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Will the World Community Condemn the Murder of Iran’s Nuclear Scientist?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/28/will-world-community-condemn-murder-irans-nuclear-scientist


This idea that Trump is “sabotaging” Biden’s relations with Iran is only possible if you

are willing to ignore Biden’s whole career and pretend that some skunks emit


Biden and Trump are on the same team when it comes to crippling Iran for private

corporate control.

Try pushing Biden to express indignation on behalf of Iranian sovereignty. His most likely

response will be loaded with platitudes and misrepresentations to the point that he would

probably insist that he has no choice but to start a war over it.

That’s who he has been through the decades.


We here every report of Russian provocations when NATO sends up fighters to intercept Russian aircraft encroaching on Western airspace but rarely here the same reports of NATO doing the same to Russia. Last year there were some 1800 incidents of this where Russia scrambled fighters to intercept western Military aircraft. It so common they do not even report it as news.

The US sent the Nimitz to the Persian Gulf as a “defensive” measure suggesting those evil Iranians might threaten American lives in the region as a response to this murder. Note the language. It a “defensive” measure. Note the fact that the Persian gulf borders Iran and the USA is some 8000 miles away. Who is the aggressor here?

Both China and Russia have reported incidents of US warships intruding on their territorial waters. This is not “freedom of passage” crap. This is warships steaming well inside territorial waters as a provocation. The Russian navy chased one destroyer out but has warned they will be much more willing to use force if this keeps happening.

Military leaders in the UK and in the USA have suggested they put more “pressure” on Russia with such intrusions so as to punish them for daring to support Venezuela and Syria.

Now Biden will be no improvement. He has filled his cabinet with war hawks among them people who wanted to arm the Ukraine and get a war going with Russia and those who wanted to impose a no fly zone on Syrian airspace shooting down Russian aircraft if they dared to take to the air. It has been revealed that the UK now has foreign military bases in some 42 countries this dwarfing Russias two and Chinas one.

We all know who the real enemies of the peace are here. It is not China. It is not Russia. Indeed it not even Trump. It is the United States of America and their lackeys in NATO.


That depends on who actually ‘pulled the trigger’

The Engine of War:

"For the engine of war is greater than they [the leaders]. They are merely the mechanism that brings war into being—that escalates it, that confirms it and condones it and gives it meaning and value, however false that meaning and value may be.

For the engine of war is produced by how people live, what they use from the Earth, what they believe they must have for themselves, and their endless quest for wealth and power and acquisition—beyond the simple needs of life, beyond what they actually need to live and to be sustained with stability and security."… from the Revelation: “The Engine of War”.…by Marshall Summers.


Last I looked, the US under President Ford, assisted the Iranian government, under the mentally unstable “shah” Reza Pahlavi, build a nuclear reactor.

See the National Security Archive at Georgetown University.

Beginning the Iranian nuclear program.

Like it or not, we are not at war with Iran. Iranians actually are nice people and most of them don’t agree with their government, especially scientists, I would gather.

So simply being a scientist of any kind, including a nuclear scientist, isnt grounds for a death sentence unless somebody is literally Doctor Evil- is he?

If so, what about that Paksistani who has done extensive research on atomic weapons, and assisted other countries build their own programs, what about him, as far as I know we didn’t care so much about him.

What we need is to wind down nuclear weapons study and especially situations that might lead to their use. Especially our own.


The premise that Mr. Fakhrizadeh was working on creating nuclear weapons is

speculation. Iran has insisted for years that it was using nuclear research for energy and


The accusations otherwise are on the same level as the accusation that Iraq had WMDs.

It is all one-sided and it is because the Iranians - after decades of abusive dominance by

those who are making these accusations - repudiated their predatory overlords of NATO.

No evidence exists that Iran is seeking nuclear weapons, but then the NATOmics don’t

give a damn about truth or justice.

There is money to be made by the NATOmics through slaughter. That is part of their religion.


The principle of NATO which I still think is a valid one, one which is very real to Eastern Europeans is, NATO original reason for existence, is to defend them and the rest of Europe against an invasion by Russia.
That threat is real, like it or not.

– But I am getting off topic. We actually helped the bloodthirsty and mentally unstable “Shah” set up his nuclear reactor, knowing that he might use it to set up a nuclear weapons program.

