. Let's hear it for Family Values ! Once again.


All of us should write our repug senators and reps reminding them that frumps scorched earth policies will be short lived. So if they have any hope of coming out of this with any respect in their states they better make their choices for the honorable thing to do. frump will be gone and the republican party along with him.


Dede, like any care. Gardner sends back out utter tripe, and I see no sign of hesitation to hew to the party line, much less stand up for wethepeople OR our famous public lands. These guys can't see past the ends of their noses....which actually makes sense considering where their noses are placed right now.


That is true, and I do not understand it.


The Senate's "Good Republicans" died years ago ...


"Behind every great fortune lies a great crime." - Honore de Balzac