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Will the U.S. Start a War Against Iran?

Will the U.S. Start a War Against Iran?

Vijay Prashad

On Sunday, May 5, U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton announced that the USS Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group and a bomber task force had begun to make their way from the Mediterranean Sea toward the coastline of Iran. Iran, Bolton said, had made “a number of troubling and escalatory indications and warnings.” He was, characteristically, not specific. It was enough that Bolton—who has a history of making hazardous statements—had made these comments from the perch of the White House in Washington, D.C.


In the next 2 years, 70-30, yes.

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Of course we will, because that’s what are bosses want.


What underlies these warnings and why Bolton does not want to talk about it is that the information or “intelligence” on alleged impending plans to attack the USA comes from Israel.

This the same State that cooked up a lot of the Intel on Iraqs weapons of mass production.

A good number of people in the USA and in Countries deemed as allies of the USA get tired of Israel contriving to get these other nations involved in wars against all of those Nations Israel has poor relations with. Bolton has to make it look like Israel not a factor here.

Now obviously what is dangerous here is this. In Syria , Barack Obama warned that if Assaad used poison gas against the opposition a red line will have been crossed. Conveniently for Obama There was immediately a poison gas attack blamed on the Syrian Government. 1 year plus after these attacks it has all been acknowledged that the Syrian Government did not commist the attacks , albeit it too late to prevent the USA and allies from bombing and invading Syria.

The same happens here. It the Gulf of Tonkin over again.

False Flag pending.


“Will the U.S. Start a War Against Iran?”
Probably, and I predict it will become a bigger quagmire than Vietnam. Not only is it illegal and wrong, it’s fool hardy to think it will go smooth.
The only attack I would sign on to, would be equipping and dropping the 3 stooges, in the picture with this article, outside Tehran, then call officials in Tehran and tell them the 3 are coming.


Does the country the U.S. powers that be hate have nukes? No? Then yes we will start a war with them.

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Win Without War


Hi SuspiradeProfundis------and what about the Jewish people that live in Iran— who are fully able to practice their religion? I guess that they don’t count?
Do those other ME nations really trust Israel? I don’t think so----as Israel seems to have too many machinations going on. Maybe Egypt will accidentally send disaster in the wrong direction.
I wonder if China will decide they want their US investments back in gold, as the US dollar, really doesn’t have anything to back it.That would be interesting Of course tying up the water way between Saudia Arabia and Iran would be a really dumb idea.

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The position of the US and Israel regarding Iran’s nuclear program is simply stunning in its inherent racism and hypocrisy.

Considering the brutal and extensive interventions in Iran’s affairs by the US and the UK, as well as the war of aggression initiated by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq (at the behest of and financed by the US, EU and the Gulf States) that cost Iran over a million lives, it is Iran that is the threat to the stability of the region?

And while Israel is allowed to have hundreds of nuclear warheads without question, Iranians cannot be trusted to have even one because they are so irrational that they would commit national suicide by attacking a heavily nuclear-armed Israel with their first and only warhead?

As a result of this hypocrisy and racism, we are treated to the spectacle of a nation with the largest nuclear stockpile, teaming up with a nation with the largest “concealed” nuclear stockpile, to threaten a nation with NO nuclear weapons at all (much less a stockpile) about the right to enrich uranium.

This entire charade would be laughable if its consequences weren’t so tragic.


Will the U.S. Start a War Against Iran?

Don’t be surprised if the U.S. gov’t starts a war with Canada or Hawaii. <(Most of the government is so stoopid they probably don’t know it’s a state.)

And not to forget Vijay, that the American neocons, AIPAC and the
Netanjahu government planned that Iran be regime changed in their
“Clean Break” and Project for the New American Century (PNAC) 1996.

Is this a trick question?

If the republicans or neoliberal centrist Corporate Dems (including Biden) have anything to say about it - Yes.

As sure as the sun rises. Watch for it.


A US war with Iran would be mutually assured destruction. Iran has been preparing for this for decades and would retaliate against the US by attacking their allies. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE oil fields and infrastructure would be #1 on the list. Closing the Straits of Hormuz to Iraqi oil would be a given. The world economy would go into a tailspin so I really don’t think a military strike on Iran is likely and the recent naval action is just sabre rattling by the US.

