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Will There Be a 'December Surprise'?


Will There Be a 'December Surprise'?

Harvey Wasserman

As millions of Americans desperately seek an alternative to Donald Trump, the 2016 presidential election now faces the volatile possibility of a “December Surprise”.

Here are some Constitutional realities:

The Electoral College is set to vote Monday, December 19.


Holy moly, does anyone think that if such a scenario as this were to come about that the right wing would stand for it, without a fight, a fight that could very well become ugly, maybe violent, across this land?

I'm beginning to think "liberal" punidts of the "higher orders" are losing it. Read this jaw dropping piece, at first I thought this was tongue in cheek but it isn't.




The American system of elections is shown to be an elaborate dance complete with choreography. The electorate was in terrible trouble when the would be candidates were Trump and Clinton. The end game was never in doubt--one of two corporate candidates.

ANY KIND OF trying to throw up the situation in the air and seeing what lands is just further inauthenticity.

I think real solutions will only come from without the system.


Any change in the outcome through the electoral college seems quite unlikely to me. Many states (IIRC it is 20) require their electors to vote for the people choice no matter what. So in the remaining states we need 37 out of a set of pretty committed people to switch. I don't think there is much of a chance for this.

I happen to think that the popular vote is probably the way to go here, and in this case Clinton would have had a relatively clear victory if not a large mandate. However do we really want to dismiss all those south/mid-west conservatives just because the coastal liberals can outvote them every time (six out of the last seven elections)?

I think that the removal of the electoral college, which I probably support, needs to be done with care and not just by its abolition.


I suppose, too, that yes, Harvey, there is a Santa Claus, but you should be afraid of what you ask for or prognosticate; Kasich would be almost as bad as Trump or Pence. Kasich might be worse than Trump in the sense that Trump is just a random series of events with no coherence. Kasich, like Pence, has a coherent, albeit horrific, policy framework that would be truly dangerous to our civil liberties.


Removing it is extremely unlikely. But what is likely is that each state changes its law so the slate elected in each state is committed to the candidate who got the majority of the national popular vote. I also would support such a change including that the electors have no choice but to be faithful.

This would insure in the future that the popular vote winner always wins the electoral college.

If you're unfamiliar with this idea, let me tell you it is already out there and many states have already enacted such laws to only go in effect when enough states do this to insure the popular vote winner wins the college.

My state, Washington, has already done this.

But I would not feel good at all with this change happening after an election. The candidates and parties must go in to the election knowing the popular vote will decide it, not the old system of each state going with the winner of the vote only in that state.

You don't change the rules after the fact. Changing the rules after the fact is CHEATING.


Correct me if I am wrong but the move to block the recount in Wisconsin did not succeed and the vote recount was completed. The win by Reunp was verified in the recount and he in fact gained a few hundred votes.


There's no way enough GOP electors switch to Hillary to give her the presidency.

But there is still one method that might work:

 The ONLY way to keep Trump out of the White House


Not sure if my link worked:



This is why I warned that Stein is incompetent. She has vindicated Trump accidentally. Without a qualified team of observers verifying what these corrupt locals are doing and without using hackable computer voting machines, she has done more damage than good.

I think this is why her party, according to the Green Party spokesman, is distancing itself from Stein, saying they don't support her recount efforts. Maybe the Greens will get rid of her in 2020 (if we are still alive) and run someone who can inspire better than only one percent of the national vote.