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Will This Be the Next Unthinkable Act of Gun Violence?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/04/will-be-next-unthinkable-act-gun-violence-0

De Profundis…out of the depths I cry…We are at a crossroads as a culture, which invites Hermes and Hecate, the twin psychopomps. Obviously, the Second Amendment must be nullified, immediately. It was set up to make sure there were enough white males to kill off Indigenous people and to put down slave rebellions and/or capture run-away slaves. Both Australia and New Zealand promptly enacted draconian gun laws upon mass shootings. In the US, it’s thoughts and prayers to their tribal god, who loves blood sacrifice in whatever form. Time to ban firearms in civilian hands, and to rigorously run psychological tests on police who carry firearms. There are myriad ways to control a person without using lethal force.
The widow of the inventor of the Winchester rifle built a Ghost House, with dozens of passageways and floors to prevent the spirits of those who were killed by the rifle from exacting revenge. The US is reaping what it has sown for centuries, not just here but globally.


Hi sekhmetsdaughter:
What if people had the rights to own guns—but had to keep them locked in a central location in each city? Maybe cutting and limiting the time between feeling the rage and accessing the gun, would help to cut down on the endless killings of rage. But then ,with entire cities and states losing jobs and hope----and hopelessness growing from unpayable student loans, to unpayable health care bills—to finding that the words," Future," and " Hopeless," are a pair of twins that now stalk so many households.

I do worry about certain types of corporations and politicians who seem to delight in erasing protections of the Constitution. Maybe the “right to bear arms,” should also entail retesting for competence as in drivers licenses—but to deny guns to the populace dismays the hunters in many areas who depend on hunting for food— but gives fascists more power over more people who have no protections from fascist violence.

But certainly, military style guns should not be available to the general population, but what with computer techniques making gun recreation so easy—public safety seems almost impossible. " Domestic Tranquility" needs a lot of work-------but it doesn’t help to have a president who attracts and speaks violence, does it.
Remember when Superman promised," Truth,Justice and the American way? " I wonder, besides breaking treaties that worked, threatening nations , starving nations of medicine and food, creating lies as opposed to actual news, and ignoring the needs of all except the rich--------------just what has the "American Way, " become ----besides a gaggle of little men seeking to play God, but actually becoming the Devil-----but even failing at that! : (

Since this article was written, the U.S. has had two unthinkable acts of gun violence. And one has to wonder how many other nut cases and white supremacists are in America planning the next one!

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Yes, this gun violence is much bigger than Trump. Like Ward Churchill said about 9/11: " CHICKENS HAVE COME HOME TO ROOST."

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They will continue as long as the so-called president almost everyday says that it is OK to hate any group that isn’t white.
Remember when trump was campaigning in the last election, an old white guy started beating up a black protester? trump said “Go ahead, beat him, if you get arrested, I’ll pay your bail”.
trump goes into a crowded movie theater every day and yells “FIRE”. He claims doing so is protected by the second amendment. Under Fascism, the law is whatever the dictator says it is.


When the Mafiaocracy of Donald and his fascist lieutenants says law and order they mean their fascist laws and their fascist orders!

Starting with Bush 1 we have had an onslaught of fear and hate nurtured by the war mongers ever since. We shouldn’t be surprised that it bears fruit yet today.

And Dick Cheney and his POTUS puppet assured that the assault weapons ban would not be renewed during the Bush 2 regime, thereby unleashing millions of assault weapons on the streets of Murka, and moving south across the Mexican border, escalating torture, death, and destruction in that nation as well.

This guy is not a public school teacher. I think this article is deeply irresponsible. This amounts to fear mongering - but on the “left”, not right. We should fear teachers too? We don’t need to speculate on who is the shooter. The MO of these people involved in mass shootings is very consistent. I don’t think guns should be in schools, but what I think, or anyone else, for that matter, is not very relevant as the gun lobby, the NRA (nor the GOP) cares what we think. Its policies don’t even reflect its members who actually support many common sense gun laws. It reflects its paymasters the weapon manufacturers. Also, having a fearful society is good thing for the ruling class, it was good during the Cold War, it’s good now. It’s keeps us from organizing to change the status quo. This is a complex issue. Canada has similar gun ownership rates, but nowhere near the violence (it is also less unequal, they can get free mental health for example). The violence this country perpetrates on the rest of the world as part of its imperial conquests, comes home…

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Still, inner cities, like the one near me, have hundreds of fatal shootings per year. Black on black, mostly.

Saturday and Sunday, beautiful weather in Chicago - but
46 shootings including 17 in North Lawndale

including SEVEN dead.

The seven lost do not make national news who would label as ‘incidents’ and recently, ‘events’.

The terms ‘incident’ and ‘event’ used by TV, law enforcement, diminish the truth of murders.
Helps citizens feel safer.

The east coaster Times, Post, CNN, MSNBC, etc.have no skin in the game - yet.

The 11 am CBS local Chicago news for Monday.
Order of battle:
El Paso
President remarks
Chicago shootings this week end
Video of wounded being bandaged at one of the Lawndale mass shootings.
one at a park and the second at a block party.
Audio of rapid fire in Lawndale.
Mayor Lightfoot in Lawndale this morning, providing remarks that this is not just a police problem.
Cardinal K. issues statement calling on unnamed elected to stop the divisive speech. and elected to actually -----
There ya go !
To the Back burner, call em ‘events’ and ‘incidents’.
Sadness without outrage
this coming weekend = same # of shootings ??

Thanks, Tom Larsen. We need to concentrate on defeating Mitch McTurtle as well as the tweet-lout. Americans need to take back the Senate and put an end to all the obfuscation and obstructing that some conservatives call politics. ALL politicians work for the American people–not the other way around !!!
We’ve shed light on the hatred and fear intentionally spread by people like Wisconsin’s ousted Gov. Scott Walker who thought his job was only to keep the state “red”.
With help from the women’s movement (remember Me-too) and youth, we are going to take charge from the know nothings.
I also hope to no longer see articles like this “unthinkable act” one that only pour gas on a fire.