Venezuela, on the other hand, is a bigger worry for military action by the USA. Probably start with the assassination of Guido as an excuse since a military coup is looking unlikely. US media all-in for war. CNN reported that Guido won the January elections…despite the fact that there were no elections in January and Guido has never run for president.

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Your thought on China possibly wanting “US investments back in gold” makes no sense. The dollar has not been backed by gold for a half century.

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As I learned many years ago, in the 1970’s when I watched the sales people for a company I worked for sell occupational courses to prospects who just needed a job, it doesn’t even matter what the reason is. False or otherwise. All you have to do is to say “because” (or equivalent). You could say “because chicken soup” or “because btzflick” and the assumed reason is taken as valid without examination.

I was going to say how hard it is to imagine invading Iran, despite the bluster and sturm, but then the names Bolton (especially) and Pompeo (only slightly less, maybe just slightly slicker) floated in front of me. I keep wondering too about Venezuela. The Guaido (CIA cut out) putsch is not yet over and not hearing much about it keeps me nervous. The evil trio of DumpsPompTon is liable to do anything, especially the PompTon part. Or even two wars at one time. Basically so much at a time the news media can’t keep up with it. And our “heroes” who will take orders to murder regardless of any “legality.” The military will take those orders and all the troops will go out to kill people they don’t even know for reasons they won’t question just because they are orders.

The use of the term “False Flag” cheapens what’s actually happening, thanks to Alex Jones.

Disagree. They could try. This obstruction bubble of theirs is intolerable.

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Forget quantum physics. This is what’s strange.

  1. Bolton, Pompeo, and Pence while in office pose the world just as much danger as Trump (Pence’s danger at the moment being “potential”).

  2. Most likely a Venezuelan coup and a war on Iran are aimed to slow oil production in these countries so as to force other nations to come to the US first for purchases (and our price goes up). MbS and Netanyahu have additional goals in terms of the latter. This set up (“energy dominance”) relies on FRACKING in America, which spells the ruination of our ground water.

  3. Regarding why Trump should be impeached [while conviction would lead to Pence…pretty impossible], Americans and America’s media are distracted. Taking the energy dominance route, apparently, in the collective neocon-Trump-team-mind, entails war with Iran…a war that’ll make the '03 Iraq fiasco look like only a blip of misfortune. China and Russia are friends with Iran, and Venezuela OWES both the aforementioned nations big time. “The dragon is firmly assured that, if cornered to the point of resorting to a nuclear option, it holds the power to make the eagle’s staggering deficit explode, degrade its credit rating to junk, and wreak havoc in the global financial system.” <- Pepe Escobar

Unprovable collusion, or even a not-intimate collusion is like molecule-sized-potatoes compared to Trump-team’s barking up this tree. Meantime, like I wrote, STRANGELY Americans can’t let go of the espionage thriller, or all the obstruction hooplah.

“But I think what’s also taking place here is that the Trump Administration is essentially forcing countries to not only leave Iranian oil, but to replace that with American oil and change the refineries from the type of a crude oil which is much heavier that the Iranians export to the lighter crude that the U.S. is exporting.” Trita Parsi https://www.democracynow.org/2019/5/7/trita_parsi_john_bolton_has_wanted

Hi MonksTale, I know that. America used to keep a to of nations gold as it was seen as a secure place I also read that when Nixon took us off the gold standard, gold was $35 an ounce. : 0 In the news lately, China and Russia have taken their gold back, and I think I read that the UK has stolen Venezuela’s gold now.
Something has to back a nations paper money, and as I see the other nations taking theirs away from here, then that seems to be a sign that there is nothing backing America’s bully ness—except war and war machines------and. for example, nations are going to AirBus instead of Boeing. Remember that man , Gadaffi was murdered because he was trying to set up a gold standard for the African nations so they need not be beholden to America. That’s why America offed him, and I think that other nations decided that it would be best for them to handle their own gold. This was the beginning, I think , of when the United States became known as bully, as before it was the last place not bombed to smithereens from WW 2- and a safe and fair place but too many bully actions spoil a reputation, and the world is not a static place—and " the times they are a changing." like that song. : )