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Will the White House Bring Back Cameras?


Will the White House Bring Back Cameras?

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

With a new boss in town, the White House communications team may soon bring back regular on-camera press briefings.

On CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday, Wall Street financier-turned-White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci told host Jake Tapper:

If you're asking me for my personal opinion—and maybe the president will be upset for giving my personal—we should put the cameras on. That's no problem. I don't think we need to have the cameras off.


Does Scaramucci understand why Steve Bannon is Trump’s political strategist or what Trump means when he says the press is the enemy of the people? Does he just follow the stock market and did not understand what the Trump administration is all about when he was hired?


Hello Jessica Corbett and Everyone, As we have been so insultingly reminded by the scum of the planet “If you have nothing to hide…”!!! Ergo they have almost everything to hide. Since that is the case a boycott of the Whiter House is the way to go!!! A reporting blackout by those in the media that at least pretend to be journalists and reporters!!! The secretaries will continue to be fed whatever the scum want them to reproduce!!!


If these “journalists” weren’t so pathetic in their addiction to “access”, they’d have boycotted the Trumpian mobsters months ago simply out of dignity.

Lovely country we’ve made for ourselves.


Cameras will be allowed in the WH with one caveat: they must all be focused ONLY on the orange overlord and be equipped with diffusion filters (to soften the ridges and valleys of his sagging visage). Photographers and cinematographers will be asked to sign an agreement that all footage shot must be reviewed and approved by the emperor and revised film will be plastered throughout all media outlets post haste.