We fucked up.

Constantly, we back these kinds of “leaders”. When is it going to stop?

Its not well known, but we backed Pol Pot too! Seriously.



Russia is no threat to invade Western Europe.

Russia has all of 145 million people. Western Europe , just counting the members of the EU has 400 million.

Russia pulled out of Eastern Europe and all of the stans that were once part of the USSR due to demographics. They recognized they could not hold all of that territory with the population that they had and in particular with the population in the various stans growing much faster .

Russia borders on the most populous nation on Earth and is sparsely settled in that region. They are far more concerned with holding the territory that remains to them then adding more.

Read some of why Gorbachev and those in power at the time decided to pull out of Eastern Europe. It was a drain on their resources and the Eastern Europeans did not want them there. They could not afford a perpetual military occupation as it was draining resources.

The Russians even pulled out of the Ukraine for that reason even though the Ukraine had been part of Russia for centuries and was in fact the original center of the Rus centuries ago. They were not forced out by revolution. They left because they decided they simply could not continue to hold it against people that resented them.

Historically it was Western Europe that invaded Russia. They did this to seize territory under the Teutonic Knights. They did this to seize territory under Napolean. They did this under the Kaiser in WW1 and Hitler in WW2.

The real threat is Western Europe which was the birthplace of Colonialism and the region that sparked the greatest wars in Human History.


Great post!


I think that the EU should offer Russia membership. EU gains access to all the natural gas they need, Russia is no longer treated as the step-child everyone wants to ignore but can’t, and the EU gets a border with China. The raison d’etre for NATO would vanish overnight.


They don’t want Western Europe because like the US, the people there have “unrealistic expectations” that spoil us as far as neoliberalism is concerned. But Western Europeans are even more spoiled than we are in that respect. The oligarchs like the Asian or Latin American model, an M economy with a hole in the middle.

Where the rich are really rich and the poor really poor.

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"This recent assassination, however, further strengthens the hands of Iranian hardliners who say it was a mistake to negotiate with the United States, and that Iran should just leave the nuclear deal and build a nuclear weapon for its own defense. "

Ya think? I mean how many times can Iran get slapped around and humiliated by the American and Israeli bullies? I wish no escalation of warfare or nuclear arms in any way but a country has to protect its people from constant threats.

Just image Israel’s and the US’ response if they were treated the same way.

And no, it will not be different under Biden. Anyone who thinks that needs a check up from the neck up.


I agree. Seems to me that many problems would be solved by a partnering or inclusion of Russia, rather than continued adversarial approach. But that would take away a big argument in favor of continued and unabated, endless increases in military expenditures, and we can’t have that in the USA. No, Russia must remain as the boogeyman that justifies the war pigs insatiable desire for more of America’s richest to be wasted on them, to the detriment of the American people.


In light of how Iran has been treated by the US and Israel, who could fault them if they do pursue nuclear weapons? I wish nobody had nukes, but everyone with a brain can see the difference in treatment:
Libya vs North Korea, Syria vs NK, Iraq vs NK, Somalia vs NK, Venezuela vs NK, Guatemala vs NK, Honduras vs NK, Yemen vs NK, Palestine vs NK, Vietnam vs NK, the Bikini Atoll vs NK, Native Americans vs NK, Mexico vs NK, Bolivia vs NK, and other examples.

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Great post. And let’s not forget, it was Russia that saved western Europe from itself during the Nazi madness, while US waited for the very end of the war to get involved.


So, Sanders finally decided to make a statement on this. Nothing from Warren, AOC etc…till now. And more importantly, absolutely nothing from Biden. And that’s the bigger story.


Once again, it seems that, despite this act of terrorism, Iranian leaders are acting with restraint.

Unfortunately, the CIA war criminal, Elissa Slotkin, who Biden is likely to nominate to head the CIA, has a very America has done no wrong view of foreign policy and views Iran as a “State Sponsor of Terrorism” and a “Destabilizing force in the Middle East”.

This doesn’t bode well for a change in the status quo for the next 4 years.


Biden will probably think he has the right to rule the world too.

That largely depends on someone’s geopolitical views what the World Community really is. Western views never seem to include countries like Russia and Iran, and aren’t they part of the World Community…?