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Will the Trump USDA Deliver on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans? Our New Report Shows What’s at Stake

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/09/will-trump-usda-deliver-dietary-guidelines-americans-our-new-report-shows-whats

As long as we have a cheeseburger (who prioritizes corporate profits) sitting in the Oval Office the author knows the answer to the title/question.

Not only ar the products addressed in the article huge profit centers for corporations, the weight reduction industry and drug industry also profit from those who consume them.

Yet another government agency that once-was FOR the people, now subverted by capitalist corporate greed and purveyors of poison and profits above all else! hey, poor health and many conditions and diseases are good for business - for the for-profit health-care industry and insurance parasites!

The trump regime is the most odious example of the pervasive sabotage of “regulatory” agencies, and shift from protecting citizens to protecting and enhancing profits by the greedy and corrupt.

"The Trump administration has ushered in a new era. With a particularly friendly attitude toward industry and a demonstrated distaste for science and scientific expertise" - in other words the odious trump regime is part of the crimes against people by greed and poisonous product marketeers!

Remember the “Food Pyramid”? recommendations from the Dept of Agriculture? They once encompassed 12 food groups, then reduced to the “basic 7” then to 4, and now renamed to the shallow “device generations” sophomoric shit of “My Plate” - an asinine vapid example of what “regulatory” agencies and their uneducated corporate-whores have become!

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Ah-Yup.  Since selling chemical-laden pizzas to school cafeterias is big business, and we want our kids to eat heathful meals, pizzas are – of course – placed in the ‘vegetable’ category.  Well, one does have to admit that most pizzas DO contain at least a little tomato paste (made from REAL tomatoes – which, after all, ARE vegetables – with only enough added sugar & sodium glutamate to make them palatable).