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Will Trump Address New Russia Allegations at Long-Awaited Press Conference?


Will Trump Address New Russia Allegations at Long-Awaited Press Conference?

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump will hold his first post-election press conference at 11:00am in New York City on Wednesday.


Trump, Tillerson, Page, Manafort all have deep ties to Russia, documented going back decades in some cases.

Knowing this, perhaps the question of why Trump insisted on the ONE change to the GOP platform was a softening of the language regarding Ukraine.

  1. After the intelligence briefing you received on Friday, you and your team released statements, fired off tweets, and conducted interviews—but never once condemned Russia's interference in the 2016 election. Why give Russia and Vladimir Putin a pass? And why more outrage directed at the victim (the DNC, John Podesta) than the perpetrator (Russia).

Not trying to defend the Pumpkin Fuhrer, but zero evidence has been presented to show that the Russian's actually hacked our elections. Most every former spook out there has said it was a leak from within the DNC. The MSM needs to move beyond this BS.


What would you accept as evidence?


Democratic Hysteria on Russia

Good essay about the BS the MSM is spouting about alleged Russian hacking.


I'll let these guys explain: US Intel Vets Dispute Russia Hacking Claims


I am listening to radio coverage of the "press conference"
WTF is with the music???

Nazi Germany----yes. On some levels worse with climate change and more people armed and dangerous in the u.s.

Have to turn it off----I literally may vomit.


Yes, I've read that link before. Their asserion is evidence-free.

But to the point here, I'm asking you what you would accept as evidence. It's a really straightforward question.


" Most every former spook out there has said it was a leak from within the DNC." That is one very stupid sentence. Now, if you would have said something like "a handful of former spooks" that would have made sense.


"Are we living in Nazi Germany?"
* That is what we are trying to avoid, mein fuehrer!


Zero evidence to you and me doesn't mean there isn't credible evidence. Certainly there was enough to convince a lot of people more in the know that we are. I believe Trump last and the more he lies the less I believe. By the time they are through with him, true or not, half the public will never believe a thing he says.


Trump says he has no intersts in Russia at all.

From this article:



Wow... All I can say is wow...

The MSM is going for a full-court press with manufactured "Russia Allegations" to stop Trump, but what do they hope to accomplish?

People...please put on your critical thinking caps and ask yourselves, why any of this makes any sense? Trump as the "Manchurian Candidate"?! If that's what the Russians were planning all along, why did they pick an idiot like Trump as their mole? Five years in the making?! Seriously? So when the DNC thought it was a good idea to promote Trump so he'd win the Republican nomination, they were playing into the Kremlin's hands?!

Oh well, the Mob never needs a rational reason to act. They just act.

Let's see where the pieces fall, I guess.


Spicer on Carter Page: "Carter Page is an individual who the president elect does not know & was put on notice months ago by the camp."

Donald Trump cites Page as someone he's listening to:


The big question for me is: Why is CD presenting NPR's and the others' propaganda uncritically, as if it's news?


You don't think that these are valid questions?


Sweet and Holy Jesus of Mercy! Are you listeing to this? He's not even pretending to answer the questions!


Thank you Glenn Greenwald:


No, these are not valid questions. They are disingenuous at best, embarrassingly bent and propagandistic at worst.

1. Podesta and the DNC are NOT "victims". They commited illegal and/or unethical acts and have never denied doing so.
2. Putin is not an American politician.
3. There was no "Russian interference"; if accurate information about candidates and campaign tactics is made public, this is a Good Thing.

1. Is NPR aware of the content of a "classified briefing"? Why Is anyone obligated to believe untruths presented in a classified briefing?
2. Traditional presidential communications - hm, how did Geo. Washington speak to the public? Lincoln? Kennedy? Oh, right, they chose from among the contemporary media available, one assumes.


Another chance to hear the America-first, USA-chanting warhawks and Wall Street patsies complain about Russia. I've heard more from Democrats about Russia's alleged influence in this election than about America's illegal military invasion of Iraq which resulted in the deaths of a million innocent people. And yet they claim to be pacifists when the topic turns to guns.

It must be nice to live in a universe where safe spaces for spoiled American college students are considered more important than the lives and freedom of the other 6 billion people in the world.