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Will the US Supreme Court Protect the Right to Protest?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/07/will-us-supreme-court-protect-right-protest

If the SC flubs this one, then the police will be all the quicker to send out their unmarked provocateurs into the crowds. This case does have huge ramifications. The People could be more easily sabotaged than ever. The Powers That Be stack the SC for opportunities just like this.


The case also seems to be the litmus test of ‘police state’ not ‘rule of law’ premised on ‘officers of the peace’.
An unquestionable, historically identifiable community having been subjected to the extraction of value by the ECONOMIC SYSTEM which has, due to its irredeemably flawed premise of ‘externalized costs’ , for centuries has centered those extractive abuses by means of dehumanization, violence, corruption and suppression of naturally emergent value of healthy human beings.

The profound irony of the fatally flawed premise of ‘externalized costs’ is its identifiable impact on consciousness itself for the ‘practitioner/perpetrator’, with the suppression of essential conditions for healthy human evolution and, ultimately, an unavoidable retrogression that cancels out any conceivable benefit imagined by said practitioners/perpetrators/enforcers. This applies to both personal and societal/community spheres. Devolution to dependency on ‘evil’ is inevitable - and starkly apparent when considering the etymological root in ancient Hebrew/Chaldean use for ‘off the mark’ - an inadmissible inaccuracy in practice and reasoning.

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Alabama just slagged a dude that literally didn’t commit a crime.

Can we just stipulate that rights for peasants are dead? And that the only rights still in existence are for fake persons?

That way we can kinda move on with what’s next.


“Rights for fake persons” AND rights for right wing nuts toting assault weapons, especially if they are wearing cowboy hats.

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true, but they only get that right, and its conditional upon them supporting power. watch that go “poof!” if they ever start pointing those things at shiny suits.

quote from article: “and hit the officer (we don’t even know his name).”

“Hero” time here. The great, powerful, commanding, protector of all, uniformed and unnamed “hero” show typical police cowardice, whining, self-pitying bullying law suiting. We are supposed to respect this? Or any officers?

And that after deciding to find someone among the protestors to name and blame. This is the normally-expected problem with all occupation troops, whether in another country or right here on the streets of “our own” towns.

Isn’t this the place where gun-toting 2cnd amendmenters show up to push back the “gov-mint?” Yeah, right.


Is this writer naive? The faith she places in the Supreme Court is, in my view, misplaced. The Supreme Court has been stacked with right-wing judges for just such a time in history. The goal for decades now–by the elites–has been to turn this Democratic Nation into a Third World country. That way, whatever they want will be very easy to attain. The people will be down-trodden and mired in debt and poverty. They wouldn’t have to pay workers anything if they didn’t want to. And forget health care and vacations. Mandatory over-time would be the rule…with no over-time pay.

They will work us till we drop and then kick us over in the gutter and drag some other poor soul in to do our job. Or even better–they will kill us all with “some kind of virus” and replace us with machines.

Yeah, I know…I’m feeling despairing today.


Not despair, but a peephole through the Matrix to reality. Trump has openly and constantly stated that he hates protest of any kind. The MSM echoes him, but then we have only six corporations controlling all the info we’re allowed to know.
The US of Abuse has always had a totalitarian bent, from the Massachusetts Bay Colony on. And, entwined with it, has been a theocratic bent. Both are based on complete obedience to some authority. No questions are allowed. Protest is considered disobedience and must be punished in a punative way. The lower courts are packed with uber-conservative “judges” with degrees from places like Liberty University. And SCOTUS…it will be a 5-4 decision making protests in any form illegal, citing the Patriot Act. Then we’ll all be meeting in a forum on the dark web…


Agree with your comment. As for the dark web–if we can even have the freedom to do that, it will be a miracle.

At this time in history, I am trying really hard to believe that “reality” is possible to change with our minds with a higher level of consciousness. I fluctuate so often though, given what I see happening. All the fear mongering by the media is causing a relentless flow of negative energy. Counter-acting that is a gargantuan task! Sometimes (maybe most of the time), I am just not up to it.


Trump abolishes the Constitution by ignoring it. The packed-with-biased pro-corporate rights-above-all courts ok this by upholding his deeds!!

Now that Moscow Mitch and his minions have stacked the courts with right wingers it won’t matter what laws Congress enacts…anybody or corporation that challenges centrist or left leaning laws in court will win, so the judicial branch has now become the defacto legislative branch.


Oh yeah, they can shut down protesting, and as we found out yesterday, you can be executed for NOT murdering.
The people that helped to allow trump to be president are going to suffer as much as those who did not.
And we all went a suffering in a little row boat.

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Don’t think so. Those MEGA folks with all the guns will become the well rewarded brown shirts to the new Orange Fuhrer.

I would suggest not all of them will survive.


True that! They will just be pawns in the Orange Fuhrers one world conquest asperations…

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I was just hinting that they don’t have ALL of the guns.

If the right of protest is infringed we are one step away from marshal law possibilities.

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I think Marshal Law will come before this lawsuit winds it’s way thru SCOTUS. Maybe before the November election. The Orange Fuhrer has no intention of leaving the oval office - EVER.

I don’t own a gun, but I have a lot of conservative gun totin’ mamas as friends. And they don’t like having ANY of their Bill of Rights taken away or their kids (or grandkids) harmed in any way by the damn government or any of it’s armed agents.

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If the U.S. EVER becomes an enlightened rather than “Christian” nation one of the first things I hope to see is the decertification of “universities” such as Liberty and Oral Roberts. How would you feel about having open heart surgery by a graduate of Liberty University Medical School (yes they do have a medical school)? I can see the surgical team now… as the monitor flatlines they start praying for you.


The fifth fucking circuit should not be able to up end the first amendment of the constitution. If so, that piece of paper should be burned on the steps of the Supreme Court…the original and all the original copies after the people riot and destroy whatever property houses those worthless documents. I’m fed up with word twisting. I’m fed up with the citizens being sold a bill of lousy lying goods when we enter public schools. As it turns out, it’s all lies when it comes right down to it. My mother, an immigrant from Nicaragua loved this country because she gained the opportunities for herself and her children that she sought. However, I always saw this country for what it was: racist and unfair…to the bone.